Genealogy in Oliveto Citra

If you search your ancestors in Oliveto Citra, in the province of Salerno, Campania region, the documents about your Italian family are stored in the City Office archives and in the parishes in the town.

Civil Records in Oliveto Citra

In towns and villages of Campania and in Salerno province registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Oliveto Citra town hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to claim your Italian Dual Citizenship in Oliveto Citra follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Oliveto Citra during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Oliveto Citra to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!

Otherwise, if you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful to search in Campania and of course in Oliveto Citra too!

Next picture shows the demographic trends in Oliveto Citra from the Italian Unification(1861).
This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.

To proceed faster with your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Oliveto Citra. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Oliveto Citra archives, expecially if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Salerno province are:
Alfano, Amato, Annunziata, Apicella, Bruno, Califano, Caputo, Cirillo, Coppola, Cuomo, D’Amato, D’Ambrosio, D’Angelo, De Luca, De Martino, De Rosa, Esposito, Ferraioli, Ferrara, Gallo, Giordano, Greco, Grimaldi, Iannone, Lamberti, Landi, Manzo, Marino, Napoli, Pagano, Palumbo, Pellegrino, Pepe, Rinaldi, Rizzo, Romano, Ruggiero, Russo, Santoro, Senatore, Sessa, Sica, Sorrentino, Tortora, Trotta, Vitale, Vitolo, Volpe.

Church Records in Oliveto Citra

Church archives in Salerno province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Salerno started during 1500!

They are far less accessible from abroad (and even not easy to browse and to read if you are not used and skilled) but our local genealogist can research the church archives of Oliveto Citra on your behalf.

In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in Oliveto Citra:


Anyway for our experience, even if you plan to come here, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival: in this way you will avoid to waste time in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy and you will have more free time to visit the town and surroundings on your ancestors footsteps, starting from the info gathered by our genealogists.

Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives.

If you need a professional help from our local genealogists write to or follow this link.

Our expert in Oliveto Citra area will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Oliveto Citra forum:
if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Oliveto Citra feel free to leave a message below.

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  1. Paul says:

    Looking for someone who does church and civil record research in Oliveto Citra. My grandparents are from there. Senese and Coglianese are 2 names I’m looking for. All came to Chicago and settled in south side, 63rd and Wood area, St Mary Mt Carmel church.

    • Frank says:

      Paul, I stumbled upon this website and found your post. I am a Coglianese from the southside – 65th and Kedzie, have migrated further southwest of Chicago, but of course ultimately from O.C. Do you have any family connections back to O.C.?

    • Collette says:

      Just read your post. My fathers family is from OC and migrated to Chicago. They lived on 67th and Ashland. Last name was Dalia.
      I know my father spoke of the Coglianese and Senese familys. I think we may be related to Coglinese.
      I remember him speaking of a Joey Coles, whose real last name was Coglinese.
      I remember him talking about a Skinny Senese. I think he owned a flower shop.
      I’m very familiar with the St Mary Mt Carmel area.
      My uncle Mike Martino had a law partner with the last name Senese.
      I’m going to try to dig deeper and if I find anything I’ll let you know.

  2. W. Martin says:

    Looking for information about Anthony Domato. He arrived from Oliveto Citra in Chicago in 1899 according to US Census data. Curious if other Domato!s are from Oliveto Citra?

  3. Ralph says:

    Im looking for information about relatives of mine who may still be living in Oliveto Citro. My great grandfathers name was Michael Senese and his wife name was
    Michelina Coglianece, my grandfathers name was James Senese and his wife name
    was Theresa Zingarelli. I will be greatful for any help.

    Thank you

  4. anna says:

    I am looking for information on Michele Di Guida who was married to Rosa Parra and resided in Olivetocitra. He had a son Antonio who immigrated to Chicago and married Ma Grazia D’Angelo. I have their marriage certificate.

    • Doris says:

      I am interested in the recent comment from, Anna, who mentioned a DiGuida who had a son Antonio that immigrated to Chicago. This may be my grandfather. We are planning a trip to Italy soon and would like to learn if it is possible any relatives may still be there.

  5. Doris says:

    I am looking for relatives or information about my grandparents Maria Giuseppe Magnino and Antonio Magino from Oliveto Citra

    • Jennifer says:

      I need to double check my ancestry names. I believe we had a Francis Mangina who married Joseph Delorto. The giuseppe may sounds a little familiar also. We also have the family name Salvatorre Nigro..

  6. Raffaela says:

    My father’s name was Carmine Polino born in 1919 in Oliveto Citra. He was a POW in Australia and then eventually settled there. My mothers name was Ginevra Visconti from nearby Eboli. Mum always told us that we had paternal cousins in America. Unfortunately being young and not interested I didn’t ask enough questions and sadly it’s too late now. I am trying to find those relatives in America if indeed there are some. Dad’s mother was Raffaela and his father may have been Pasquale. If anyone can help please send me an email. Thank you in advance.

  7. Joan says:

    Grandparents lived in Oliveto Citra until 1890. Married in the Catholic Church behind. Via Fiorenza
    Oliveta Citra. On Jan 31 or Feb1,1890. Full names are Giovanna Pirfalo De Sevo and Angelo Ralph De Sevo.
    Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance

    Joan De Sevo Blake

  8. Donald says:

    I am seeking any relatives currently living in Oliveto Citra.

    My grandfather (Rafael Pezzuto) emigrated from Oliveto Citra , to the United States, in about 1905.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  9. Delia says:

    I come from a family of Lurgio’s. We are known in the UK as Martini though. My Grandfather was Vito Antonio Lurgio with sister’s Anunciada and Geraldina. Mother named Delia Lurgio I think. Any one with any information on this family please contact me.

  10. Nancy says:

    My grandparents were born in olivetro citra. Michael Monaco . I am unsure of exactly were. Of my grandmother’s maiden name I’m looking for right now but my grandfather was Michael Monaco and his family was from there. I am looking for more papers and both of them and I may have a lead to birth certificates to tell us more Next step waiting for me to find these papers or can you work out something to this effect with this little information

  11. Carl says:

    Seeking someone who is willing to do civil and church research in Oliveto Citra for the names Perciabosco and Monaco. Willing to pay reasonable costs for time and mailing. I would like the lineage of the following people:

    Giuseppe Perciabosco, born 14 Oct 1856 (may have a half-sister, Vincenza, born 1853). Father’s name most likely Vincenzo, born 1828. Second wife was Rosa Monaco, born 28 Jan 1861. Rosa’s father may have been named
    Vincenzo or Giacomo as he was called James in America.

    I would also be interested in corresponding with people of these surnames. Thank you!

    • Nancy says:

      My grandparents were from Oliveto Citra. I don’t have much more information except that they settled in Chicago area looking forward to hearing from you. Right now that’s all I have I just found my father’s original birth certificate but it’s extremely hard to read he was not born in Italy but my grandparents work

  12. Kathryn says:

    I am looking for relatives of Antonio Rio (1890-1965), my great-grandfather. He married Mary Palcero (1888-1946)around 1908. They immigrated to Chicago, IL USA around 1909-1912. They had 3 children, Ralph, Minnie and Carmen. I believe he also had a sister Lucia (about 1887-1954) who also Immigrated to Chicago, Il, USA. I am hoping to learn their parent’s names and any other brothers or sisters. I found other Rios from Oliveto Citra living Chicago in the early 1900’s and I think we are related, but I’m not sure how. These include James Rio born 1879, Alexander Rio born 1855, Tony Rio born 1914. Thank you!

    • William says:

      Kathryn, my grandmothers sister Rosina Caprioli was married to Vincent Rio. They lived in Chicago. My grandmother was Teresina Caprioli.

    • June says:

      My grandparents, Frank and Jennie Rio, moved to Chicago from OC in 1924 and 1929, respectively. They brought three children with them and had two more in Chicago.
      I did visit OC in 2000 and stayed with cousins there.

  13. Jean says:

    I am looking for information on my great grandparents Vincenzo Periabosco 1853 and wife Concetta Marino from Oliveto Citra. Arrived in New York 29 Nov 1902. Thank you for any information.

    • Carl says:

      We must be related. My g-g-grandfather was Vincenzo Perciabosco, born 1828 in Oliveto Citra. His son was Giuseppe, born 1856. I’d like to find someone who lives there to do the research and will gladly pay them to do so. Hope to hear from you! Carl from Minnesota

  14. Sean says:

    My maternal grandfather, Anthony Baffa, was from Oliveto Citra.
    His Father was Alesandro Baffa, his mother was Rosario Insalata.
    Can trace my family back to the 1850’s to Rosario’s parents, Francesco Insalata and Carilina DiBiaso.

    Coming to Italy the last week of January 2017 to trace my family history.
    Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Donna says:

    Looking for info Great grandparents Vito Taglieri and Mary Vidutto And siblings to Grandfather Nunzanti Taglieri 1/17/1861

  16. Lauren says:

    My maiden is Lulu. My grandfather born on Oct.22,1896 was Micahael Joseph Lullo. The courts in US changed his last name in1943 to Lulu. I believe he was born in Oliveto Citra and need as much information you can help me with. I just returned from 14 days in the Amalfi Coast area and my guide could not understand why I did not know more about my heritage. Please help me.

    • Phyllis says:

      My grandfather, Francesco Lullo, was from Oliveto Citra. He and his wife, Donata, left Italy and moved to Chicago, Illinois around 1899. My grandfather was born in 1884. After he and my grandmother moved to America, they had 7 children.

      • Phyllis says:

        I made a mistake in the post about my grandfather, Francesco Lullo. He came to Chicago around 1908, not 1899.

  17. Dave says:

    Looking for Domenico Rio. Need to find his siblings names in order to verify Chicago area, relatives.We were from 6800 block of Wood street,and had family ties to Al Capones family who lived a short drive away on Prairie avenue.

  18. Tony says:

    Looking for information on Taglieri familys great grandfather was Nuziteri Tagliere from Oliveto Citra.


    • Donna says:

      My dads father was Nunzianti Taglieri born 1/17/1861 died 12/09/1940. Im trying to find more info on his parents Vito Taglieri and Mary Vidutto. My grandfather was married to Rosaria Pignata she died 4/26/1902 They had 5 children. Nunziante then married her widowed sister MariAntonia Pignata Napolitano 12/1902 and had 7 more children together ( she had 2 from 1stMarriage)Family shortened Taglieri to Tagler in the 1940’s after parents both passed We were all from Chicago.

  19. Cathy says:

    I am looking for information about my ancestors with the last name Perciabosco. They are from Oliveto Citra. The last generation that was there would have been in the early to mid 1800’s. Any information
    Would be wonderful. I am planning a trip there in the fall of 2016. My maiden name Bosch was derived from Bosco and that from Perciabosco.

  20. Joe says:


    My name is Joe Goetz and I am looking for the parents of my Italian Great grandparents.

    My grandfather was named Peter DiGuido and he was born August 15, 1870. I am looking for any information on his parents. I believe his fathers name was Michael.

    My Grandmothers name was Elisabeth Pizzuit (Pezzuto) born April 20, 1878. I am looking for any information on her parents Frank and Margaret (Parcalosca) Pizzuit/Pezzuto. Margaret was born around 1824.

  21. Collette says:


    Looking to find information on a Francesco Delia or D’elia from Oliveto Citra born in January 1855. He probably migrated to the U.S. In the early 1890’s. Any info would be appreciated.

    • Collette says:

      I previously requested information on Francesco Delia or D’elia born in Oliveto Citra but I got his birth date wrong. He was born in January of 1875 not 1855. He married Consolata Centanni in Chicago. She was also born in Oliveto Citra.
      Any information would be appreciated.

  22. carol ann dominic says:

    hello looking for more information about my greatgrandparents angelo papa (pope) and carolina papa (pope) senerchia italy carolina arrived in chicago around 1911 angelo arrived a couple of years earlier i was told carolinas mothers maiden namne was sessa thank you for your help

  23. Barbara Balestri Dwyer says:

    Dear Madam or Sir,
    I’m looking for Caterina Ivone, born around 1870, married Antonio Magliano, and gave birth to Carmela (Carmina) Magliano around 1890.
    Carmela’s passport states she was accompanied by her stepmother.
    Also I would like to find Vito Balestrieri, born about 1800 and anyone who came before him.
    Oral history says they both came from Oliveto Citra, but I’d like to be sure.
    Where can I buy a history of Oliveto Citra? Molto grazie.