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ItalianSide helps you to plan and fully enjoy your trip to your ancestor's homeland.
In this page we collected some of the feedback we've received about our genealogy tours from our customers all around the world.

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Margaret- California October 2018 Thanks to the excellent research done by Michele and Gabriele, I was able to locate the home where my grandfather was born in Cervino, Italy in 1885.
We were taking a Mediterranean cruise that stopped in Naples so I took the opportunity to drive to the town. Gabriele was able to contact a relative who still lives in the town to let him know we were coming and upon arrival we were treated like royalty. It was an emotional and memorable day. was professional, responsive and stayed in touch with me during the process to keep me updated on their progress.
I would highly recommend their services. There is no way I could have accomplished what they were able to do.
The family tree and information going back 4 generations will be something I can share with the entire family.
Mille grazie!

Margareth Blaurock July 2018 "I have been quite busy since I returned from our trip, but I wanted to let you know that all of the ladies enjoyed themselves. Everything that was planned for us was great. We enjoyed the guides, and the accommodations. I would love to come back and make it a longer trip."

Gary Port Richmond, VA June 2018 "1.Check! Italian side provided Carrano family baptism, birth, marriage digital documents with translations and pedigree chart.
2.Check! Italian side provided orphaned grandfather ‘s military and baptism digital documents with translations. Including when and where he was found and how he was named.
3.Check! Gabriele with translator and our family of 5 attended a Mass at grandmother Carrano’s Baptismal church in Amalfi. We talked with church neighbors which was translated later.
4. Check! Gabriele with translator and our family of 5 toured grandfather’s church, orphanage and school buildings in Salerno.
We commend Italian side’s Michele and Gabriele for all the fine and professional deliverables they provided.
Our family was delighted to meet with Gabriele who set up our family church tours and met the priests at these parishes.
We strongly recommend Italianside! Grazie! "

Marian - USA "The visit to Palo del Colle and Bari was a special one for us and we thank you all for the part each of you had in making this a reality. Thanks again for taking us around, sharing your knowledge, giving us tips, and for your winning attitude. What a feeling! Grazie mille! Marian Jennifer Maya"

kathryn - USA "I can not thank Italian Side enough for finding information about my grandfathers family in Massa Lubrense. Because of the information I receive before my trip to Italy I was able find the home my grandfather was born In, and the same home that his father passed away in. We're were also able to visit his family church. What an amazing feeling to walk where my grandfather had walked!
Grazie Mille for giving me the gift of tracing my families roots!"

Shirley - USA "It was an amazing I look back we did so many things in such a short time. It was a successful genealogy trip with finding more than I incredible that we walked in their town, saw records of their life and visited the church where our grandparents married.....all leading to where each of us came from. I don't think we could have asked for much more."

Christine - USA Our genealogy tour was wonderful, wonderful!! We had a great time and now precious memories. What did we like best? Cannot really say? Finding more records of our ancestors, visiting the church where our grandparents were married, walking the roads where they had walked, all very exciting.
My opinion - this is a very creative type of tour - the cooking lessons, the winery, the cheese and salami lunch - great experiences. The beautiful scenery and churches all very nice.

Cathy - USA "Ciao!! We got back early Monday morning.
We had a fantastic trip. Thanks to ItalianSide for making it so wonderful.
Andrea was wonderful. He was a delight to spend time with. He was a very careful driver. A wonderful translator. He was very very helpful. I have made new family in the region of Italy that my great grandparents came from. This all due to the connection you made for me. Thank you thank you thank you again.
I will continue to suggest anyone who wishes to tour Italy to get in touch with you guys take care and God bless"

Gina - USA "My family and I had excellent tours in Matera and Irsina. Dora and Eleonora were awesome! I learned so much about my family roots in the short time we had in Irsina. Seeing where my grandparents and great-grandparents were married was a thrill! Seeing the street where my grandmother was born left me speechless. The tour of Matera was amazing! Dora took us to places that I don't believe we would have found on our own.
Thank you so much for putting me in touch with such wonderful and nice ladies. It was a joyful day!"

Bernadette - Australia "Thank you for helping me to arrange my trip. It was wonderful.
You took out all the worry about travelling on my own so I could really enjoy myself and soak up the atmosphere.
Everyone really looked after me and was very helpful in the towns I visited.
The itinerary, the local guides, the driver were all wonderful.
I was able to do some great research in my grandfathers hometown and speak with people in the town, the commune and the library. I saw where my grandfather grew up over 100 years ago and where his family lived. I even saw his ancestors referenced in the local library. Family research is a long process, but it makes it all the more exciting when you have Italian roots in such a beautiful country. Someone once said that “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”.
Through ItalianSide and the many wonderful people I met in Italy I’m absolutely convinced of this.
It’s important to know where you have come from in order to know where you are going.
Thanks to ItalianSide for helping to make this happen."

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