Feedback and Testimonials

In this page we collect some feedbacks we receive about our genealogy researches in Italy.

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Stephen, USA   (Family History Research in Avellino province, Campania april 2023):
“Italianside has done multiple projects for me on both sides of my family. They have done a great job and their reports are very comprehensive and informative. Also, they are able to answer questions about the research that evidence their expertise. I highly recommend them and feel they are very professional.

Jaqueline, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Verona province, Veneto april 2023):
“We’d like to thank Italian Side and Domenico to promptly helped us to get our ancestor document and completed our requirements to have the dreamed italian citizenship

Dave R, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Palermo province, Sicily march 2023):
“Many thanks to Domenico and Salvatore for all their help. They made the process to obtain my grandparent’s birth and marriage records straight forward and they were regularly communicating on process and status. Well done – grazie mille!

Chris, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Campania and Apulia march 2023):
“Domenico and his team were absolutely wonderful and professional. Communicative, thorough, and delivered! Italian Side Genealogy helped me obtain the birth certificates of both my great-grandparents from the 1800’s so I could finally pursue my dual citizenship. I am so grateful – thank you!

Emily L., USA   (Family History research in trapani province, Sicily march 2023):
“I am so thankful for the hard work of the folks at ItalianSide! Domenico was helpful and responsive over emails and I was so excited to receive our genealogy documents, including detailed information on ancestors such as birth place, place of baptism, what they did for a living, etc. It was more than I was expecting and I’m so pleased!

Nick G, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Catanzaro province, Calabria february 2023):
“I would like to thank Domenico and Carmela for the excellent work in acquiring birth and marriage certificates of both my parents born in Serra San Bruno Calabria. These people are the real deal if you need citizenship documents in Italy. They were prompt and professional and my emails were answered immediately.

Gary Murphy, USA   (Genealogy in Pisa and Florence provinces, Tuscany january 2023):
“ItalianSide is a valuable resource for genealogy work in Italy. Our great grandfather’s birth certificate was not easy to find. It took about a year after encountering some leads that became dead ends but ItalianSide persevered and found it. They are very prompt in their communication and always honest about where they are on the process of the search. I highly recommend their services!

Jennifer Bruni, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Foggia province, Puglia january 2023):
“Domenico, Gabriele and the entire ItalianSide team did a great job finding my great grandparents’ documents—it was a complex case and would have been impossible for me to do on my own. Professional and thorough. I highly recommend!

Mario, USA   (Dual citizenship documents in Calabria december 2022):
“The Service was great ! Gabriele was able to find my ancestor’s Birth Certificate in less than a month ! Even though I gave them the wrong date of birth and wrong location. I can 100% recommend italianside to my friends and family. They know what they are doing. They are professionals. Domenico always answered all of my emails and was very polite and patient with my many questions. Thank you so much!

Helga, Germany   (Family Research in Genova, Liguria december 2022):
“Estuve buscando el acta de bautismo de mi ancestro, en la Iglesia de Génova me lo denegaron en 2 oraciones ya que no podía ir personalmente, gracias al trabajo de Italianside pude conseguir el Acta. Además me mantuvieron informada en todo momento y me respondían los e-mails con rapidez.
Muchas gracias por vuestro excelente trabajo!!!!

Don Di Cristofaro , USA  (Dual citizenship in Sicily november 2022):
“Over a year ago the Italian Consulate in Boston sent my paperwork to the village of Villarosa to be registered so I could obtain my Italian passport. The Consulate resent the paperwork two more times this year with no response. I tried reaching out to Villarosa numerous times with no response. Four weeks ago I hired ItalianSide to help me so that I could obtain my passport. Domenico and Salvatore from ItalianSide assisted me. Salvatore knew the person in Villarosa who needed to register me. He visited the official and then kept in contact. Domenico kept me informed through the process always answering my emails immediately. Yesterday I received my Italian passport thanks to ItalianSide’s assistance. I wish that I had hired them earlier!

Chris , USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Apulia-Valle d’Aosta – november 2022):
My family and I would not have been successful with dual citizenship through Jure Sanguinis without the incredible assistance from ItalianSide. Michele and Domenico were so attentive and patient with us. They helped us track down important documents, helped us get our documents translated and sworn in Italian Court (thank you Gabriele!), and diligently guided us through the ins and outs of applying while residing in Italy.
We were so lucky to meet them in Matera and they were kind enough to tour us around town. Amazingly helpful people who made the dual citizenship process much easier for us. They are also very friendly and treat you like family. I can’t tell you how many times they immediately answered my emails and they always did so with a wonderful attitude. Thank you ItalianSide, we will never forget your kindness.”

Rose S. , USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Matera province, Basilicata – november 2022):
“Domenico and the team at ItalianSide were great to work with. They secured my great-grandparents’ birth certificate from their ancestral village. I was quite happy with the outcome and would recommend their service.

Key Sloan, USA  (Family History in Palermo province, Sicily – october 2022):
“Italian side did a wonderful job of putting together my fly Roots – went as far back at 1797. Even sent a link to view home where my grandmother was born !!

Armando Framarini, USA  (Family History in Vicenza province, Veneto – october 2022):
“I have been doing genealogy research for over 40 years. I have my mother’s Dutch side well documented to the late 1400’s. It was difficult for me, to research my father’s Italian heritage due to limits on access to the data. I have only praise for Domenico of ItalianSide, and the researcher Claudio for the family history they have uncovered in the area of Gambellara, Vicenza. ItalianSide was able to extend the lineages and family of my ggrandparents, to my gggrandparents with one line to early1800’s. This has revealed and helped me to understand, the DNA connections I have on Ancestry, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, MyLivingDNA, and Geneanet. If you have questions about family history in Italy, let ItalianSide find the answers!

Lois Mariano, USA  (Family History in Catanzaro province, Calabria – october 2022):
“Can’t say enough good things about the fine work and responsiveness of ItalianSide! They helped uncover many facts about my great grandfather and gave me information that helped me connect with family around the world. I would highly recommend their services to everyone.

Alexandra Cardwell, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Enna province, Sicily – october 2022):
“My documents arrived a few days ago, and I’m so happy I chose to use ItalianSide! I needed 3 documents from the 1800s, from different comunes, and was having no success until I requested for ItalianSide to find them. Salvatore did a great job getting the documents, and Domenico was great at communicating how the process was going.

Laura, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Potenza province, Basilicata – september 2022):
“Italian Side helped me resolve an administrative issue that had been stuck between my consulate and communa for 10 years! Their communication every step of the way was excellent, providing quick responses, comprehensive explanations and resources, and clear expertise in navigating the systems. Would highly recommend their services, and I look forward to planning a heritage trip with them in the coming years!

Stevie Taylor, UK  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Siracusa province, Sicily – september 2022):
“ItalianSide was able to find my great-grandfather’s birth certificate in Sicily very quickly. Only 6 weeks from my initial request to having the document in my hand. Domenico kept in touch every step of the way. Professional, courteous, reliable & transparent, reasonable price. I’m so pleased that I trusted ItalianSide with this task. Grazie mille, ItalianSide, Domenico & Salvatore.

Rebecca M, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Palermo province, Sicily – september 2022):
“ItalianSide was able to find my great-grandfather’s birth certificate in Sicily very quickly. Only 6 weeks from my initial request to having the document in my hand. Domenico kept in touch every step of the way. Professional, courteous, reliable & transparent, reasonable price. I’m so pleased that I trusted ItalianSide with this task. Grazie mille, ItalianSide, Domenico & Salvatore.

Christine, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Messina province, Sicily – august 2022):
“This is a wonderful company. I’m not sure how I would have found the birth certificates of my grandparents. Domenico was very quick with responses and very helpful. I never talked to Salvatore, but he also seemed to get the information quite quickly. Great company.

Angelo N., USA  (Family History in Bari province, Apulia – august 2022):
“I was very pleased with the research results provided by the italianside. They traced two family lines of my maternal grandparents back to the 1700s. Genealogy reports were provided for each person. In addition, they provided genealogy charts. This was very helpful especially as these results were in English as I do not understand Italian. In addition to the reports, they provided copies of the actual records which contain the information from which the reports and charts were made. The research was comprehensive and through. The presentation of the results was easy to understand. The italianside researchers really know what they are doing and do a good job.

Jane, USA  (Certificates in Sicily and Basilicata – july 2022):
“I want to thank the people who work for Italian Side who worked diligently throughput the pandemic when they could and who never failed to pursue my request to obtain all the necessary documents that I have requested. I now have the paperwork necessary to apply for dual citizenship because of their enormous amount of energy and persistence in getting them for me. I am truly thankful that I found their website and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with finding their Italian roots.

Patrick Lopardo, USA  (Family Research in Potenza Province, Basilicata – july 2022):
“Italianside helped me find who my great grandparents were. They also confirmed my grandfathers birthday. They did a great job. I would recommend them for anyone that is searching for their Italian ancestry.

Gino, Australia  (Family Research in Reggio Calabria Province, Calabria – july 2022):
That was worth every dollar. Thank you so much! I cant believe she found out so much information that I dont have. Big thank you to Carmela! Amazing. Thank you so much.
I will upload all this information that you gave me into our family tree. It will make such a huge difference
Thanks again!

Patricia, USA  (Certificates in Salerno Province, Campania – july 2022):
“I contacted Italianside and began my request for my grandparents birth certificates and marriage license with Domenico. He was very helpful and told me it would take a little bit extra time because of COVID but everything went perfectly and I received all my documents. Great service.

Anna Beaumont, USA 
(Certificates in Naples Province, Campania – june 2022):
“I found Italianside to be professional and reliable researchers. From them I was able to obtain a detailed certificate of my great-grandfather’s birth in 1869, a copy of the official entry supplied by the Town Hall in a division of Naples. There was some delay, due to a slowdown by Covid restrictions but throughout I was kept well informed as to progress. My experience enables me to recommend the Company in confidence.

David Spizuoco, USA  (Certificates in Naples Province, Campania – june 2022):
“Extremely professional and courteous. My contact, Dominico, never took more than 24 hours to reply when my patience began to run out with Italian authorities and their bureaucracy. Fully recommended.

J. Sardo, USA  (Certificates in Trapani Province, Sicily – june 2022):
“I had a great experience working with Domenico on my document needs for my Dual Citizenship project. He identified Salvatore in the city where my grandparents were born (Mazara Del Vallo). Salvatore quickly secured official copies of the records I needed and shipped them to me without a hitch. I’m very satisfied and would definitely use Italianside for any future document needs. Grazi Mille Domenico. Jim

Nina, USA  (Certificates in Salerno Province, Campania – june 2022):
“Domenico and Gabriele are fantastic – they kept me updated throughout the process!! They were able to pull the birth certificate of our family’s grandfather with only his mother’s name, I wasn’t sure of his birthdate or his father’s first name. The whole process took about 3 months, but well worth the wait. Thanks so much!!

Amanda Hutson, USA  (Certificates in Lucca Province, Tuscany – june 2022):
“I was very happy with the service I received. Italian Side was able to find my GGF’s birth certificate in a different region then I had assumed he was from. I contacted them in January and by June, had both GGP’s birth certificates. Italian Side was also very dependable in their communications with me. Thank you so much.

Michael Carbone, USA  (Family History in Avellino, Campania – june 2022):
“These guys did a great job! As detailed as you can possibly get – especially when information is difficult to find. Highly recommend.

Mari Penabad, USA  (Family History in Cosenza Province, Calabria – may 2022):
“Family genealogy search has been in our hearts as we knew they came from Italy but never defined who our ancestors were and why they Migrated. We are the Palmieri Family and thanks to Carmela who diligently worked with us gave us a picture of our past so clear that tears and excitement made us realized why we always longed for our Italian Roots. My Mom who is of age now didn’t even know her own story and to be able to give her her that information was the biggest gift of her life. Not only do we know where she came from but how this have United our family that is all over the world but connected by the same blood line. I have been able to meet cousins and stabling a great relationship that we will never forget! Thank you Carmela and I hope to meet you one day because your search and your ability to recognize the information that we provided and moving so fast to deliver was more than outstanding! We owe you so much! Our Family is eternally grateful to you.

Chester Sudina, USA  (Family History in Trapani province, Sicilia – may 2022):
“I just started to do research into my family history. I came across this website and sent an email asking how to go about having research done. Domenico was very helpful from the beginning. With not having much to go on, Domenico and Carmela put together a plan and Carmela executed the plan with appearing ease. I was so pleased when I received the final results and the hard work Carmela had put into the project. Domenico answered all my questions along the way and even after the research findings.

Zachary Cullen, USA  (Family History in Naples Province, Campania – april 2022):
“Gabriele and Domenico are a great team! I needed a very specific set of records, and they were very accommodating and found every one of them. There were some delays with COVID, but the team was very communicative and provided updates about the situation. I am very grateful for the service and have learned very valuable information about my family in Italy!

Stephen Jerrick, USA  (Family History in Salerno Province, Campania – march 2022):
How lucky and pleased am I that I chose to have ItalianSide help me trace my mother’s ancestors. I only wished I had done it sooner. In spite of the challenges of doing the search during time of COVID 19 outbreak, you did an excellent job.
My grandparents’ Marriage Certificates are amazing to read. Having copies of original birth certificates for my grandparents’ siblings was a surprise. Now I know exactly where everyone was born. Humble but proud people.
On behalf of my many first and second cousins, I thank you most sincerely for helping us know so much more about our family.
Best of luck to you.
Steve Sarno Jerrick

Elaine Lagarto, USA  (Family History in Campobasso Province, Molise – march 2022):
For many years, I have been working on my family history.
My paternal roots were in Portugal and my maternal roots were in Italy. There was only one line, which had me stumped. It was the Picchiello line from Bojano. I knew I would need the help from a professional to go any further. I searched online for someone, who specializes in research in Italy, which is how I found ItalianSide. I read reviews both on their website, on Facebook, and even checked the Better Business Bureau in the USA before contacting ItalianSide. Once I felt comfortable about the reviews, I contacted them. I got a response within thirty minutes. We exchanged a few emails that day and then I was sent an email explaining what they would provide for me and the cost. It was exactly what I was looking to get and the cost was reasonable.
I recently received the report for my maternal grandmother’s Picchiello family line. The person assigned to do my research was Francesca. I am so happy to report that I am very satisfied with Francesca’s work. Her work was thorough and it provided me with exactly what I was hoping to have.
The best part is that after I looked over everything, I had a few questions and those questions were immediately answered. You can’t hope for more than that.Based on my experience, I highly recommend the services of ItalianSide. They are professional, very responsive, and reasonably priced.
A very special thank you to Domenico, my contact person and Francesca, my research professional. You both made this process a success. You both helped me to learn my family roots. Thank you!

Richard Knutsen, USA  (Family History in Cosenza Province, Calabria – march 2022):
“Thank you so much for your services. Having feet on the ground in Italy to go to town halls and research birth certificates, marriage certificates is invaluable. What a pleasant surprise! “

Andrew B, USA  (Dual Citizenship in Campania – march 2022):
“They did amazing work and communicated updates to me any time that there was news. They responded to emails almost instantly and their prices are very low compared to other companies. 10/10.”

Sharon Marie, USA  (Family History in Foggia Province, Apulia – march 2022):
“Gabriele was our genealogist to research what the family was looking for. We received everything we asked for! It took longer to get due to covid but was pleased with his work!”

Lisa Massaro, USA  (Family History in Potenza Province, Basilicata – february 2022):
“In 2021, we contacted Italian Side to find records for our family. I only had a few documents that might have shown where our great great grandparents were from. It was wonderful to receive documents for birth and marriage, and certified by the locale. Terrific service, we plan to have research done to receive dual citizenship. Thank you!”

Rocco Robert Marrone, USA  (Family History and Dual Citizenship Certificates in Potenza Province, Basilicata – february 2022):
“If you’re serious about finding your Italian roots and family, then do not hesitate to contact Italian Side!! I just received my maternal Grandfather’s birth certificate and mounds of information about my family. And I will be continuing my quest to find out about my family by delving into the paternal side of my family.”

Kayleigh Beirne, UK  (Family History Research in Caserta Province, Campania – february 2022):
“I found the staff at Italianside fantastic from start to finish. They were so friendly and helpful and despite the fact some of the information I had to give them to begin was a bit vague, they still managed to find everything they promised, even during a pandemic! I would definitely recommend them!”

Ralph K Coppola, USA  (Family History Research in Avellino Province, Campania – january 2022):
“The service ItalianSide provides is fantastic! I had done as much research using the civil records as I could. I knew there was more in the church records that could take my family tree back even further. So I developed a research plan with ItalianSide to research my family using the church records. Well they did an amazing job. I now have information on my family going back to the mid 1600s! They provided detailed reports in English along with all the records. The first thing I did when I got the information was to start plugging it in to my family tree! There was so much information that I am still working on it. Now I beginning to plan the research on the other side of my family and work with ItalianSide to help with that too! Try it! You will love the results!!!”

Carla Grandinetti, USA  (Family History Research in Cosenza Province, Calabria – january 2022):
“I have been working on genealogy for a few years trying to find out more about my Italian ancestors. But there was information I just could not find on my own. I contacted Italianside for help. I am so happy I did. They were able to find so many birth, death and marriage certificates. They put together detailed information and a tree on each ancestor for me. Domenico always answered my emails and questions. Carmela did an excellent job with her research. I highly recommend Italianside! Thank you so much Domenico and Carmela for all of your hard work!!!”

Shannon Keim, USA  (Family History Research in Salerno Province, Campania – january 2022):
“Great service and I received my documents in a very timely fashion. You will be totally amazed when you open your file and view documents that are well over 100 years old. Thank you!!!”

J Lang, USA  (Family History Research in Catanzaro Province, Calabria – december 2021):
“Very impressed with ItalianSide. I had a partial copy of a notarized document in Italian that had to do with my great grandparents’ promise of marriage and dowry. Dominic and his team very quickly located where the original was located and now I have a copy of the full document! I was amazed at how quickly they were able to fulfill my request. They are super responsive and keep you updated on their progress throughout. I also appreciated that their estimate of the cost is very transparent and there was no hidden fees or additional costs. Will be using them again as I continue to pursue more information about my ancestors in Italy!”

Alex, USA  (Family History Research in Calabria – december 2021):
“Amazing service, Domenico and his team (Carmela) did a great job. I wasn’t sure about Italianside at the beginning but results of my great grandfather search was incredible. I super recommend this service.”

Marianny Garibaldi, PERU  (doble ciudadanía in Salerno,  Campania – december 2021):
“Estoy muy feliz por el excelente trabajo que hicieron Gabriele y Michele y obviamente todo el equipo de Italianside de verdad recomiendo que acudan a ellos si necesitan algún tipo de ayuda. Porque les aseguro que no se arrepentirán. Son 100% confiable y seguro. Muchas gracias por ayudarme.”

Laura Armstrong, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Piacenza, Emilia Romagna – november 2021):
“Great service, got the documents I needed for my citizenship application. Communication was first class and I’ll be coming back to get the genealogist to gather more information on my relatives. Thank you so much!”

Robert M. Tieni, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Roggiano Gravina, Cosenza, Calabria – november 2021):
“The service provided was timely and thorough. Domenico and Carmela were responsive and very helpful in guiding our research. We will use this service again.”

Robert Bernard, USA (Family History Research in Simbario, Vibo Valentia, Calabria – november 2021):
“Italianside has assisted me in tracing my wife’s family to the late 1600’s in their native village of Simbario. Carmela , their local researcher, photographed Civil records and church records while writing an exceptional professional report outlining all the family members by generation.
Extremely reasonable in price! No one could do a better job for you in Calabria. Email me with any questions or concerns.

Debra Nicholls, USA (Family History Research in Amantea, Cosenza, Calabria – november 2021):
“I am beyond thrilled with the results from the research completed by Domenico and his researcher Carmela! She had to travel away from Amantea to Cosenza because of Covid-19 restrictions in order to complete my husband’s ancestral branch, which I have been searching for 10 years! The information was as complete as could be found from the early 1800’s and very well organized in family group sheets by generations. I highly recommend this research site!

Diane Caton, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Colle Sannita, Benevento, Campania – november 2021):
“I used Italianside to obtain certified copies of my great, great grandparents’ birth and marriage certificates. Working with them was so easy! Michele was my primary point of contact. He was a pleasure to work with! His replies were always prompt, thorough and professional. I would highly recommend using Italianside!

Jon Gerardi, USA (Family History Research in Ruviano, Caserta, Campania – november 2021):
“Italianside did a tremendous job in locating the records of my family. I really appreciate their efforts and consistent communication throughout the process. This was an exciting process for my family and it is appreciated. I would recommend Italianside to anyone that needs to go through this process.

Juan Ignacio Cavalieri, Argentina  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Fuscaldo, Cosenza, Calabria – november 2021):
“All the process was really good. They are always pending to help you as much as possible. They found the documentation I was looking for, in only 2 days! I strongly recommend them to start your process.

Pamela Gilmore, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Bitonto, Bari, Puglia – october 2021):
“Thank you to Michele, Domenico and Rocco for their quick attention and thorough researching. I had my grandfather’s stamped birth certificate within weeks, and now can begin the process of applying for dual citizenship.

John Medolla, USA  (Certificates for dual citizenship in Atena Lucana, Salerno, Campania – october 2021):
“My friends at Italianside stayed with me even with all the Covid ups and downs and provided my grandfathers birth certificate from 1867. Bravo!

Linda May, USA  (Family history research in Delianuova, Catanzaro, Calabria – october 2021):
“Italian Side did a fantastic job on the genealogy for my grandmother’s family. It was amazing to see the information they found for me. Domenico always responded quickly to my emails, and Carmela, who did the research, provided me with detailed documents and charts. This was a complete success. I am a very happy customer.

Matt Zofchak, USA  (Family history research in Reggio Calabria area – october 2021):
“I am very pleased with the research that ItalianSide performed to locate birth records regarding my girlfriend’s great grandfather. The team is prompt and provides great value for their services. If I do any more family history research in Italy, I will be sure to use ItalianSide again!

Carolyn R, PA USA  (Family history research in Campobasso Province, Molise – october 2021):
“Having done family research for several years, it is hard to place a value on the great work the people at Italianside has done for me. They located records I was expecting they would find and some I didn’t know existed. The hard work they provided during a pandemic is greatly appreciated and I look forward to getting additional research done with them to extend my family tree. They are very professional and great people to work with. Keep up the great work and please continue to bring services like these to people who cannot travel to Italy to search their roots.

RP, USA  (Family history research in Cosenza Province, Calabria – october 2021):
“Absolutely incredible work. Thank you so much. Such wonderful results. Carmela is fantastic in her work. Superior services. Worth every cent.

Juliette, USA  (Genealogy research in Reggio Calabria Province, Calabria – october 2021):
“When I decided to research my Italian ancestors, it became obvious I was going to need professional help. Online research for more-recent or US- based documents is easier, but searching for earlier and foreign records requires a more hands-on (in-person) approach. I was worried about finding help from a trustworthy source. I contacted a few companies I discovered through the internet, but the responses from ItalianSide were always timely, consistent and clear. The team I worked with always responded to my emails, they were clear on how they were going to do their search and in the end I received exactly what I paid for. It all took just a few short weeks. I would definitely work with ItalanSide again and I would definitely offer my recommendation to others who are searching for records from a small italian town where in-person research is absolutely necessary. Thank you!!

Maria Monica Nacarato, Argentina  (Dual Citizenship request in Cosenza Province, Calabria – october 2021):
“Quiero agradecer enormemente el enorme trabajo que hicieron en la busqueda de nacimiento y casamiento de mis bisabuelos Durante mas de 20 años estuve en la busqueda de mis bisabuelos que llegaron a la Argentina entre 1873 y 1877 y siempre sin lograrlo hasta que los contacte y en pocos meses con mis pocos datos encontraron lo que durante tantos años busque .
Mi felicidad es inmensa, y estare eternamente agradecida a Michele por su constante comunicación y contención y en especial a Carmela por su dedicación, hoy ya tengo en mi poder los certificados italianos . Ha sido impecable….
No tengo mas palabras mas que AGRADECIMIENTO. Vale cada costo ………..IMPECABLE, GRACIAS ITALIAN SIDE……me han llenado de felicidad … ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Jenni Lowery Ricketts, USA  (Dual Citizenship request in Potenza Province, Basilicata – october 2021):
“Michele was very communicative via email, even during the pandemic. Gabriele tracked down and shipped us the documents we sought in a timely manner. Italianside was a professional godsend after our ancestry search in Italy stalled. Referring to family! Thank you!

J. McDonald, USA  (Dual Citizenship request in Palermo Province, Sicily – september 2021):
“The people at ItalianSide are so helpful and friendly. My research was not easy but they went above and beyond to find the documents I needed. I highly recommend them!

Carlo P. , USA  (Dual Citizenship request in Catanzaro Province, Calabria – September 2021):
“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Italian Side. Michele was extremely professional and was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had and Carmela did an outstanding job locating both of my Grandparents birth certificates and I couldn’t be more greatful for all their hard work. I highly recommend their services and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you again Michele and Carmela for getting me one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming an Italian Citizen. You are the best!

Pina Barone, USA  (Family History research in Foggia Province, Apulia – July 2021):
I am absolutely amazed and lost for words to see all the information you were able to find on my ancestors. I never thought it was possible. I have always wanted to search my ancestors for a very very long time.
You and your co-workers have done an extremely detailed search even explaining and translating all the details in English.
Thanks for making this journey of searching my ancestors a seamless experience. You kept me informed and updated during the unexpected delay during COVID shutdown. Every dollar spent was well worth the wait.
My ancestors are no longer here but definitely not forgotten. Thanks Italian Side!

Melissa Mansfield Jones, UK  (Family History research in Frosinone, Lazio – June 2021):
“I contacted Italianside to see if they could help find documents and information on my Italian forbears. I have exchanged a great deal of friendly and enjoyable emails with Michele who put our research in the capable hands of Francesca. Trying to research during the pandemic in Italy must have been incredibly difficult … many of the town halls have been closed or operating with only a skeleton staff. Francesca persevered on our behalf and amazingly has been able to provide us with fascinating family histories going back six generations! Absolutely incredible considering the barriers she must have faced. We are so very grateful to Francesca and Michele for helping us – our entire family have been poring over the records and some of the youngsters are very excited about the now very real possibility of them being able to apply for dual nationality – which, of course, opens up the option of working in Europe. Many thanks.

Christie, USA (Family History research in Apulia, Polignano a Mare – May 2021):
“This is the second time i have used to research my family and once again they didn’t disappoint! The amount of records and details is amazing to see. I truly enjoy working with this company and will absolutely be doing it again!

Michele Marton, USA (Family History research in Campania and Foggia – May 2021):
“I cannot recommend ItalianSide enough! I needed birth records for my ancestors from two different regions for a jure sanguinis citizenship application and Michele communicated with me every step of the way and responded to my inquiries as soon as I sent them! Michele and Gabriele made this whole process so incredibly easy! They are the best!!! Thanks so much Italian Side!!! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!

Chadwick M., USA (Family History research in Calabria – May 2021):
“I needed birth and marriage records for a “jure sanguinis” citizenship application but couldn’t travel to Italy myself. Enter: Italian Side! The entire process was painless and professional. The team kept me informed along the way as to the status of the research and even shifted gears seamlessly when it turned out that one of my ancestors was born in a completely different town than I had expected! Despite pandemic restrictions, the research was finished faster than expected and the documents were delivered to my home via registered mail as soon as they were received. I would not hesitate to recommend the Italian Side team to anyone who needs help researching or obtaining documents from Italy.

Joseph Lachimia, USA (Family History research in Catanzaro province, Calabria – April 2021):
“Michele and Carmela were great!!! They were able to locate the marriage records of my great-grandparents within a few short weeks. I would highly recommend using Italianside. They can reach the local towns to gather and research your ancestry information. I am so happy they found the records my family needed. I should have hired them years ago. I will definitely hire them again for future research. Michele and Carmela, thank you again!
Regards, Joe

Maria, USA (Family History research in Crotone province, Calabria – April 2021):
“A big thank you to Michele and Carmela! They have been so pleasant to work with and very prompt in obtaining my information. They were able to send me certified copies of my great-grandfather’s birth certificate from a small commune. I had a few questions and they helped me get answers quickly. They also sent me a emailed copy of the original certificate from the commune. I recently learned my family changed their spelling when immigrating to the US! Amazing work!

Daniel, USA (Family History research in Potenza province, Basilicata – April 2021):
“Michele and Gabriele have done a brilliant work finding my ancestor´s birth certificate! Michelle was always very responsive and despite the lockdown situation they were very efficient! It was a big pleasure! Highly recommended! Thanks!

Michael Marinaro, USA (Family History research in Cosenza province, Calabria – April 2021):
Dear Michele. I have only one word for the work you and Carmela did researching my ancestors in Italy: magnifico!!! I spent countless fruitless hours trying to do the research you completed. Even if I had visited to my ancestors home town I would not have had the expertise to obtain the information and documents you provided at a reasonable cost. Your work helped fill in many missing pieces in my family research. I plan on using your services again for another area of my family research and I have already highly recommended you to others with family roots in Italy. 
You exceeded expectations – I can’t thank you and Carmela enough.

Christie, USA (Family History research in Cleto, Calabria – March 2021):
Michele, I can’t thank you and Carmela enough! This is amazing! She did such great detailed work. I loved the notes and the pictures. I love that she even included the streets and houses where everyone was born. This has made me even more excited to visit in the future. It was such a pleasure working with you both. I will definitely be using your company again in the future for other family lines. Thank you again!!

Dave Sellers, USA (Family History research in Potenza, Basilicata – March 2021):
“Michele and particularly Gabriele did a wonderful job finding out exactly where my Mother’s grandfather and grandmother (Santangelo and Lotito) were from. They were able to locate birth certificates and a marriage license and provided a translation of the information including the names of my great great grandparents. They provided the address of the house that my great grandfather was born in and the same for my great grandmother. From the information I was able to surmise what church they likely went to and my wife and I will use all this information on our next trip to Italy. Thanks Michele and Gabriele!!

Robert, USA (Dual Citizenship in Santeramo, Bari, Puglia – February 2021):
Really appreciated the speed and work done. Got the documents and worked fast, were reasonable in doing a partial payment before service and remainder after they came through. Very happy with the work

Mark Conroy, USA (Genealogy research in Calabria – February 2021):
“We’ve had photographs on our walls for 60 years, now we know who the people are!
I contacted Italian Side to trace the ancestry of my wife who knew little about her Paternal tree. One tiny clue in a U.S. Military record gave me a start and Italian Side did the rest. I told them (I corresponded with Michele) what I wanted to accomplish, they quoted a fair price that we agreed upon and they got to work quickly. The researcher (Carmela) peeled back the layers and traced the family from village to village arriving in Lappano, Calabria over 100 years and 3 generations earlier. I am extremely grateful to Italian Side for providing a service in a timely and efficient manner. I could not have performed the service myself (cannot read or write Italian). The fact that the people at Italian Side were at all times friendly and professional meant a lot to me. My wife was filled with a sense of contentment/happiness about her family and I got a smooch or two. Bravissimo to Italian Side!!”

Dominic Borg, USA (Dual Citizenship in Avellino, Campania – January 2021):
“I would like to say that Michele and Gabriele were very efficient. Always communicative and keeping me up to date with progress. They provided a very good service and would look to use Italianside again.”

John Robortella, New York, USA (Family History in Spinoso, Potenza, Basilicata – January 2021):
“The research that Gabriele provided for the Padula and Oliva families was wonderful and excellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We received digital copies of the original documents and additional reports written in English. I could never have traced the family history on my own. It was a pleasure working with Michele via email who answered all of our questions with prompt responses. My family and I are so grateful for your professional work. Thank you again.”

Renee, USA (Family History in Veroli, Frosinone, Lazio – December 2020):
“Michele & Francesca…..Thank you very much for your excellent service and detailed research information. I am so excited, I have read it over several times!! The scanned documents and extended family tree are amazing. I know that I would never have been able to access this information by myself, especially in another language. Now I have five more generations of accurate data to add to my collection. I am truly grateful. Grazie”

Matthew Marino, USA (Family History in Marsala, Trapani, Sicilia – December 2020):
“I was never able to trace my family history past my great-grandfather who came to America in 1906 and could never even get his birth record. That’s when I decided to get help from Michele and Italian Side. I provided them with my great-grandfathers information that I was able to gather and they did the rest. They helped me trace my family history back to 1792 with all of the original birth and marriage records. They knew I was interested in knowing where they lived and what their occupations are and our researcher Carmela translated the documents, provided anecdotal information, and went above and beyond to help me learn about my family. I created a whole book out of it and gave it to my family as a gift and everyone loves it!”

Jacqueline Sherman, USA (Dual Citizenship in Avellino, Campania – December 2020):
“Michele and Gabriele were wonderfully communicative and precise in my requests for my great grandfather and great grandmother’s birth and marriage certificates. They even agreed to include the apostilles for all 3 in the original quoted cost. When I noticed an error on one of the documents they quickly acknowledged the error and made the effort to fix it. Would highly recommend the Italian Side!”

Joseph, UK ( Family History and Dual Citizenship in Genova – November 2020):
“ItalianSide are a brilliant company who I would recommend to anyone researching their family history – especially if you, like me, reach a dead end. I had everything I needed bar one certificate – a search that was driving me crazy – but the guys sourced me what I needed (and an extra bonus military record certificate too!) in ultra-quick time. Michele was very professional, prompt in his replies and communicated to me every step of the way. Researcher Gabriele worked his magic and now, thanks to them, I am an Italian citizen. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Leandro, Australia ( Family History Research in Castellazzo Bormida Piemonte – November 2020):
“After unsuccessfully trying on my own or with other agencies to find some documented information about my great grandfather, ItalianSide found what I was after and a lot more going back several generations. The covid 19 restrictions delayed the search but the results were definitively worth the wait. Gabriele did a wonderful job not only finding the documents but also presenting them in a very easy to read and understand sequence and Michele kept me informed during the process. Sincere thanks on behalf of all my family. Ciao and grazie mille!!!”

Christopher Capretta, USA ( Family History Research in Teramo Province Abruzzo – November 2020):
“I am completely happy with the wonderful results I received about my ancestry. Michele was always very helpful with her updates and all the steps that were involved. Francesca did such hard work obtaining various records that were not easy to find to make sure my report was as complete as possible. Wonderful, fantastic experience and very well worth it. Thank you so very much! Grazie mille!!!”

Alli V, USA ( Family History Research in Potenza province, Basilicata – November 2020):
“Michele and Gabriele were so easy to work with! They were quick with communication and research, and answered any questions I had once I received my findings. Definitely would use their services again!”

Alex Swanson, USA ( Dual Citizenship Certificates & Family History Research in Petilia Policastro, Crotone, Calabria – November 2020):
“The team here at Italian Side is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Where to even begin? They were extremely helpful in working with the limited knowledge that I provided them about my ancestors. After an initial unsuccessful attempt to locate my great-great-grandmother’s records (because my family did not know the exact spelling of her maiden name), they persisted in the research using all variations of spelling until they were able to uncover everything! All while working through a time zone difference (I am in the U.S.) and communicating through their second (assuming) language of English! Thank you Michele, Carmela, and everyone else at Italian Side for all your amazing work! Would highly recommend!”

Caterina Mete, Australia (Military Records Research in Catanzaro, Calabria – October 2020):
“Wonderful help, highly recommended! They were able to assist me in locating my Nonno’s World War 2 records and his Medals for Merit. Excellent and efficient correspondence with me!”

Geri, USA (Family History Research in Mazara del Vallo, Trapani, Sicilia – October 2020):
“Michele and Carmela, I am totally amazed at all of the information that I received. I should have asked for help with my family genealogy research a long time ago. You made the process very easy and I am extremely happy with the results. You do a great service helping people to find their ancestors. I will never be able to visit Mazara del Vallo, so this was the only way for me to get the answers that I needed. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I will certainly recommend Italianside to everyone.”

Franco, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship in Gaeta, Lazio – October 2020):
“My experience with ItalianSide was excellent from start to finish. Everyone was helpful and polite, even through the pandemic lockdowns. I could never have obtained my ancestor’s documents without them. I highly recommend their services.”

Michael Toscano, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship in Santa Severina, Calabria – October 2020):
“Michele and Carmela were extremely helpful. Communication was clear and quick and they found my ancestor’s birth certificate and sent it to me in the US without any trouble. They even discovered a second cousin of mine still living in Italy and put us in touch. Excellent service, and highly recommended.”

Mark R, USA (Family History Research in Venafro, Molise – October 2020):
“The professionals at Italian Side are upfront, honest and hardworking. The results from their researchers gave my wife and her 95 year old mother a wonderful early Christmas present! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would like to have genealogical research done. Thank You very much!”

Jan D’Andrea, USA (Family History Research in Introdacqua, Abruzzo – September 2020):
“For several years I’ve been researching our family heritage. I could not go further with the Italian research, since records were in Italy, and in a language I did not know. I discovered an outstanding group, Italian Side, that did an amazing job. The team of Michele, coordinating the details of what I needed, and the researcher Gabriele, who discovered the records, translated to English, providing genealogical charts (pedigree, extended family chart, ancestors by generation, place usage chart) was phenomenal! Then I was so surprised with the wonderful pictures of the towns as well. I would highly recommend this team and Italian Side!!! In fact, I just kicked off my second project with them!”

John Medolla, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship – August 2020):
“Excellent work. Michele responded to my requests expeditiously. I was amazed on how quick the work was done. I will recommend using my Italian Side. I am now on my way to dual citizenship. I will definitely be sure to use them again.”

Mary Ferrara, USA (Family History research in Messina area – August 2020):
“My thanks to Michele and especially Salvatore who did an exceptional job of researching my family’s roots in Sicily. I had been trying for years but the translation was so hard for us and the records very hard to read. Not only did Salvatore make a great detailed report but also included a wonderful family tree graph that my mom is so proud to have that she is going to frame it. Thanks again and i hope to meet up with you two in Italy for a tour!!!”

Agnes Corrado, USA (Family History research – August 2020):
“Very informative and detailed….I am so happy with the research on my family’s origins in Vallelunga Sicily. All important documents along with summaries – were very valuable.
You did a great job – in spite of Covid slowing everything down!
Would highly recommend this service.”

Mark Giorgini, USA (Dual Citizenship request – may 2020):
“I was in the process of building my dual citizenship file and so took a chance on ItalianSide, wondering a bit what the risk level was of working with a distant group in a different country where I knew no one who had worked with them before, and where the culture is not known to be as hectic and stressed as it is in the US. Wow. Was I pleased! Emails and inquiries were handled promptly and efficiently; even when I was more than expecting a delay until at least the following Italian work day, Michele often beat that timeframe. Despite the horrible coronavirus and its impact, the documents I needed arrived shortly after Italy began opening up. I am so glad I took the risk and used ItalianSide to be my Italian side. Won’t hesitate to use their services again when the need arises!”

Mare, USA (Searching in Salerno area – march 2020):
It’s difficult to know who to trust online— and I’m pleased to be able to say that Italianside has delivered more than what I expected, in a timely, and professional way. Michele is very responsive. She always answered my emails within a few hours despite the time difference.
When we found out that my grandfather was actually born in Venezuela and that we would need his parents’ birth records and marriage records too I thought she would understandably charge significantly more. To my utter amazement, Michele held to the agreed upon price and offered the extra work gratis. Not only is Italianside trustworthy, they are always thorough, and give all the details upfront.
Michele has been an absolute pleasure to work with—kind of makes me want to move to Italy 😉 All in all, I give them 5 stars.

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