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Are you interested in your Italian Roots?
If your goal is to research family history in Italy and you are looking for reliable and professional genealogy services, at we are ready to help you!

A network of professional genealogists

As maybe you already know, has a network of researchers located in every italian region.
Our local experts are based in the exact region, or the exact province or even the exact town (!) where your ancestors lived and where their documents are still stored.
Our researchers have an university background and they gained a deep knowledge of the local history of the single villages. They studied the migratory movements in the area, the distribution of families and surnames.
And last but not least, they have a daily practice with the local archives.

After you will send a request about your italian family history in Italy, our researcher will read it and will take care of your questions.

Starting with the info you will provide, our genealogist will study the feasibility of the request.
He will prepare for you a (free) detailed plan and a quote for an effective research.

Family History in Italy

What to search and where

There are many different kinds of documents stored in Italian local archives so the research could focus depending on your needs.
You could start from Civil Record available usually from XIX century, then you could go back in time with church records (till XVI century!).

Are you curious about your ancestors as …soldiers ? Well you could search for military records!

And if you want to know more about their way of living you can dig into notarial records too (going back till the middle age!)

Our researchers are ALL skilled and with an university degree in historic field so they know exactly what archives are available in every single village. We will research your family history in Italy providing great results and a correct interpretation of the info found.

What you will get after a genealogy research with Italian Side.

You will receive copies of the available original records where you will read many info about your Italian families. For example: full names, dates of the main events occurred ( birth days, marriage and so on) or their jobs. ( here you can see a sample of an Italian old birth record )

Then you will find the addresses of the houses where your family lived in the village.

A great info if you plan to come to visit your ancestors town.

But even from home you could try to locate the exact house using online maps!

And last, but not least, if your ancestors were able to sign you will read on these documents their original signatures too!

In case your goal is to receive modern certificates for other purpose (e.g. dual citizenship), procedures are quite different (take a look here).

The results fully documented will be enriched by detailed pedigree and family charts, and other kinds of reports (e.g. ascendants or descendants reports). The documentation in English would guide you through the results the research will lead to.

How much does it cost?

Our customers consider our services very affordable, expecially considering the high quality of the findings and of the reports.

Fees can be different: they depends mostly from how exact are the starting info you give us, the availability of archives in the village and so on.
Most important: our researchers fees are all inclusive.
We guarantee you will have no extra or hidden costs for the agreed activities.

You can read some feedback/testimonials we received about these services here

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If you want to read a summary of this page in italian you can read here

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