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an invitation to (re)discover your italian roots

At ItalianSide.com we collect, select, and offer information, services and opportunities for all those who have Italian origins or are interested in Italy.
ItalianSide.com brings together a team of professionals with experience and interests in new technologies, historical researches, tourism, architectural recovery, territorial marketing.
Born to tell about Italy abroad, ItalianSide.com became quickly an online reference for everyone interested in setting and strenghtening a tie with their origins.
Our portal is devoted to people curious to know more about Italy: the aim is to offer a “bridge” to Italy .....

The activities are at 360 degrees and ranging in various sectors.
The main lines of action are focused on:

Genealogical researches: at ItalianSide, we builded a network of skilled genealogists to support on-site research (state archives, parish and municipal archives) to respond to the numerous requests that arrive daily. All the local experts are selected among people graduated in archivistics.

Ancestry tourism: thanks to partnerships with local tour operators, we offer "genealogical tours" to discover places and flavors of the past, where the journey meets the unique charm of historical research in the footsteps of its own ancestors.

Real estate investments: following the requests of our readers, ItalianSide is active in locating for potential investors the best real estate opportunities in the areas of interest. With qualified partners in the field of architectural recovery, a "network" project has recently been launched which, using the local professional skills present in the area, intends to contribute to the recovery and enhancement of the building heritage of small historic centers.

Today ItalianSide.com is visited monthly by around 100.000 different visitors.
In the last 3 years our website welcomed people from more than 190 countries!

This is ItalianSide. Questo è ItalianSide.
Welcome! Benvenuti !