Italian birth records

What kind of information is available on italian birth records?

How to read and understand old birth records from Italy?

The birth records of your ancestors were written the same day when the event were registered in the Town Hall of the town/village where they were born.
This means that the italian birth records are old document handwritten by the italian officer of the town in those times.
So the first obstacle to overcome is to understand the old handwriting.
If you are not fluent in Italian, the second (big) problem will be the translation.
So you are facing two problems: deciphering handwriting and understanding the right italian words!
But don’t give up!
We will try to help you to understand and decipher the italian birth records!
We will show you where to concentrate the attention to exactfields in the document where to read and extract the useful info.

A sample birth record from Italy

This is a sample birth record issued in Italy during last decades of 1800.
Going back in time the shape was different even if the data collected was almost the same. In the first years of 1800 it was just hand written.

On these documents there is many information about the new born and his/her family!

italian birth record
Italian Birth Record (part 1)

Usually the newborn was registered the same day of the birth or few days later.
The record starts with the date of the registration (year, month, day, hours, minutes)
A typical mistake is to confuse the date of the registration with the date of the birth!

We numbered the main info available on the document so it will be easier to find them. In this way we hope to give you a way to better understand and decipher these records.

The most useful info on italian birth records:

(1) Registration Number and Full Name
(2) Date of the Birth Registration
(3) Name of the Town
(4) Name of the Father (usually the registrant)
(5) Age of the Father
(6) Job of the Father
(7) Day of the Birth
(8) Address of the house were baby was born (the house where the family lived)
(9) Name of the Mother
(10) Job of the Mother
(11) Given Name of the Baby

italian birth record
Italian birth record (part 2)

(second part)
(12) Names of the Witnesses
(13) Original Signature of the Father (Registrant)

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