Genealogy in Sassano

Region: Campania Province: Salerno

Tracing your Italian roots back to Sassano, in Salerno province, Campania region?

This comprehensive guide empowers you to understand the records available in Sassano, unlocking your family’s rich history.
Where to Begin Your Ancestry Journey in Sassano
If your ancestral trail leads to Sassano, Italy, their vital records are likely housed in two key locations:

  • Sassano City Hall Archives: Established in 1809, these archives hold civil registry records like births, marriages, and deaths for Sassano residents since then.
  • Sassano Parish Churches: For records pre-dating 1809 or for religious ceremonies, exploring Sassano’s parish church archives might be necessary.

Civil Records in Sassano

In towns and villages of Campania and in Salerno province civil registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Sassano Town Hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from Sassano Municipality, follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Sassano during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Sassano to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!
With his deep knowledge of people and local history he will assist you not only finding names and dates (births, marriages, deaths) but he will reveal to you many other precious information on the life of your ancestors available in the old registers.

  • Professions: do you know what your ancestors did for a living? Our genealogist will be able to give you this info!
  • Addresses: the house where your family lived (a great information if you intend to visit Sassano !)
  • Churches: where they were baptized or married
  • (If you can’t visit Sassano, our researcher will give you the necessary info to find by yourself the relevant places on the maps available online)

  • Signatures: if your ancestors knew how to write, he will be able to show you their original signatures.
  • Any other useful info available on the old documents.
  • Are you interested in this? Write us at or fill this form

    Next picture shows the demographic trends in Sassano from the Italian Unification (1861).
    This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


    To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Sassano. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Sassano archives, expecially if you have not exact dates (there could be cases of homonymy).
    It’s useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Salerno province are:
    Alfano, Amato, Annunziata, Apicella, Bruno, Califano, Caputo, Cirillo, Coppola, Cuomo, D’Amato, D’Ambrosio, D’Angelo, De Luca, De Martino, De Rosa, Esposito, Ferraioli, Ferrara, Gallo, Giordano, Greco, Grimaldi, Iannone, Lamberti, Landi, Manzo, Marino, Napoli, Pagano, Palumbo, Pellegrino, Pepe, Rinaldi, Rizzo, Romano, Ruggiero, Russo, Santoro, Senatore, Sessa, Sica, Sorrentino, Tortora, Trotta, Vitale, Vitolo, Volpe.

    Church Records in Sassano

    Church archives in Salerno province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
    So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Campania started during 1500!

    Parish archives are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
    But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of Sassano on your behalf to gather info about your family history during centuries.

    In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in Sassano:


    For our experience, if you plan to come here to visit Sassano, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
    This because a comprehensive genealogy research is time consuming!

    Starting from home, you will have time to get a complete research avoiding to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
    (Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
    With the results gathered by our genealogist and translated in your language before your arrival, you will have the possibility to plan carefully your visit.
    In this way you will have more free time to enjoy your tour to the roots on your ancestors footsteps.

    Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives of Salerno.

    If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in Sassano area , write to or fill the form here.

    Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

    If you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Campania and of course in Sassano too.

    Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Sassano forum:
    if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Sassano feel free to leave a message below.

    57 thoughts on “Genealogy in Sassano”

    1. I am looking for information about my grandparents who came to America from Sassano. Vincenzo Laveglia would have been born around 1860 and his wife Maria (possible last name Petrizzi?) born around 1870. Any information about them or any Laveglias would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Diane Laveglia

    2. Sure Barbara, to answer your question, your grandmother (Giustina) Christina had 2 sisters, Lucrezia (Anna), and Arcangela (Julia) and 5 brothers, Domenico (Dominick), Giuseppe (Joseph), Nicola (Nicholas), Stefano Antonio (Anthony), and Michele (Michael). Dominick died in 1923 his was 492 Rutland Rd. The rest are from the 1940 census, which at this moment are newest info on addresses, Joseph lived at 498 Rutland Rd, Nick lived at 450 Rutland Rd, Anthony lived at 447 Rutland Rd, Michael lived at 511 Rutland Rd, Anna Feminella at 512 Hawthorne St, and Julia Farino at 409 Rutland Rd, last but not least your grandmother was at 67 Richardson St. Hope to hear from you soon!

    3. I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents Gaetano Petrizzo born February 22, 1870 in Sassano and my great grandmother Antonia DiBella Petrizzo born April, 1875 in Sassano. They left Italy in 1888 (Gaetano) and 1890 (Antonia.) I’m interested to know if they would have gone by different names while they lived in Italy. For instance, I know Petrizzo was eventually changed to Patrizzi, but I’m wondering what form it existed in Sassano as a surname. Also is Gaetano the name he would have used in Italy or is that the English version? I believe Gaetano’s parents may have been Domenico & Maria. Thank you for any information anyone can give me. Ann Marotta (Maiden name Patrizzi)

    4. Hello! I would welcome any information on a Michael and Rose Sassano who immigrated through Ellis Island from Italy to New York in the late 1800’s.
      They then moved to Pittsburgh, PA where the family has been for the past several generations. Michael was born in Italy around 1840 and Rose was board in Italy around 1840. They are my great, great grandparents. Thank you – Melissa Dunn (maiden name Sassano).

    5. I recently found out that my Grandfather Nicholas Revello was born in Sassano on o7 November 1883 and i’m looking for ome information

    6. Has anyone ever seen the surname Quagliano while researching Sassano? My father always talked about his grandfather Giovani Quagliano born around 1862, who immigrated from Sassano in 1887 at the age of 25. My father’s grandmother Martha (Zazarro) Quagliano arrived in 1894 with Giovani’s brother Michael (13) and sister Christina. After passing through Ellis Island they lived in Hartford, CT. where my father’s father Matthew was born in 1899 and Matthew’s sister Mary, was born in 1897. I am interested to know if there are relatives living either in the US or still in Sassano and I hope someday to visit there. Thank you.

      1. My husband Kenneth is 91 and his mother’s name was Marie. Marie’s father was Giovanni Quagliano. ( He changed his name to John Quinlan, according to the 1910 census. Marie had a brother Matt and a brother Mike and a sister Christina. Marie’s mother was Martha Zazzaro)…..

        According to the 1910 census that my husband’s great granddaughter just sent him last night, Matthew was 10 years old at the time.

        My husband so grandparents ( John and Martha) have died, his parents have died, and his siblings have all died. Grandchildren and great grandchildren are now showing interest in genealogy.

      2. My grandmother’s name was Archangela Quagliano. She married my grandfather Giuseppe Dibella. They never left Italy. I left in 1947.

      3. Is there any information on Marta (Zazzaro) Quagliano who arrived through Ellis Island around 1894?
        She was married to Giovanni Quagliano who was already here in Hartford CT

    7. Hi,
      I’m looking for information on my Great Grandparents. My Great Grandfather Vincent Miele born about 1873, I believe in Sassano. I know his mother’s name was Antoinette. The story goes that he came to the United States in about 1880. When he was of age he went back to Italy to find an “Italian wife”. My Great Grandmother was named Anna DeLisa, Born about 1873 I believe in Sassano also. They settled in Brooklyn, New York. I was told he worked as an interpreter for Ellis Island. Any help would be appreciated.

    8. I am trying to find my maternal grandmother, born FRANCESCA MIELE (OR DIMIELE)Married name: Libretti. She and my grandfather were married in Sassano in 1908 or 09. I can’t find a copy of their marriage certificate either.

      According to my grandfather’s naturalization papers, my grandmother was born on October 15, 1893, in Sassano, Italy.

      Your help will be greatly appreciated, but please inform me of your fee before you begin the research.
      Thank you, and I await your reply,

      1. I am looking for any information on the Vasquenza family name. I am not sure how they fit into my tree, however my great great grandmother is buried with them in our family plot in Holy Cross in Brooklyn.

        I am also traveling to Italy this spring and wanted to go to Sassano to research. I guess there is no reason to if there are no records before the war.

        Anyone have any other ideas?

        1. Hi Linda
          I know you email is a few years old but I am wondering if we are looking or the same family.
          My great great grandparents were Vasquenzo (originally thought to be Vasquenza).
          Their names were Angelo and Giustina.
          Did you have any luck in Sassano? I am headed there in a few weeks.

    9. Surname DURSO or D’URSO

      Still looking for any information on my father Paolo Durso born March 23, 1890 in Sasaano Salerno. It seems as though stories are conflicting as to my grandfathers name, supposedly GIOACCHINO DURSO in my father’s Naturalization papers.
      But on his SocialSecurity registration his father is listed as GUISEPPE DURSO and his mother as GIOCAMINA GALATRO.there is must mystery surrounding all of this.. and the word is that we are decscended from King Vittorio Emmanuel .
      If ANYONE Can help me out on this please contact me as I would sincerely appreciate it and you will be compensated for any correct information.
      Thank you

    10. Some of my great grandparents: Rosaria Russo and Giovanni Bainlardi , Antonio Feminella and Vincenza Ronza Were all born in Sassano Italy and moved to the U.S. I don’t know when they were born. But I have their parents names. Rosaria Russo’s were Nicolo Russo and Lucrecia Romanelli. Giovanni’s were Dominico Bainlardi (It also is written as Baialardo) and Christanna Lizza.
      Antonio Femminella’s were Allanio Femminella, and Maria Grodino. If someone could help me with birth , marriage , cemeteries , and death dates/places , I would really appreciate it very much.

      Alcuni dei miei bisnonni: Rosaria Russo e Giovanni Bainlardi, Antonio e Vincenza Feminella Ronza sono tutti nati in Sassano Italia e si trasferisce a gli Stati Uniti non so quando sono nati. Ma non ho i loro nomi dei genitori. Rosaria Russo è erano Nicolò Russo e Lucrecia Romanelli. Giovanni è erano Dominico Bainlardi (E anche è scritto come Baialardo) e Christanna Lizza.
      Antonio Femminella è erano Allanio Femminella, e Maria Grodino. Se qualcuno mi potrebbe aiutare con la nascita, il matrimonio, i cimiteri, e la morte date / posti, vorrei davvero apprezzare molto.

      1. Hi James – My great grandparents are Giovanni Bainlardi and Rosaria Russo. My Dad (now deceased) is Nicholas Bainlardi and his parents were Joseph and Josephine Bainlardi of Rutland Road… Small World… Yes, the name was Baialardo before they immigrated to America. I found out our great grandmother, Rosaria is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, died around July 1941.. I can’t find anything on Giovanni other than Naturalization Certificate with their children’s names….

        1. Hey Joan, I am doing my family tree and although I didn’t see this until a year later, I found both of our ancestors were buried in Holy Cross Cemetary. If you have any other information like your grandparents please let me know thanks!

          1. Hi James & Joan, my great grandparents were also Rosaria Russo & Giovanni Bainlardi. My grandmother was Christina Bainlardi & my grandfather was John Petrizzo. My grandparents lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but my grandmother’s family lived on Rutland Road. She had two sisters, Anna & Julia and I think six brothers but not sure if that number is correct. I know she named her sons after her brothers, She had seven sons…Joseph, Michael, Frank, Anthony, Charles, (I think his birth name was Rosario) Dominick & Nicholas. She also had 5 daughters.

            1. Hi Barbara Just seeing your message. I recall my dad Nicholas talking about his cousin Christina. He also spoke a lot about his Aunts Anna and Julia. One of them attended my wedding in 1980. I did a lot of research and found out great grandparents Giovanni Baialardo and Rosaria Russo with the names and birthdays of their children and when they came to America and dates of death. Hope to connect with you

          2. I just found the Bainlardi family tree written by Thomas Bainlardi in1999. It has her surname as Rosario Rossa. My father in law was John Bainlardi (slugger). Their children Dominick, Julia, Lucricia, Joe, Nick, Michael, and Steve. Dominick has 7 children, John Frank rose Lucy Christina Tony nick mike Barbara. Julia did not have children. Lucricia aka Anna had rose and Jenny. Joe had John, rose, Dominick and Nick. Nick had Dominick, John, Rose, Catherine and Joseph. Mike had Rose, Teresa, filomena, Lucille and John. Steve had Johnny Rose and Tommy.

            Thomas mentioned a plaque in Julia’s home commemorating Giaovanni death.

        2. Hi Joan, my grandmother Christina was also your father’s aunt…Julia & Anna were her sisters. Her DOB was May 26th, I believe the year she was born was 1883. She died April 2, 1971 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Queens. Joan, my dad was also named Nicholas. I hope to connect also.

      2. Hi James, I remember visiting Rutland Road with my grandmother a few times when I was little. I just couldn’t remember which of her siblings lived there. I thought it was her sister’s but one of my cousin’s said it was her brother. If you can fill me in that would be great!

    11. Looking for information on my grandma Teresa Serpica or Serpico she was born March24 1893 I think she was adopted..she worked at a firecracker company in or around Naples..Sassano…she married in Chicago to my grandfather Michael Bucciere..

    12. My father’s family came from Sassano. His grandparents were Anthony J. Abbatemarco and Rose Cardiello. My father’s uncles were American Mafia: Michael Abbatemarco (Mikey Shots and Francessco Abbatemarco (Frankie Shots). I’d like to know if I have any relatives in Sassano.

      1. Carol my aunt Jose Zozzaro had an affaire with Frank Abbatemarco. She became pregnant by him. When the child was born it was taken from her. She never saw it again.On November 4, 1959, Abbatemarco was shot by assassins as he left a tavern at Carroll Street near the house of my Aunt. At the moment I am working on a book about the histoy of my Family Zozzaro en their friends Abbatemarco.
        My name is Peter , If you like to respond.

    13. Hi,
      I am trying to find a birth record of my paternal grandfather. His name was Nicolo or Nicola Liibretti, born 6/4/1873 in Sassano, Campagnia, Salerno, Italy. His spouse name was Philomena and his children are: Michael, Carmine, Antonio, Elsie, Nettie and Jennie.
      I believe he arrived in NY in 1888. Any help would be appreciated.

      1. I found your grandfather’s records, his father’s name was Francesco Libretti and his mother was Lucia Colandriello

    14. Looking for any info on great grandfather Arcangelo giovanni battista Callandriello Born I think in the 1860 married To Antonia Petrizzo Sons Francesco Calandriello B 1896 And Matt Calandriello b 1889. Also would like to know if they had any other Children. I think both Great grandfather and mother passed before 1906 Any info would be help full.

      1. My great grandfather’s name was Antonio Callandriello born in Sassano July 13, 1878. He came to New York in 1893. Any related information would be appreciated.
        mille grazie

        1. Hello. My 4th great grandfather was Michele Calandriello born 1857 in Sassano. He came to New York sometime in the 1890s but his daughter, my grandmother, was also born back in Italy. Michele’s father was named Giovanni and his mother Maria Giuseppa. Maybe Arcangelo and Antonio are related to them.

    15. Buon Giorno,

      I am looking for any information you can find for my grandfather. His name was Raffaelle Corvino. He was born June 24,1883 and was from the town of Sasserno. He came to New York in 1902. I have no other information. I would like to know if he had brothers or sisters and the names of his parents. Please let me know if you can find anything.

      1. Hello. My great grandmother from Sassano was Carolina Corvino. She married Domenico Farina and immigrated to Argentina in 1885. I don’t have their parents names. Yet! Do you have any new useful info since you last posted your question?
        Ciao Ciao, Paul

    16. I have many municipal records of my family Disponzio de Sponzio from the late 1800 but when I traveled to Sassano there were no records in the church San Giovanni?

      1. Hi Lynn,

        I read the bone and am also wanting to travel to Sassano this summer to trace my family but was told all the records from the church do not exist because of the bombing during the war.

        I think they we Los at the church st. Giovanni but really don’t know.

        My family also goes back to the 1800 and I believe and am told we come from royalty…

        If you could lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

        Thanks so much

      2. Hi Lynn,

        Hope you see this message since it almost 3 years old but my last name is Disponzio and my great grandfather was Vincenzo Disponzio from Sassano.

        1. Hi Danny

          Replying to an old message but just confirmed my great grandmother’s maiden name was Disponzio born to Michele Disponzio in Sassano. Not sure if we share common ancestors.

    17. I am looking for my grandfathers parents names. My grand father’s
      Name was Secondo DeMarco born in Sassanio May 24 1894.
      He came to the U.S. In 1912 aboard the SS Oceania. He had two brothers Giovanni and Nazzerino I think his fathers name might have been Carlo DeMarco not sure. I don’t no anything about him at all or his wife’s name ( madden) great mother.

    18. I am interested to know the names of my great grand father’s siblings and parents as well as information on his birth and marriage. His name was Antonio Abbatemarco and he was born in the late 1850s in Sassano. He married Rosa Romanelli who was born in early 1860s.

      1. That last name is the same as my grandparents’ best friends, Tommy and Micki. My great grandfather, Michael Cavallone came from the same part of Italy. Where did your family settle? We started in NY, and ended up in Chicago. I’ll ask my Gram if she knows Tommy’s parents’ names

        1. Kristen
          This is Tommy and Mickey’s youngest son Michael.
          My grandfather was Carmino Abbatemarco born in 1895 and he was from Sassano.
          He came through New York around World War I
          timeframe. He was inducted into the USArmy and automatically became a US citizen.
          We miss your grandparents Marge and Phil.

    19. My great grandfather, Francesco Romanelli, Nato a Sassano il 08/09/1871 at 4:00 pm.
      Padre – Rosario
      Madre – Angiola Maria Miele (padre was Vincenzo Miele)
      Lived on Via Fontanella and Rosario owned the house.
      Can you give me any other information?

    20. I am trying to locate information about my grandparents, Angelo and Archangela Dalessio (Arcangela Calendriello). My goal is to learn their birthdate sand their mothers’ maiden names.Any
      Suggestions? Thank you; I think this sight is a great idea.

      They emigrated to Ellis Island between 1902 and 1910. My grandfather came first and later
      sent for my grandmother. My grandfather was born
      In 1882; my grandmother in1886. I know they
      Still had family living in the area into the 1960’s. My grandfather had a
      brother Michael who emigrated when he did. Michael was married to Antonia. My grandfather may also have had a sister. My grandmother may have been the oldest girl in a large family. Her father remarried
      after his first wife, Arcangela’s mother, died.

      Angelo and Archangela had 4 children born
      in Hackensack, NJ. They were Mary 1911, Gerry 1914, Michael 1916, John 1918.

      Angelo and Archangela died in Hackensack, NJ between 1961 and 1965.
      In Italy they may have spelled the family name
      ” D’alessio or D’Alessio.
      Once again thank you for any help you can give.

      1. My mother’s maiden name is D’Alessio from Sassano. Her father,Domenico, my g’father (1888), had 3 sisters : Christina, Antonetta and Rosaria. All but Rosaria came to USA in early 1900’s. My g’father married Angelina Traboscio in Padula. They had seven children, two born in Sassano in Italy and five in USA. G’mother died in 1940 in Brooklyn. G’pa’s sisters settled in Jersey City and Passaic and raised families. I have been to Sassano and Padula several times and found only g’father’s birth ctf and their marriage ctf. I am returning this September. Most older folk know each other. The family I stay with knows many D’Alessio’s. I am trying to find the Rosaria branch that stayed behind. Good luck to you. BTW, my great grandparents, born in Sassano, were Francesco and Maria D’Alessio. Her maiden name is Martucci. Buona fortuna a te. Matt

        1. My Great great grandparents were Francesco D’Alessio and Maria Martucci from Sassano. My great grandmother was Christina born in 1892, who came to the US in the early 1900’s. She had at least 2 siblings, Antoinette (Antonetta?) and Domenic (Domenico?). As far as I know, Antoinette ended up in Jersey City. It is very possible there was a third sister, Rosaria, as the family has mentioned something about “Rose”. I am trying to find information about them. They say Antoinette married an Arnone and was older than Christina. Do you have information? Many thanks.

        2. I just came across this site and think it is a great way for family members to fill in the gaps in their genealogy. My maternal great grandfather’s name was John D’Alessio born in May 1860 in Sassano, Salerno Compania Italy. He emigrated to America in 1879.He resided in Queens NY before moving to Brooklyn NY. He married my maternal great grandmother Carmela Calucci born in Salerno Sassano Italy in March 1874.

          I don’t know much about other relatives that they may have who may have remained in Italy. I was always told that my grandmothers family came from Ischia but it wasn’t until I researched them on a genealogy site that I learned they were both born in Sassano. I will be traveling to Naples in June 2020 and would like to know if other branches of families might exist there.

      2. Mary — my dad and mom, Giovanni and Antonietta Calandriello (“DiBrizzi”), were both born in Sassano on 1-28-27 and 8-27-37 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1967. My dad’s mother, Angelina Calandriello’s maiden name was D’Alessio and she was born in August of 1998. During my youth, my mom and dad visited with Gerry D’Alessio. The correct spelling in Italy is “D’Alessio”. I have been trying to find more information about my great grandparents.

    21. Hello. My Italian family names are Cavalone, DeLorenz, Giordano and Cartalano. I believe my grandmother and great grandmother were both from Sassano. My grandfather, Giovonni Cartalano, was from northern Italy, but I’ll probably never know where.
      I am going to Italy in May.

      1. There are Giordanos in Newark that came from Sassano. They used to be in the clothing industry and are distant cousins. Anthony is still in Newark

    22. Looking for information concerning Joseph Pianta who immigrated to US in 1914. He was sent back to Italy with his mother Rosa and sister Marghuritta, who later died. He immigrated again in 1919 following an eye operation in Italy. We would appreciate any information you can find!

    23. My surname is Villano. My grandfather was born in Sassano the end of the 1800’s. Any information is appreciated!
      Il mio cognome è Villano. Mio nonno era nata a Sassano alle fine di 1800. Mi piacerebbe conoscere i miei parenti da Sassano!

    24. Darci Roberti

      Olá, Boa Tarde

      Meu nome é Darci Roberti. O meu avô nasceu em Sassano e se chamava Nicola Roberti, filho de Henrique Roberti e Maria D’Amato Roberti. Ele veio, ainda jovem, com seus pais para o Brasil por volta de 1900.
      Pretendo ir à Itália e na oportunidade ir à Sassano. Gostaria de saber se existem parentes ainda por lá. Gostaria muito de encontrá-los.


    25. Hi. My maiden last name was Abbruzzese. My father passed away but he always told me his ancestors were from sassano. I am visiting Italy this summer and I would love to find out some more information. My grandmothers last name was D’Amato. Thank you very much, Erin Carducci

    26. Susan Volpe Blatty

      Buon giorno,

      I believe that my grandfather, Domenico Volpe, was born in Sassano in 1850. He emigrated to the United Sates (New york) in 1875. His daughter Carmela Volpe was born in Italy around 1888. His wife’s name was Agnes Brande. I am visiting Italy in about 6 weeks and have been searching for more information and would like to visit the town of my ancestors. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.
      Grazie a Lei!

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