How to get Italian Citizenship in Italy

Are you planning to come to Italy to get your Dual Citizenship?
This info could be useful for you!

As you may know, there are two different ways to get your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis:

– through the Italian Consulate, which falls within the jurisdiction where you’re living;

– submitting the documentation to an Italian town hall.

So, if you reside in Italy or if you plan to come to Italy, we could be of help in getting your Italian Citizenship here in Italy, fulfilling the residency requirement in an Italian town (assisting you during the entire process in the offices).

We can provide you with 2 different types of assistance:

Remote Assistance
(you can apply in any Italian town you desire):

– preparation and revision of the documents and certification that must be submitted to the municipal council to apply for Italian citizenship;
– guidance on how to make the declaration of presence to the competent authorities;
– information on how to apply for the Italian tax code at the competent Revenue Agency;
– assistance relating to the request for residence in the Italian Municipality
– assistance with the application for Italian citizenship;
– assistance in obtaining the “jure sanguinis” residence permit;
– assistance relating to the last stages of the procedure for obtaining citizenship and an Italian passport.

Furthermore, the service would include:
– assistance during the entire process for any doubt or question;
– compilation of all the necessary forms to be submitted to the authorities involved in the procedure (e.g. Revenue Agency, Municipality, Police Headquarters…).

On-Site Assistance
(available only in some Italian regions)

– preparation and review of the documents sand certification that must be submitted to the town hall;
– obtaining a declaration of presence from the competent authorities;
– obtaining the Italian tax code from the Tax Agency;
– request for residence in the chosen Municipality;
– application for Italian citizenship;
– “jure sanguinis” residence permit:
– date request;
– reliefs;
– withdrawal of residence permit;
– last stages of the procedure for obtaining citizenship and the Italian passport.

How long does the procedure take?

If you are interested in submitting your dual citizenship request here in Italy, please keep in mind that you should consider at least one month (but from our experience, usually it takes a couple of months) to successfully complete the residency requirement in Italy.
This procedure is necessary to submit the request for Italian citizenship Jure sanguinis.
After receiving the residence, the elaboration of your citizenship will be carried out ex officio by the officials of the Municipality where you reside. This process will take around 6 months approximately.

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