Genealogy in Teora

Region: Campania Province: Avellino

Tracing your Italian roots back to Teora, in Avellino province, Campania region?

This comprehensive guide empowers you to understand the records available in Teora, unlocking your family’s rich history.
Where to Begin Your Ancestry Journey in Teora
If your ancestral trail leads to Teora, Italy, their vital records are likely housed in two key locations:

  • Teora City Hall Archives: Established in 1809, these archives hold civil registry records like births, marriages, and deaths for Teora residents since then.
  • Teora Parish Churches: For records pre-dating 1809 or for religious ceremonies, exploring Teora’s parish church archives might be necessary.

Civil Records in Teora

In towns and villages of Campania and in Avellino province civil registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Teora Town Hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from Teora Municipality, follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Teora during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Teora to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!
With his deep knowledge of people and local history he will assist you not only finding names and dates (births, marriages, deaths) but he will reveal to you many other precious information on the life of your ancestors available in the old registers.

  • Professions: do you know what your ancestors did for a living? Our genealogist will be able to give you this info!
  • Addresses: the house where your family lived (a great information if you intend to visit Teora !)
  • Churches: where they were baptized or married
  • (If you can’t visit Teora, our researcher will give you the necessary info to find by yourself the relevant places on the maps available online)

  • Signatures: if your ancestors knew how to write, he will be able to show you their original signatures.
  • Any other useful info available on the old documents.
  • Are you interested in this? Write us at or fill this form

    Next picture shows the demographic trends in Teora from the Italian Unification (1861).
    This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


    To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Teora. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Teora archives, expecially if you have not exact dates (there could be cases of homonymy).
    It’s useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Avellino province are:
    Albanese, Bruno, Capobianco, Capone, Carbone, Cardinale, Caruso, Cioffi, Cipriano, Colucci, Coppola, Cucciniello, De Feo, De Luca, De Maio, De Simone, De Stefano, De Vito, Di Pietro, Esposito, Famiglietti, Ferraro, Festa, Fiore, Forgione, Gallo, Grasso, Graziano, Guarino, Guerriero, Iannaccone, Iuliano, Lepore, Lo Conte, Lombardi, Luongo, Matarazzo, Napolitano, Nigro, Petrillo, Picariello, Romano, Ruggiero, Russo, Santoro, Sarno, Spagnuolo, Vitale.

    Church Records in Teora

    Church archives in Avellino province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
    So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Campania started during 1500!

    Parish archives are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
    But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of Teora on your behalf to gather info about your family history during centuries.

    For our experience, if you plan to come here to visit Teora, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
    This because a comprehensive genealogy research is time consuming!

    Starting from home, you will have time to get a complete research avoiding to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
    (Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
    With the results gathered by our genealogist and translated in your language before your arrival, you will have the possibility to plan carefully your visit.
    In this way you will have more free time to enjoy your tour to the roots on your ancestors footsteps.

    Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives of Avellino.

    If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in Teora area , write to or fill the form here.

    Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

    If you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Campania and of course in Teora too.

    Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Teora forum:
    if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Teora feel free to leave a message below.

    66 thoughts on “Genealogy in Teora”

    1. My Grandfather
      Tolentino Casale , came to the United States at age 16. Born 1898 in Teora. Many relatives there. Tolentino father was a police officer, or his grandfather; I’m not sure. Pasquale Casale possibly was his name.
      I’m told relatives died in earthquake of 1981. Many women in family who were in the house washing dishes and the men were out walking.
      I’d love to visit and meet m relatives. I know my grandfather left behind his brothers, sister, others.

    2. Hi, I am trying to learn more information of my great grandparents/great great grandparents who were born in the 1800’s in Teora. Surnames are Ciccone, Guarino and Lilore.

      1. My Grandfather
        Tolentino Casale , came to the United States at age 16. Born 1898 in Teora. Many relatives there. Tolentino father was a police officer, or his grandfather; I’m not sure. Pasquale Casale possibly was his name.
        I’m told relatives died in earthquake of 1981. Many women in family who were in the house washing dishes and the men were out walking.
        I’d love to visit and meet m relatives. I know my grandfather left behind his brothers, sister, others.

      1. Mr great grandfather Alex Casale was born around 1880 in Teora , Italy and came to US in 1900. Looking for any relatives there.

    3. My father’s mother Maria Guiseppina Russoniello, born Scolamiere in Teora circa 1880, married Pasquale Russoniello (1878-1938) from San Andrea d Conza and immigrated to the U.S. in 1914. My father Sabin one of 6 children and the first to be born in the US in 1914 shortly after the arrival of his mother and three siblings, Andrew, Mary & Gaetano (“Tom”) and his brothers Andrew and John operated the family bakery “P Russoniello & Sons” in Jersey City for many years. Pasquale’s cousin, also named Pasquale immigrated to the U.S. and owned and operated a bakery in East Orange, NJ called the “East Orange Bakery”. [ I don’t know too much about this branch of the Russoniello clan but its members live throughout the US. In Teora, Guiseppina had a brother who was a priest. There is a monument to Don Sabino Scolamiere in the town. She had another brother, name unknown to me, who had two sons, one an Alitalia pilot named Sabino, who lived in Rome and Udine and the other an officer in the Carabinieri named Gerardo. Her sister Fior d Dea (sp) immigrated to the US in the 20’s, married and had two children Vito Giorgio and Mary.

      Let me know if you need more info or have connections to the Scolamiere family.

    4. My grandmother Teresa Beatrice Veneziano was born in Newark NJ in 1900 or thereabouts. However i found a notice on my mother’s birth certificate that my grandmother used the name DeLuca. None of my mother’s siblings has any idea why the DeLuca name was used, probably a family association with someone of that name?

      I know the Veneziano family came from Teora just prior to 1900 and the patriarch was Angelo Maria Veneziano married to Colomba Intintola, and Teresa was one of their youngest. Her sister was Filomena (Veneziano) Petoia.

      David Catton

    5. All from Teora, Campania Italy.

      My grandfather Gerado Milano (Barber) born 2/25/1901, travelled to Newark, New a young adult. His parents are Serafina and Pasquale Milano, other son Guieseppe. I believe (???) my Grandfather father Pasquale Milano born 10/30/1872 parents are Guieseppa Milano and Filomena Milano. I am trying to connect relations to a Gaetano Milano born 6/6/1877 -6/29/1953 Erie ,New York. I know Guieseppa had a 2 wives.

    6. My great grandfather, Francesco Immersi was born in Teora in 1856. My grandfather, Domenico Immersi was born in 1884 . He immigrated to US and the family ended up in Newark, NJ. I am planning a trip to Italy in the Fall of 2019 and want to visit Teora. I was wondering if there are still Immersi’s living in Teora?

      1. These are also my ancestors !
        I was wondering how your trip to Italy went and if you got to meet any immersis?

    7. Darlene Patricia

      Looking for familia in the town of Teora, province of Avellino, Campania region of southern Italy.
      My Great Grandmother is: Maria “Mary” Rosamilia Varrone and was born in 1882 in Teora, province of Avellino, Campania region of southern Italy. She passed in September of 1963 in the USA.
      She and my grandfather we in an arranged marriage, his name is Angelo Varrone, who was from the town of Petrona, province of Cantanzaro, Calabria region of southern Italy.
      ANY information about my grandmother would be most appreciated!

      Thank You,

      In Italian:

      Alla ricerca di familia nella città di Teora, provincia di Avellino, regione Campania del sud Italia.
      Mia bisnonna è Maria “Maria” Rosamilia Varrone e nacque nel 1882 a Teora, provincia di Avellino, regione Campania del sud Italia. Passò nel settembre del 1963 negli Stati Uniti.
      Lei e mio nonno siamo in un matrimonio combinato, il suo nome è Angelo Varrone, che veniva dalla città di Petrona, provincia di Cantanzaro, regione Calabria del sud Italia.
      QUALSIASI informazione su mia nonna sarebbe molto apprezzata!


      1. Hello,
        I am looking for relatives too from Teora, Italy. My grandmother’s mother was Rose Rosamelia (I believe) and she died in New Jersey I believe.
        My Grandmother’s last name was Nappa. If you have any information at all on the Rosamelia family- I think that’s how we are related maybe- then please share!! My grandmother was Ann (Antonette Nappa Contrino).
        Thank you,

    8. Will be visiting relatives in Teora in Sept. on my grandfathers side. His name was Angelo Maria Sperduto. His siblings, the ones I know of, were Raffaele, Immaculata, and Nicolo. Raffaele and Immaculata remained in Teora, but Angelo and Nicolo came to America. Angelo and Nicolo settled in Newark, NJ.
      Unfortunately, we are not aware of any relatives remaining in Teora on my grandmothers side. Her maiden name was Filomena/Philomena Zarra. Her siblings were Maria(Nazzaretta)from Newark, NJ, Josephina (Melillo) ?, Rosina (Porrecca) Teora, Gerardo settled in Conn. and Nicolo settled in Brooklyn, NY.
      If anyone has any information regarding the surnames of Sperduto, Zarra or Ciccone from Teora, please be kind enough to share it with me. It would be greatly appreciated by my brother and I. Thank you.


      1. Hello….my grandfather was Gerardo Zarra born in 1897 and my grandmother was Mary Pia Ferrara born in 1899. She had siblings Nicolas, Peppino,, Onerina and sinamuch. All lived in Teara. They settled in Newark NJ. When they came to America my grandfather changed his last name to Zarro. My grandmother’s mother was Filomena Caprio. I don’t know much about my grandfather’s siblings except that he had a few sisters and one was the name was Raffraiella . My grandmother’s father was a schoolteacher in Teara italy.. My grandmother died in1981 and Grandfather died in 1951.

      2. This might be very tangential, but my great uncle Gerardo Veneziano was married to “Lena” Zarro, and the Zarro family owned a funeral home in one of the towns around Newark NJ. I have not been there in quite a while but there are still Venezianos and Zarros around the area and I would be happy to try and contact them for you. Lena died probably in the early 1980s as I recall, my great uncle would have been born just after 1900 and Lena was a little younger as I recall. Just saw that the Zarro funeral home is in Bloomfield and has been there since 1905, they might even be able to help you with any relatives who lived in the area.

    9. Hello, I am trying to find out more information about my fathers family. My grandfathers name was Pasquale Grasso and was born September 27 1890. I know that he had at least 2 brothers Donato and Joe (Giuseppe) that went first to Scranton PA then Newark NJ. Pasquale was married to Angelina lardieri/ Lardiere not exactly sure of the correct spelling and all I know of my grandmother is that she was born May 18, 1896 and had a brother Angelo that was in Newark also. My Grandmother also came from Teora. My grandparents were married in Italy and also had their first child a son Anthony born July 20, 1920 there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Geralyn

    10. Hi I’m looking for information on my great grandfather his name is Giovanni P. Maglio. I believe he was born November 11 1906 in teora Italy and died March 15 1976 in Sarasota Florida. He spent time in New York and in Haiti. He married a woman in Haiti name Blanche Bellande. He was also the consulate in Haiti. My grandmother was born in Haiti. Her name is Solange Maglio. I’m trying to make my family tree and learn about my ancestors. I believe his parents are the key to tracing the maglio name back as far as I can. I’m not sure but I believe he had a brother named Joseph Maglio. I can’t confirm that information. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

      Justin Voyles

      1. My great uncle was Joseph Maglio. He was married to Mafalda Masi. Joseph, better known as Ti Coeur (small heart) had many sisters and brothers. I only knew Aunt Enriette Maglio Russo, Uncle Rafael Maglio, and another Aunt that was married to Ricardi. I have pictures of Joseph, Mafalda, Rafael, and Ricardi. Joseph died in 1970, Mafalda in 1992, and Rafael in 1966.

    11. My fathers dad was born in Teora in 1898. He came to Newark NJ at the age of 13. My grandfather name was Tolentino Casale. He had a sister Concetta and other family members named Aldo and Vito and Vincent. Several family members were killed in Teora in the 1980 earthquake. Names and locations of survivors in my family is very much appreciated. Thank you Nancy

      1. Hi Nancy,
        Re: your comment on Mar 7, 2017. I believe Tolentino was my grandmother’s (Rose Casale Candore) eldest brother. Concetta Casale Martino was her sister. Tolentino’s father was Vito Casale a police officer in Teora. His mother was Josephine (Giuseppina) who died young.

    12. Looking for grandchildren of the sisters of Gi
      Giuseppe Rotonda born Nov 25,1877
      married to Maria Stefanelli and left Teora i
      in October 1903 with a baby son,
      They emigrated to Newark, NJ, USA.

    13. Would like to know if there are still families with the surname of Milano or Tedesco in Teora. Also the names of Mattia or Del Preore in Conza.

      1. Hello Gus,
        My cousins and I were researching our great grand father Pasquale Restaino at the municipal in Teora. We found he was born October 5, 1857. His father was Giuseppe Restaino and his mother was Maria Nicola Milano.

    14. Looking for any information on a Nicola Zarra from Teora and Gelsomina D’auria ( she is from Caposele).

      They emigrated to the US around 1875 and traveled back and forth. I believe Nicola may have had siblings or family back home in Italy and in the states.

      Any information on the family, photos, letters or records would be very helpful! Thank you.

      1. My grandfather was Nicola Zarra who came to Newark from Teora. He had siblings Frank, Angelina, Rose, Anthony and Ernest. I’m not sure if there were more.
        I believe his father was Giuseppe and his mother was Marie.
        He married my grandmother Giuseppina Cuozzo.
        I know that he stayed with his married sister whose last name was Guarino. I don’t have more information about his family but would love to know more. I’m guessing that he arrived here around 1900.

    15. My fathers family lives in teora italy, they where sheet herders . The fathers name was nickolas Donatiello. My father name was Mario Angelo Donatiello, arrived in America in 1918.
      I am trying to see if my father family is still alive .

      1. Louis
        I have a step grandfather by the name of Rocco Donatiello b. 1892 in Teora, d: 1982 do you have any hints or possible connections, please share, it would help tremendously. TY

    16. I am looking for information on my family’s ancestry. My father’s parents were from Teora. Their names were Vincenzo Rotonda married Maria/Mary Melillo. They had either one or two children before they emigrated to America — Salvatore was definitely born in Teora, and Peitro may have been as well. They immigrated to Newark, NJ in approximately 1904

      Vincenzo — born Oct 24 1878 (likely Teora) — cannot find farther back than this (father name, mother, sibling, etc.)

      Maria – born April 1883 in Teora. — we have her parents Vito Melillo (born 1850) and Mary Chirico (born 1854) and can continue a bot down her maternal side — but cannot find anything about Vito Melillo.

      We are planning a trip to Italy in the first half of 2017, and would like to continue our research in person. Anything you can share would be helpful. Thank you!

      1. Donna, (August 13, 2016 at 9:38 pm):
        I read your posting regarding your inquiry of the Rotonda and Melillo Families. My father, F. Rotonda is from Teora. I was also born and studied in Italy and know the families well. Also, my grandmother’s maiden name was Melillo. Not sure if this is a coincidence or a true family member. We just visited family in Teora and vicinity in August 2016. I would be happy to share any information that might be helpful.

    17. Dear sir all my family came from teora my grand father name Nicolas Vitiello my grandmother Josefina dérogation please can you help.

    18. I am looking for any information on my grandfather’s father. He was born in Teora 1902 and went to the US in 1904. His last name is Gammaro. I can not find any information on the name Gammaro past my great grandfather, Carmine Gammaro. My great grandmother’s name was M. Tereza Meola and she was born in Teora as well. I do know the Carmine and Maria were married in Teora as well. I would appreciate any information.

      1. What year was Maria Tereza Meola born? I have a great great aunt by that name born in 1896. Her sister, Maria “Mary” Arcangela, was married to my great grandfather, Pasquale Giuseppe Rosania. They were born in Teora and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

        1. Sorry Lynn not the same person. After posting the original message I was able to find out a lot of info on the families from Teora

    19. My grandfather, Anthony Gammaro, was born in Teora on May 30, 1902. His parents, Carmine (b: July 30, 1880) & Maria (b: April 16, 1882, also listed as Theresia, Maria Theresa, and Maria Tereza, on various documents) emigrated to the US with him as an infant (Carmine first on December 17, 1902 aboard the SS Perugia) , with wife and child joining him on April 15, 1904 (vessel unknown). They were married January 8, 1901 in Teora. I would love to find any more info, or relatives still in Italy.

      1. Yes I know your grandfather. He was my father’s first cousin. Maria Teresa Meola was my grandmother’s sister. I have done a lot of research on the Meola family.

        1. My Great Grandmother’s name was Mary Josephine Meola she was born and raised in Teora. Sandy, you indicated that you have done a lot of research on the Meola Family, will you share?

    20. My father Joseph Casale born in Teora 1884 came to US may 1910 married Maria Lamana from Leoni I’m 85 last of his 8 children tell me of any relitives I may e-mail with to learn more…thank you

    21. My grandparents were from Teora Italy. I am going there in 3 weeks and would lie to look into family ancestry. My grandfather was Vittorio Salerno and his wife my grandmother was Annunziata Salerno (Luongo). I know she sailed to US to join her husband in 1908 on the Italia with four children, Victor, Nicholas, Aagnes and Rose; ages 14, 12, 8 & 5.

    22. I was not able to receive a return e-mail from my previously one..for some reason it was there a problem? Thank you, Rose mignone Formato (Alifano was my mother’s name)

    23. Hello. I have copies of many of my Teora family birth and marriage records. I could use help reading them and translating them to english. My Teora family includes the surnames: Melillo, Vitiello, Casciano, Ciccone, Zuoppo, Rotunda, DeRogatis, Stefananelli and more.
      Please let me know if someone could help me!
      Thank You!

      1. Hi Maria, I hope you were successful in getting help with the translations. I am new to this site. My husband’s grandfather, Pasquale DiCesare b:1897 came to the US from Teora in 1903 as a child with his parents and siblings. His parents were Maria Giuseppa Casciano b: 1870 & Vito DiCesare b:1869. Vito’s patents were Salvatore DiCesare b:1842 and Rosa Restaino b:1844. However, we also have him married to a Maria Casciano b:1863. Not sure if this is accurate, nor if she was his second wife and the sister of his son, Vito’s, wife or a totally different people. We have Maria Casciano b:1863 with parents, Luigi Casciano b1818 and Rosa Rotonda b:1834. If you have any info on any of these people we would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time and consideration, Pat

    24. I am sitting in a bar in Teora! Michele di Lorenzo left his town to go to England and he was a street musician. His father was Massimo born 1846. Michele had siblings who all moved to USA – Archangela 1870, Domenico 1873, Pasquale 1875, Cesare 1878. Michele married Ada Gittins. Does anyone have more information about the family?

      1. Hi Maria,

        My Great Grandfather’s name was Antonio Vitiello and his parents were, Giuseppe and Anna Ciccone Vitiello. I recently figure this out because we have been spelling our name Vitallo. Some how it got changed here in the US. Please contact me with any information. Thank you!

    25. My mother Maria alifano was born in teora, Italy & migrated to America in 1920 (16 yrs old) she left her younger brother who was waiting for a visa to join her. The war broke out & he was in the Italian army. He never made it to America. I went to Italy in 1960 & went to teora to meet my uncle. When I returned with movies of Him my mother cried & my father booked flights for us to go for the reunion…heartwarming to say the least!! I would like to know if any relatives are still there? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

    26. My grandfather Cesar Zoopi was born in Teora around 1905. He married Louise Ciccone. By hey moved to Haiti and had 5 children. My father, Anthony Rudolph Zoopi was born in 1936, I believe.
      Please send any info you may have.
      Thank you,
      NY, USA

    27. I have the great grandfather Antonio Sibilia who married Maria Restaino. His Father was Angelo Sibilia who married Vincenza Melillo. My grand father was Pasquale Nicola Sibilia who married Margarita Fuino. Its hard to find out some of the brothers and sisters of Pasquale. Are any of these names familiar.

      Johnrocco Sibilia

    28. Hello, My great-grandfather was born in Teora in 1861. His name was Guiseppe Antonio Rotonda. He married Rosina who was born in 1873. I do not know her maiden name. He He left and came to America in 1899. My grandfather Rocco Gerardo Rotonda was born there too in 1894. Any information you could give would be appreciated.

    29. My grandfather Alessandro Giovanni Restaino was born in Teora 10/1/1887. i believe he emigrated to the US around 1906. His father was Michelangelo Restaino his mother Filomena DeRogatis but that is all I know. Family lore has it that my grandfather was the youngest of a very large family (21).
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks Rich

    30. Hello, I am looking for a record of marriage between Colomba Immacolata Maria Melillo to Emidio DeRogatis in Teora around 1910-1914. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    31. Hello,
      I am from Wilmington, DE USA, trying to find information about my family whom I believe lived in Teora. My great grandfather was named Giovanni Lardieri, and was born in Teora around the mid 1860’s. He immigrated to the United States in in the late 1890’s. His father is listed on his marriage certificate as being Michele Lardieri…any information would be appreciated.

      1. My grandfather’s name is Gerardo Lardieri also from Teora who came to the States at the turn of the last century. He had four brothers one of whom also followed him to the States shortly after and his first name was Salvatore. Perhaps there is a connection. I have been able to trace the family surname back to the 17th century.

    32. I am trying to find out information about my grandmother. I adored her. Her name was Marie DeMaio and she was born Feb. 2 1877. She came to the USA I think in November 1893 or 1894. Her mother and brother reained in Teora. Her brother was killed in WW 1, and her mother committed suicide. I know there were many siblings at least 4 brothers and two or three sisters. The family never shared a lot of information. I now remember that her family were tenant farmers. Thank you so much and God Bless

      1. The brother’s name was Thomas DeMaio and he was killed in WWI. The parents were Generoso DeMaio (1848) and Johanne Ciccone (1851) – J.Ciccone killed herself after the news of her son’s death. Marie’s sibling were Nicola DeMaio, Immacolata DeMaio, Rocco DeMaio, Raffaela DeMaio, and Raffaele DeMaio. Raffaele DeMaio married Anna Marie Ciccone and Rocco DeMaio married Carmela Goione.
        Generoso DeMaio’s parents were Raffaele DeMaio and Marie DelGuercio.
        We think Johanne Ciccone’s parents were Nicholas Ciccone and Lucia (last name unknown).

    33. I am trying to find relatives in Teora.

      Here is some info I know
      Carmine Meola born 1865 in Teora to Tommaso Meola born in Teora in 1819 died in 1877 in Teora and Brigida Serafina Del Tufo born 1818 Teora.
      Tommaso Meolas parents were Francesco Antonio Meola born 1795 in Teora died 1852 in Teora and Agate Nicoletta born 1794 in Teora died 1934 Teora.
      Francesco’s parents were Tommaso Meola born 1768 in Teora and Teresa Sibilia born in 1769 in Teora.
      Agate’s parents were Francesco Nicoletta born 1768 died 1809 and Arcangela Milano born 1768 in Teora

      I do have more info but maybe this is a good start.

      Thank you,

      1. Bonjour, je descend des Meola de Teora savez vous si après 1768 les Meola ne venez pas d’Espagne ? Ou si il existe une trace en Italie avant cette date ?

    34. I am trying to find any information on my grandmother’s brothers who died.

      Nicola Meola born in Teora – 10/06/1869

      Angelo Maria Meola born in Teora 10/08/1875

      Salvatore Meola – born in Teora 4/20/1885

      I traced the Meolas in Teora all the way back to 1768

      Thank you

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