Genealogy in Calabria

Professional genealogy services in Calabria, Italy

So your ancestors were Calabresi, they came from a town or a village of Calabria.
Do you want to know more of your italian heritage for family history? Would you like to apply for the italian dual citizenship?
Welcome! You are in the right place to investigate your genealogy in Calabria: ItalianSide’s team has professional genealogists living in different areas of Calabria.
They will be your experienced and reliable contact for any research queries regarding your calabrese ancestry.

Our local experts work directly “on field” with daily access to the local archives where original documents are stored.

They work in the provincial Archives: Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Catanzaro and in each of the 404 towns and villages of the Calabrese region.

The research with us will be easy and fast without any intermediary. (Did you read our testimonials page?)

Genealogy in Italy

How to start a Family History Research in Calabria

If your goal is to find more information about your italian family and your genealogy in Calabria, we may start to work on your family tree going back to the beginning of 1800s (189 is the year when civil records started in Calabria).
This is the typical way to approach the Italian genealogy.

We will provide you with copies of the original records found in the local archives: on these documents you will be able to read many info about your ancestors.

For example on birth records you will find the full name of the newborn, the exact day of birth, the names of the parents, their age and their professions in that year.
Then you will find the address where family lived (a great info if you plan to visit Calabria and your ancestors’ village!)

Then, if they were able to sign you will read their original signatures too.

You can take a look at What A Birth Record Looks Like

Are you interested to go back in time? In this case we will explore for you the local religious archives.
Parishes records in Calabria started in the mid 1500! And with notarial archives you can go even further back in time! Just ask us!

Dual Citizenship in Calabria

In case your goal is to collect certificates to claim your italian citizenship, the procedures (and documents) are different.
To get the certificates, one of our local researchers will be of help preparing the documentation necessary for the request, contacting direclty the officers, dealing with all the bureaucratic matters and then at the end of the process, we will send you the documents in a safe way.

Our researchers work in all the provinces and in every town and village of the region.

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