What A Birth Record Looks Like

Many readers ask us what kind of info are available on the Italian Civil Records.
This is a sample of a birth record issued in Italy during last decades of 1800.
Going back in time the form is different, in the first years of 1800 it was just hand written.

As you can see there are many useful information about our ancestors!
We numbered the main info so it will be easier to read them.

Below we listed the main info available on this kind of document:

(1) Registration Number and Full Name
(2) Date of the Birth Declaration
(3) Name of the Town
(4) Name of the Father (registrant)
(5) Age of the Father
(6) Job of the Father
(7) Day of the Birth
(8) Street where the Family lived
(9) Name of the Mother
(10) Job of the Mother
(11) Given Name of the Baby

(second part)
(12) Names of the Witnesses
(13) Original Signature of the Father (Registrant)

4 thoughts on “What A Birth Record Looks Like”

  1. Naples or Sicily Giovanni Di Janni b 1856 married Raphaelina Deamona b 1858
    Who can I contact that can do the research. Thank You, Bob

  2. I am trying to locate my Grandfather’s Birth certificate and have not been successful. His name was Giuseppe DiFusco (could have been DeFusco) and believed to have been born March 1888 in Villa di Briano. I have written twice to the City Hall in Villa di Briano and have not received anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe his father’s name was Francesco and his mother Maria Antonia Rapperano.
    Thanks You

  3. How can I obtain a Birth Certificate for Erminio Tedesco born 16,1,1888 in a small town outside of Avelino/Napoles

    Thank you

    Theresa Tedesco Ryan

  4. Howard warburton

    Trying to get a copy of my grandmothers birth certificate from Arpino her name was Angelina Cuatrini or Quatrini she was born 1891 and her father was called Pietro she married Crescenzo Borzumato in 1915 at St Patrick’s church in Middlesbrough Yorkshire England, I would appreciate any help in this matter and be very grateful for your assistant thank you

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