Discovering Puglia: on the Footsteps of Your Ancestors

A journey in Puglia, the heel of Italy.
This sample tour is tailored for ItalianSide by our local tour operator partner: you have the opportunity to stay in your ancestors’ village and to visit Puglia at the same time.
The program is illustrative: the exact sequence of days may be different depending on the geographic position of your village and on your personal needs.
Our Genealogy local experts are available: if you need some help during your researches just let us know!

Duration: 8 Days/7 Nights


Day 1: BARI
Arrival and accommodation in hotel in Bari. In the afternoon, a tourist guide will lead us to discover. The tangled network of crooked streets and passageways that make up Bari’s old town is commonly known as Bari Vecchia. Home to many of the city’s churches and historic buildings, the area is a beautiful example of ancient medieval architecture.
The Basilica of San Nicola is the symbol of Bari and,together with its square, the heart of the Old Town, Bari Vecchia.
Consacrated in 1197,this is the first and greatest example of the Apulian Romanesque, with its imposing facade in white calcareous stone flanked by 2 cut towers.

Dinner and overinight stay in centre.
Day 2: Castel del Monte and Trani. The olive oil tour.

After breakfast, we move to Castel del Monte (World heritage of Unesco), the magnificent castle of Fedrick II, with an unusual octagolan shape. Visible at the distance, Castel del Monte was a fundamental component in the communication system among the defensive constructions, although great number of experts have excluded the military function of the castle.
In the afternoon, we move to Trani, a nice town on the Adriatic Sea. Visit to the town and its magnificent historical centre made of Trani stones and buildings, palaces and churches. A stop to the port to admire the Federick II Castle which dominates the sea, is an unforgettable experience for any visitor sensitive to artistic beauty.
The Romanesque Cathedral, dedicated to San Nicola Pelligrino (1097), a magnificent building in front of the sea, became a reference point for sailors.
During the day, we stop at a oilmill to visit a traditional oilmill and tasting some aromatic olive oils.
Dinner of seafood and overnight stay.
Castel del Monte


Gargano Day 3: Lucera, in the Gargano
Today we move to Lucera, rich of history and monuments, such as the cathedral, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, built on the ruins of an ancient mosque by order of Charles II of Anjou. We won’t miss to visit the Swabian-Anjou castle, residence built by Frederick II as a result of its decision to deport the Saracens at Lucera. Worthy of note even the Roman amphitheater. We move back to Trani for dinner and overnight stay.
Day 4: Valle D’Itria (Alberobello, Ostuni, Castellana Grotte)
Breakfast and departure to the Itria Valley where, bathed in light and in the quiet of the countryside. We will be enchanted by the characteristic Trulli, by the beautiful olive groves and by the white farms, surrounded by stone walls and often fortified with towers and bastions. Alberobello, named “the capital of trulli”, is even UNESCO World Heritage since 1996.

A few kilometers away, the deep caves of Castellana will allow us to follow the paths carved thousands of years ago by underground rivers, until you reach the Grotta Bianca, white radiance of light and reflections produced by the limestone stalactites and stalagmites.

On the same day we will reach the white town of Ostuni, so named for its distinctive façade of the houses whitewashed to defend in the past themselves from the plague.

Tonight we overnight in a wonderful farm, among the olive trees and the light of the Northern side of Salento countryside.

Hidden between plants of prickly pears of the fields around San Vito dei Normanni, a jewel of rock contains a cycle of frescoes dedicated to Jesus Christ. A short visit before heading to our farm will reveal us the skill of the medieval painters that covered these areas of Byzantine and Benedictine crypts.

Dinner and overnight at the farm.



Castellana Grotte

Day 5: Salento, the heel of the boot (Lecce and Otranto). The Wine tour
Today we travel South to reach Lecce, a baroque pearl. Among the narrow streets of the old town, the sumptuous Baroque facades, ancient walls and gates of the city, the remains of a Roman amphitheater.

Amongst the aristocratic houses of the old town, we will not fail to be fooled by the workshops of papier-mâché objects and crafts, and we won’t miss to taste a pasticciotto or a puccia.

In the afternoon, let’s take the opportunity to get to Otranto, steeped in the East. Outpost of Western domination, Otranto was often conquered by the Turks, of whom we still feel the ancient domination thaks to the architecture. The Aragonese Castle, the Cathedral of the martyrs, which houses the skulls of martyrs killed by the Turks in 1480, Porta Terra, … are backdrop to the masterpiece of the small village.
During the day, visit to a prestigious Winery with reference to the historical background.
After an illustration of the wine industry, from receiving the grapes to bottling, we have a small tasting of the different qualities of wine of the farm.



Dinner and overnight stay at the farm.


puglia1 Day 6 – Welcome to your Italian town
Journey to your ancestors town.
Discovering the old town: mother church, historical buildings, old streets, charming views, artisans at work, sightseeings. Visiting the streets where they lived, the church where they married. Talking with people: hearing the dialect. Any distant cousin? Sunset in your town.
Overnight stay in a hotel in the town or surroundings.
Day 7 – A day in your ancestors town
A coffee in the bar, a walk in the piazza: live the typical Italian morning in a slow and relaxing way. Visit to the Municipality, taking original certificates of your ancestors at Registry office.
Would you like to meet the mayor? A thought to our beloved: a visit to the cemetery.
Is the home where they lived still there? Sunset in your town
Overnight stay in a hotel in the town or surroundings.

Day 8: End of the tour
Breakfast and transfer to Bari or Brindisi Airport

content and activities of single days can be modified to suit your needs.
the sequence of days can be changed according to the distance of your city from main tourist attractions in the region

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