Old Italian Villages and Towns Database

The Old Italian Towns and Villages database is a new tool from ItalianSide.com to help you to find the old names of the Italian towns.

We receive many e-mails asking help to locate ancestors’ hometowns.
We see that in many cases, reading Italian words from manuscripted old documents could be difficult and that people from abroad are not able to spell exactly the name of their ancestor’s Italian town.

In other cases even if the name is correct, it seems almost impossible to find the town on the maps or on Internet search engines.
The reason is simple: more than 2500 Italian villages changed their names in some way over the course of last 150 years (from the Italian Unification on) and more than 2000 municipalities were totally suppressed.
It means that it can be very difficult to locate exactly more than 4500 old villages today.
To help you in your researches, we added this new feature to ItalianSide.com.
We hope it could be useful for all of you!

The Old Italian Towns and Villages database
and the Italian Towns and Cities database are two powerful tools to discover more about your Italian roots!

8 thoughts on “Old Italian Villages and Towns Database”

  1. Looking for a town name of Speria in Tuscany. Grandfather Emilo Calugi said he was born in Empoli but Ships manifest shows Speria. Can’t find that town or his birth certificate when writing to Empoli.

  2. looking for information on the bella and poli family in Monteleone di Speleto. Also, the Simone family from around Villava Sicily.

  3. Rosina Marino, born in 1854 in Mongrassano, mother of Carmela Pirri of San Marco Argentano, had another child in 1889 after her husband died – father unknown. This child was called Angelina Marino. Angelina died in Cosenza in 1970. My question is: Did Angela Marino and her mother Rosina live in Mongrassano after the death of Rosina’s husband Luigi Pirri and did my sons’ bisnonna, Carmela Pirri live with them. Is there any way to find out?

  4. Adeline Spagnolia

    Looking for anyone in the Gabbamonte family in Ruvo del Monte in Basilicata, Potenza. My dad was born there, Daniel Gabbamonte in 1905.

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