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  1. I will be in Taormina starting 9/6/18 and leave 9/20/18. How can I get to Sant’Angelo di Brolo? Can I hire a driver from you get me and take me back?

  2. I will be in Coreglia on June 26th. My Grandparents Carlo Motroni & Asmara Antonini lived in Coreglia. I am excited to be able to walk where they once walked!

  3. Will be traveling to Quindici in July in search of relatives with the last name Maffettone. I know of a Domenica Maffetone, born in 1888, however she had a brother and sister whom the family does not know. Also, looking for anyone with the last name of Pacia.

  4. Eight of us would like to visit Calabritto and and Naples, Italy, from September 18-)October 3, 20018

  5. Eight of us in our late seventies would like to visit Calabritto September 18 along with other excursions in Campania.

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