Feedback and Testimonials (…continued)

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Renee, USA (Family History in Veroli, Frosinone, Lazio – December 2020):
“Michele & Francesca…..Thank you very much for your excellent service and detailed research information. I am so excited, I have read it over several times!! The scanned documents and extended family tree are amazing. I know that I would never have been able to access this information by myself, especially in another language. Now I have five more generations of accurate data to add to my collection. I am truly grateful. Grazie”

Matthew Marino, USA (Family History in Marsala, Trapani, Sicilia – December 2020):
“I was never able to trace my family history past my great-grandfather who came to America in 1906 and could never even get his birth record. That’s when I decided to get help from Michele and Italian Side. I provided them with my great-grandfathers information that I was able to gather and they did the rest. They helped me trace my family history back to 1792 with all of the original birth and marriage records. They knew I was interested in knowing where they lived and what their occupations are and our researcher Carmela translated the documents, provided anecdotal information, and went above and beyond to help me learn about my family. I created a whole book out of it and gave it to my family as a gift and everyone loves it!”

Jacqueline Sherman, USA (Dual Citizenship in Avellino, Campania – December 2020):
“Michele and Gabriele were wonderfully communicative and precise in my requests for my great grandfather and great grandmother’s birth and marriage certificates. They even agreed to include the apostilles for all 3 in the original quoted cost. When I noticed an error on one of the documents they quickly acknowledged the error and made the effort to fix it. Would highly recommend the Italian Side!”

Joseph, UK ( Family History and Dual Citizenship in Genova – November 2020):
“ItalianSide are a brilliant company who I would recommend to anyone researching their family history – especially if you, like me, reach a dead end. I had everything I needed bar one certificate – a search that was driving me crazy – but the guys sourced me what I needed (and an extra bonus military record certificate too!) in ultra-quick time. Michele was very professional, prompt in his replies and communicated to me every step of the way. Researcher Gabriele worked his magic and now, thanks to them, I am an Italian citizen. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Leandro, Australia ( Family History Research in Castellazzo Bormida Piemonte – November 2020):
“After unsuccessfully trying on my own or with other agencies to find some documented information about my great grandfather, ItalianSide found what I was after and a lot more going back several generations. The covid 19 restrictions delayed the search but the results were definitively worth the wait. Gabriele did a wonderful job not only finding the documents but also presenting them in a very easy to read and understand sequence and Michele kept me informed during the process. Sincere thanks on behalf of all my family. Ciao and grazie mille!!!”

Christopher Capretta, USA ( Family History Research in Teramo Province Abruzzo – November 2020):
“I am completely happy with the wonderful results I received about my ancestry. Michele was always very helpful with her updates and all the steps that were involved. Francesca did such hard work obtaining various records that were not easy to find to make sure my report was as complete as possible. Wonderful, fantastic experience and very well worth it. Thank you so very much! Grazie mille!!!”

Alli V, USA ( Family History Research in Potenza province, Basilicata – November 2020):
“Michele and Gabriele were so easy to work with! They were quick with communication and research, and answered any questions I had once I received my findings. Definitely would use their services again!”

Alex Swanson, USA ( Dual Citizenship Certificates & Family History Research in Petilia Policastro, Crotone, Calabria – November 2020):
“The team here at Italian Side is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Where to even begin? They were extremely helpful in working with the limited knowledge that I provided them about my ancestors. After an initial unsuccessful attempt to locate my great-great-grandmother’s records (because my family did not know the exact spelling of her maiden name), they persisted in the research using all variations of spelling until they were able to uncover everything! All while working through a time zone difference (I am in the U.S.) and communicating through their second (assuming) language of English! Thank you Michele, Carmela, and everyone else at Italian Side for all your amazing work! Would highly recommend!”

Caterina Mete, Australia (Military Records Research in Catanzaro, Calabria – October 2020):
“Wonderful help, highly recommended! They were able to assist me in locating my Nonno’s World War 2 records and his Medals for Merit. Excellent and efficient correspondence with me!”

Geri, USA (Family History Research in Mazara del Vallo, Trapani, Sicilia – October 2020):
“Michele and Carmela, I am totally amazed at all of the information that I received. I should have asked for help with my family genealogy research a long time ago. You made the process very easy and I am extremely happy with the results. You do a great service helping people to find their ancestors. I will never be able to visit Mazara del Vallo, so this was the only way for me to get the answers that I needed. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I will certainly recommend Italianside to everyone.”

Franco, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship in Gaeta, Lazio – October 2020):
“My experience with ItalianSide was excellent from start to finish. Everyone was helpful and polite, even through the pandemic lockdowns. I could never have obtained my ancestor’s documents without them. I highly recommend their services.”

Michael Toscano, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship in Santa Severina, Calabria – October 2020):
“Michele and Carmela were extremely helpful. Communication was clear and quick and they found my ancestor’s birth certificate and sent it to me in the US without any trouble. They even discovered a second cousin of mine still living in Italy and put us in touch. Excellent service, and highly recommended.”

Mark R, USA (Family History Research in Venafro, Molise – October 2020):
“The professionals at Italian Side are upfront, honest and hardworking. The results from their researchers gave my wife and her 95 year old mother a wonderful early Christmas present! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would like to have genealogical research done. Thank You very much!”

Jan D’Andrea, USA (Family History Research in Introdacqua, Abruzzo – September 2020):
“For several years I’ve been researching our family heritage. I could not go further with the Italian research, since records were in Italy, and in a language I did not know. I discovered an outstanding group, Italian Side, that did an amazing job. The team of Michele, coordinating the details of what I needed, and the researcher Gabriele, who discovered the records, translated to English, providing genealogical charts (pedigree, extended family chart, ancestors by generation, place usage chart) was phenomenal! Then I was so surprised with the wonderful pictures of the towns as well. I would highly recommend this team and Italian Side!!! In fact, I just kicked off my second project with them!”

John Medolla, USA (Certificates for Dual Citizenship – August 2020):
“Excellent work. Michele responded to my requests expeditiously. I was amazed on how quick the work was done. I will recommend using my Italian Side. I am now on my way to dual citizenship. I will definitely be sure to use them again.”

Mary Ferrara, USA (Family History research in Messina area – August 2020):
“My thanks to Michele and especially Salvatore who did an exceptional job of researching my family’s roots in Sicily. I had been trying for years but the translation was so hard for us and the records very hard to read. Not only did Salvatore make a great detailed report but also included a wonderful family tree graph that my mom is so proud to have that she is going to frame it. Thanks again and i hope to meet up with you two in Italy for a tour!!!”

Agnes Corrado, USA (Family History research – August 2020):
“Very informative and detailed….I am so happy with the research on my family’s origins in Vallelunga Sicily. All important documents along with summaries – were very valuable.
You did a great job – in spite of Covid slowing everything down!
Would highly recommend this service.”

Mark Giorgini, USA (Dual Citizenship request – may 2020):
“I was in the process of building my dual citizenship file and so took a chance on ItalianSide, wondering a bit what the risk level was of working with a distant group in a different country where I knew no one who had worked with them before, and where the culture is not known to be as hectic and stressed as it is in the US. Wow. Was I pleased! Emails and inquiries were handled promptly and efficiently; even when I was more than expecting a delay until at least the following Italian work day, Michele often beat that timeframe. Despite the horrible coronavirus and its impact, the documents I needed arrived shortly after Italy began opening up. I am so glad I took the risk and used ItalianSide to be my Italian side. Won’t hesitate to use their services again when the need arises!”

Mare, USA (Searching in Salerno area – march 2020):
It’s difficult to know who to trust online— and I’m pleased to be able to say that Italianside has delivered more than what I expected, in a timely, and professional way. Michele is very responsive. She always answered my emails within a few hours despite the time difference.
When we found out that my grandfather was actually born in Venezuela and that we would need his parents’ birth records and marriage records too I thought she would understandably charge significantly more. To my utter amazement, Michele held to the agreed upon price and offered the extra work gratis. Not only is Italianside trustworthy, they are always thorough, and give all the details upfront.
Michele has been an absolute pleasure to work with—kind of makes me want to move to Italy 😉 All in all, I give them 5 stars.

Mike, NJ USA (Searching in Calabria – november 2019):
“I had asked for help researching my ancestors in Maida a year ago and was very well pleased wit the results that Carmela provided. With those results, I was able to make a few more discoveries which I was curious about. I came back to Michele with some specific questions. Michele responded right away and once again Carmella came through. She confirmed the questions I had, supplying me with yet more detail about my family. Overall this experience has been fantastic and I would recommend anyone talk to Michele if they are thinking about doing any genealogy research in the area. Thank you once again to Michele and Carmela! “

Ron Carello, USA (Searching in Piedmont – november 2019):
“Having two grandparents that moved from Italy to the United States as children in the early 1900s made research difficult. I found ItalianSide while doing related research and decided to give them a chance. In less than 2 months I had my family records and written report. The ItalianSide researcher, Martine, also included some photographs from the town so I could put the locations in the documents into perspective. I highly recommend ItalianSide. You will not be disappointed.
Ron “

Christine Robertson, USA (Searching in Calabria – november 2019):
“Il mio Italiano non e’ cosi buono ma voglio dire grazie! What you and Carmela sent me is amazing. I didn’t think I would get so much information.
After I get done looking at everything you sent I will let you know what documents I need to apply for my citizenship!
Chris “

Karen, USA (Visiting Napoli province – october 2019):
“My mother and I sought assistance from Italian Side for both genealogical research and for our ancestral tour in Camposano. Words cannot describe how wonderful and helpful ItalianSide was! Gabriele did an excellent job as a genealogist–he uncovered unknown and long lost records and information. We were able to extensively add to and update our family tree, and now these important documents will stay in our family’s possession forever. As a tour guide in Camposano, Gabriele went above and beyond. He (and the translator) took us to visit the properties and streets where our ancestors once lived, and also he facilitated in locating current distant relatives. We were able to meet with distant cousins! Gabriele also took us to the local cemetery and helped us to find the grave of my great-great-great grandparents. Truly remarkable. We cannot recommend Italian Side and Gabriele enough! .
Karen “

Lynn, USA (Visiting Castelvetrano, Sicily – october 2019):
“I just got back from Sicily. Because of your research, I was able to walk the streets my grandfather walked and visited the churches he attended. It was very rewarding, emotional and overall a wonderful experience! It was something I dreamed of doing for a long time and without your help I never would have been able to realize it.
Attached is a picture of myself in Castelvetrano in front of the last home my grandfather lived in before immigrating to the USA. Needless to say it was very moving.
Thanks to you and Carmela for helping me make this a trip of a lifetime! .
Lynn “

Janice, USA (Researching in Salerno area – october 2019):
“For years, I have wanted to research my father’s family who migrated from Episcopio, Sarno, Salerno, Campania, Italy to the United States. With the help of the researchers through the Italian Side, I now have documents, photographs and reports giving me detailed facts and stories of my ancestors back to the early 1600s.
I am grateful for their dedication, pleasant correspondence and knowledge. Thank you so much for helping me with my paternal family history. I highly recommend
Janice “

Marleny, USA (Researching in Campobasso area, Molise region – september 2019):
Ciao Michele & Francesca ?
It has been my pleasure to have you guys helping me when I need answers. I am still overwhelmed with the researching results. I have been contacting Mia cugine?
I don’t know if you only begin to imagine how excited I am. I already have been seeing precious photos!! I am so lucky!!
I am pleased with the thoroughness and professionalism of the research. I do recommend Italianside to anybody who is interested in hiring a professional research consultant. “

David, USA (Researching in Avellino area – august 2019):
“I used ItalianSide to research ancestors in the Avellino area of Italy. Michele was my primary contact while Gabriele worked on the research activities. The research project went longer than expected because Gabriele had to track down documents from towns in surrounding areas and I was extremely pleased he made extra effort to complete the research. The results were fantastic and presented well and the quality of the research surpassed my expectations. Everyone in the family is very pleased and now feel a much closer connection to our ancestors and traditions of the past. I recommend using ItalianSide for your research needs – they provide a wonderful service!
David “

Debbie, USA (Researching in Calabria – august 2019):
“Thank you so much, this is a treasure to have this information. I thought it was lost forever.
Debbie “

Bethany, USA (Researching in Sicily – june 2019):
“Thank you so much for all of the information you sent! I was so surprised to see all of the documentation and how far back you were able to go — i felt emotional as I read through everything. My father passed away 3 years ago and we knew very little about his side of the family. I now feel more connected to the name Barcia — thank you for that gift.
Bethany “

Lisa Failla, New York (Researching in Sicily and Calabria – may 2019):
“After taking the time to research many local genealogists in Sicily, I selected ItalianSide to investigate my family’s roots in Siracusa, Sicily and Palmi, Calabria. I am deeply grateful to them for their incredible work, in-depth research, and the incredible documents that they provided me for both of my grandparent’s ancestors. They prepared several versions of a sophisticated family tree, found all of the birth certificates and baptismal certificates for the ancestors and siblings of my grandparents, listed addresses where they lived and experienced meaningful milestones, and finally, provided a comprehensive report that detailed their story. I did not have to go through getting anything translated. They did all of that work as well. It was truly above and beyond my expectations. I was able to visit both towns where my grandparents were born and raised. In Sortino, Siracusa, they arranged for me to have a local guide who took us in the footsteps of my grandfather and ancestors. He was extremely knowledgeable, had done his homework, and also brought along a resident of the town who is a historian and museum curator. It was a deeply moving experience and one I will never forget. It gave me a profound understanding of what my grandparents left behind in search of work and sustenance in the US. I recommend the team at ItalianSide wholeheartedly. They provided me with an experience that I will never forget and with documentation of my family that will now be passed on for generations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Diana Tripodi USA (Researching in Naples area – may 2019):
“I am so thankful for your tremendous thorough report. I very much appreciate your hard work. Thank you again, I will highly recommend your research institution.

Stuart Clayton USA (Researching in Lazio region – may 2019):
“Thank you for the research and documents you have provided for my family in Colle San Magno. The “ancestors” report for 6 generations was excellent and a lot of hard work has clearly been put in to explain the details and record discrepancies in English. This has given me a good insight into the family from that region.
Thank you very much to all at Italianside,

Concetta Martinez USA (Researching in Puglia – April 2019): “I was extremely pleased with Italian Side and their services about genealogy in Italy. Thanks to our researcher, Gabriele, we can now trace our Alberona roots to the 6th generation. My siblings and I hope to plan a trip to Alberona in the next coming years, and who knows, we may find some distant relatives there, and hope to see the houses, and if not, areas they were born and raised in.:) The research filled in so many blanks. Thank you, Italianside!
Concetta Martinez”

Mike Tristano USA (Researching in Basilicata – march 2019):
“I am very pleased with the work you did. It makes sense and fits into our family legends. Thanks for your good work.

Raymond Grove USA (Researching in Sicilia – december 2018):
“Thank you so much for the research and all of your efforts and energy you put into it. I am so grateful that the records were still available.
Your research will provide me with a better understanding of my Sicilian heritage and will help with my upcoming trip to, as my Nonno used to say very lovingly,
‘The old country’!!
I am just so grateful, again thank you so very much!
Molte grazie,

George Phillips -USA (Researching in Campania – november 2018):
“Grazie Michele and grazie Gabriele!
You’ve done an amazing job at helping to me to better understand my family’s roots in Frosinone and on the Amalfi Coast. Your attention to detail is very thorough and has provided a unique record for the whole family.

Linda Brown USA (Researching in Sicilia – September 2018):
The info you sent is MOST INCREDIBLE!!!
The job you did was so wonderfully PROFESSIONAL…I cannot believe my eyes; this is beyond my wildest imagination.
I cannot THANK YOU enough for what you did. Honestly, I am just “over the top” with this…you turned my dreams into a mountain of gold.
Michele, your patience, service, & phenomenally wonderful communication with me was TOP NOTCH…you were the one that kept all the wheels turning

Mike, NJ USA (Researching in Calabria – August 2018):
“I have been researching my Italian ancestry for several years and came upon a stumbling block. I found ItalianSide and sent an inquiry. Michele was very responsive, professional, and courteous. This inquiry quickly became a request and Michele told me that Carmela would be doing my research. I supplied what information I had about my family to Michele and Carmela. Well…with a quick turnaround…Carmela supplied me with more information than I could ever imagine. I had an ancestor tree and the documentation to go with it. The reports were outstanding. Some of the information that I had only heard about, Carmela was able to confirm in documentation. And all of this was very reasonably priced.

For anyone who needs local help researching their Italian ancestry, I would highly recommend ItalianSide!! Thank you!”

Linda Pertusati – USA (Researching in Piedmont – August 2018):
” There is a deep connection to family, from me to ancient lineage. The connection to family, my family is very real and has been a gift to me especially the connection to my ancestors which I now have with the genealogy research on my Father’s family completed at least back to 1637. Names of people and places that he spoke of have now become more tangible and the dots connected like pieces of a puzzle. Phrases he used to say “The Old Country” and “Where We Come From” to affectionately describe Fubine, Italy have become more clear with the photos the genealogist has provided for me. I now have the names, birth, marriage, and death dates as well as what they did for a living and where in Fubine they lived and so much more for entire generations going back 6 generations from my Father. I can see a very clear picture of where I descend from on my Father’s side of my family…6 generations of Pertusati and Garlasco great grandparents and their children.To say that I am overly excited is a bit of an understatement but I am also humbled by the vast amount of information that ItalianSide and the genealogist Martine found for me.
I can not say enough wonderful things about her work on this family research project in Fubine, Italy. Thank you Martine for allowing me a glimpse into my ancestors lives and making them much more tangible to me…you have given me the gift of connection to my family lineage, my ancestors.”

Charlie Marchiselli – USA (Researching in Sicily – July 2018):
” I am very excited to review all the documents I received. I was looking at other websites that provide research which were much more expensive. My wife found your site. The communication and speed of research was more than I could have expected. You provided all that you promised.
Your services have made our trip to Sicily so much more personal now that we have concrete locations to visit.
You saved me many days and hours of trying to find and translate documents, giving me more time to enjoy Sicily”

Gary Port Richmond, VA June 2018 (Tracing Carrano family roots in Amalfi, Researching early years of orphaned grandfather in Salerno):
” 1.Check! Italian side provided Carrano family baptism, birth, marriage digital documents with translations and pedigree chart.
2.Check! Italian side provided orphaned grandfather ‘s military and baptism digital documents with translations. Including when and where he was found and how he was named.
3.Check! Gabriele with translator and our family of 5 attended a Mass at grandmother Carrano’s Baptismal church in Amalfi. We talked with church neighbors which was translated later.
4. Check! Gabriele with translator and our family of 5 toured grandfather’s church, orphanage and school buildings in Salerno.
We commend Italian side’s Michele and Gabriele for all the fine and professional deliverables they provided. Our family was delighted to meet with Gabriele who set up our family church tours and met the priests at these parishes. We strongly recommend Italianside! Grazie! “

Bill Manassas USA (Researching in Campania – January 2018):
“A great experience. I was able to get two ancestor’s death records that I did not think could be obtained, due to the lack of specific information.
Michele and Gabriele were very courteous, professional and effective. I would strongly recommend them to others seeking family history information from Italy.
Manassas, Virginia”

Tom Russo – USA (Researching in Campania – January 2018):
“The ancestry report was very helpful with identifying our Italian relatives from Solofra Italy back to the late 1700’s!
Excellent job and I highly recommend Italian.Side!
Tom Russo”

John Durkin – Tampa USA (Researching in Campania – November 2017):
“I am pleased to offer my strongest recommendation for the services of I have been doing ancestry research for about five years, and with regards to my mother’s “Italianside”, have never been able to find out much more than the family already knew. That knowledge only went back to her grandparents who were born in the late 1800s and migrated to the US at the turn of the century with the great Italian migration. As with many of us in the the U.S. doing research, the trail stops at the waterline.
Gabriele at found all of my mother’s Great Grandparents, 2nd Greats, and even some 3rd Greats back to the late 1700s, all with birth or marriage documentation. What made it even more remarkable was that after learning where they were from, I found out that their towns of Conza della Campania, Castelnuovo di Conza, Sant’Andrea di Conza and Santomenna had all been destroyed or heavily damaged by the 1980 Irpinia earthquake. I am amazed that the records even exist and that Gabriele was able to find them.
We were planning a visit to our ancestral homeland with Italianside and are only dissapointed that the villages that those ancestors knew are rebuilt versions. We will still make that pilgramage soon, nevertheless.
The cost of their services and the wait involved are worth it. They are legitimate pros and you will not find an easier and more reliable way to find YOUR Italian Side.”

Joe Borrillo – USA (Researching in Campania – October 2017):
“I highly recommend for helping trace your ancestry in Italy. I used them to locate my family in Molinara. The information Gabriele provided was very complete. I also thought the price was fair considering all the information provided. Thanks to their efforts I was able to visit my long lost relatives”

Pat Macchiarolo – USA (Researching in Campania Region – July 2017) :
“You should know that I debated long and hard before I made the commitment to hire ItalianSide to do this genealogy for me. I have been researching in the US for the last 30 years – on both sides of my family as well as both sides of my husband’s family. I have never paid anyone to do the research for me, but since this research involved Italy, I decided to take a chance (praying that it wasn’t a scam). You have renewed my faith in humanity by completing the research and by providing the Caporaso-Cocca descendants with primary source information for at least 3 more generations in Italy. Thank you so very much!!!

Manary Corte – USA (Researching in Veneto Region – June 2017) :
“What a great job! Many photos of the register sources, and including the birth records of all my grandparents’ siblings. This is fantastic!
I appreciate the care of the researcher, who has given us the records of ancestors that weren’t even given names due to dying quickly after being born. This is awesome and will be kept as careful as all the other documents.
I’m very happy with the results and with all the care that you have handled this job. And I’ll surely ask for your help again. I’m eager to know everything there is to know about the life of our ancestors, who had had such a difficult life before emigrating.
Thank you and Elisa again for this excellent job. Bravissima!

Helen Kelley – USA (Researching Scopel – Rech, May 2017) :
“I have to share my great experience with an Italian Side genealogy researcher. Her name is Elisa. I sent to her the few documents I had of my grandfather and great-grandparents of Seren del Grappa and asked if she could trace beyond these three family members. It took a little time to receive the report, but I must tell you that it was worth waiting for. Elisa assembled a thorough report based on her extensive research of my ancestral line. Her report included an hourglass lineage chart, birth, marriage, death records, and Stati delle Anime registers. Elisa’s findings have brought me closer to my my family of Seren to whom I have come to know better.
In the report I received, Elisa included all the register sources she researched, Birth Series, Marriage Series, Death Series, and the Stato delle Anime Series. And, an extensive picture index.
Will I contract with Elisa again? A resounding Yes! As I have more family lines that require additional research.
Many thanks to Elisa and the ItalianSide for a most pleasant experience.

Elsabeth Mathieu – USA (MA) (Researching in Calabria – april 2017):
“I’ve been working to get the necessary paperwork to apply for Italian citizenship. The last documents I needed to find were the official Gimigliano town birth certificates for my great-grandparents. Starting with only names and dates of birth that were estimates at best, I reached out to Michele and Carmela for help. The search took quite a while due to issues in dealing with the town government. Carmela’s patience, persistence and professionalism paid off in the end, however, and I received not only the necessary certificates, but a history of my family dating back five generations. It was so much more than I expected. Michele kindly provided updates throughout the year on where things stood and never minded my occasional inquiries. Working with Italianside was a wonderful experience. They went above and beyond to help me in my search, and it’s something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you so much Carmela and Michele for your great work!”

Ann Marie – USA (Researching in Genoa Area – april 2017):
“Like most people interested in researching their family history I started with all of the on-line services, which did not yield the results I had hoped. My Mother, who is 85 yrs old, didn’t have many details about her Father, who passed away when she was about 12 yrs old. I came across website and was intrigued with the genealogy services. I retained their services and after about 2 ½ months, Gabriele completed this research. Gabriele provided snapshots of the Italian records he located and Michele translated all reports in English. It was such a gift to provide this degree of information to my Mother about her Father’s family. My Mom and siblings were amazed and astonished what was able to find and report. I would highly recommend retaining services to do that extra effort in finding your family history. I think you will be amazed and happy with the results”

Bob Cascino – USA (Researching in Calabria – april 2017):
“Michele and Carmela
Not sure where to begin, however I want to thank you both for the unbelievable amount of information you were able to gather in your search for our family in Verbicaro. We were not sure if we had given you enough to work with and what Carmela sent back to us was substantially more than we expect.
The family tree has now grown from four generations to nine with the report sent to us.
Your professionalism and patience with our engaging your service was outstanding. I have already discussed your service with some friends who also have Italian heritage and I hope they follow up with you.
Again the research Carmela did and the excellent manner in which it was presented was excellent. Your cost to us was very reasonable.
I have become a strong Italian Side supporter and look forward to traveling to Italy and meeting you both
Bob Cascino
The Woodlands, Texas, USA “

Carol DiMedio – USA (Researching in Salerno Area – march 2017):
“I don’t know how to begin to thank Michele and Gabriele for all of their help, kindness and efficiency. My Grandparents died when my Mother was a little girl.
I have searched my entire life for information about them, my Uncle and Great Grandmother. Michele and Gabriele were able to find copies of their Birth, Baptism and Marriage Certificates.
They also gave me information about my Great Grandparents. They exceeded my expectations! What an emotional journey!
Their fee was very reasonable. Michele and Gabriele have continued to answer my questions. I cannot thank them enough and will continue to use them for further research. Mille Grazie Michele and Gabriele! Carol”

Dan Bach – USA (Researching in Sicily – February 2017):
“I, too, am an elderly researcher. Italianside, Carmela and Michele, personally have delivered valuable family history, at a very reasonable price, and in a very reasonable time frame. I promised my son-in-law’s grandfather, just before his death in December, 2016 that I would get info about his family for his grandchildren. Your organization fulfilled that promise!
I am in your debt and will provide all proper Source Credit to Italianside.
Thank you, thank you!

Nick Conzo – USA (Tracing ancestors in Napoli area):
“Thank you for all your efforts. The information sent to me exceeded my expectations. I have been trying to uncover the Aliberti Carbone relationship for many years. I really appreciate the completeness of your Reports – The Charts and especially enclosing the Original Church Records. It was a beautiful Christmas surprise.
Feel free to send this note to others who may ask for a recommendation.”

Rick Julian – USA (Tracing ancestors in Salerno area):
“I have hired 4 times in the past 18 months to help me find my family’s Italian ancestral information that is simply not available online. So if you have any misgivings about hiring this company from abroad, don’t be! They are honest and fair in their pricing and I’ve never had any issue in that regard (or any regard for that matter). With their help, I went from only knowing that my grandfather came from a small town called Laviano, to discovering that he had 9 other siblings. Additionally, Gabriele traced the family back to the 1700s. Through ItalianSide’s research I found two branches of second cousins in the US that I previously never knew existed. I shared the family information with them and they were able to provide more stories, pictures and information that I wouldn’t have ever even known existed. Additionally, my siblings and I have since met with our “new” 2nd cousins 4 times and we’ve already formed a bond that was otherwise lost and that will now carry on. Finally, through ItalianSide’s research, I was able to find distant cousins living in Italy. And just last month, I took a trip to Italy to meet them where they welcomed me into their home in Laviano and show me the town. And because ItalianSide’s results provided the street where our ancestors lived and the church where they were married, we were able to walk the same streets that they once lived on and visit the cemeteries that were their final resting place. They even took me to a property that had been in the family for over 200 years and shared historical stories of the family in Italy. It was a dream come true for both me and for my Italian cousins who knew they had American relatives, but had lost touch with them. You cannot put a price tag on these experiences and this was all made possible through the diligent work of Gabriele and Michele.
For this I am truly grateful to them.”

Maria L – USA (Tracing ancestors in Sicily):
” I recently presented the results of ItalianSide research to my family. This was the perfect gift to give my father! I had been trying unsuccessfully to trace his roots through online records. Carmela was able to find generations of relatives for us in such a short period of time. As a result, she has given us the gift of an entire family. We continue to find all of the information just fascinating: new names, professions, addresses where they lived and the actual documents supporting all of the research. Michele, I will be contacting you again to trace other branches of my family tree. I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone with an interest in their family history to use the services of ItalianSide!”

Angela Stroud – USA (Tracing family in Apulia):
” I cannot Thank you all enough. Your quick responses and customer service are impeccable. The information I received has filled in so much for our family. My ancestor you researched is my 92 year old Mothers grandfather of whom we had very little information to go on. Now that’s all complete for her. We were really happy to see that my great grandfather and I share the same birthday March 30. That was fun to see.”

Linda H – North Carolina USA (Tracing roots in Salerno Area):
” I can not thank Italianside enough for the excellent ancestry research that has been done on my family
I have already recommended Italianside to several friends who are also interested in leaning more about their Italian ancestors.”

Celeste M. – Los Angeles CA (Tracing roots in Calabria):” There is so much wonderful information to absorb and put into place from the reports, photos, etc. in ItalianSide’s excellent research findings/report. Thank you all very much for your outstanding work, interactions with me, and your friendliness and helpfulness. You have answered so many ancestry questions that we have never fully been able to answer about our history in Italy. Now I can combine this information with the story of our grandparents’ lives once they arrived in America and all the pieces will fit together quite beautifully.
Italian Side has given me far more than I ever could have hoped for from this search. I had tried on my own and was not getting anywhere with my search into Italian documents. My only regret is that I did not know of you sooner. My mother and her siblings have all passed on now but would have loved knowing all this detail about their roots. Thank you for such a precious gift of family history.

Mike C. – Massachusetts (Tracing roots in Foggia area):” This is an outstanding service offered by Michele was very responsive to all my emails, answering most inquiries within 24 hours. I soon realized that this is a reputable and professional operation I was dealing with. He and the researcher Gabriele delivered EVERYTHING I asked for and more. The price for this service is extremely reasonable too. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to research their family history. I’m very happy with the entire experience

Kelly Bucci – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Tracing roots in Abruzzo):” I discovered Italianside while doing some genealogical research online and decided to contact the organization after having little success finding information about my ancestors. Michele was very nice to speak to and gave me a detailed explanation about what kinds of records the researcher (Gabriele) could look for, the reports that would be created from the records, as well as the cost.
Michele sent me a number of updates during the research period to let me know what Gabriele had found and the progress he was making, which I found helpful and reassuring, especially since I was nervous trusting an organization overseas. When the research was complete, I was very excited and happy to learn that Gabriele was able to trace some of my ancestors all the way back to the late 1700s!! Along with some family records, Gabriele was also able to find military records for my grandfather, who fought in World War Two and for both my great-grandfathers, which were very important to our family. I discovered one of my great-grandfathers was a soldier in World War One and was wounded during the fighting in 1917.
Learning about my Italian ancestors has been an exciting journey of discovery and I couldn’t have experienced this without the help of Michele and Gabriele. I’m very happy with the research and the information I now possess thanks to Italianside. Ciao and grazie

Jari Sinnwell – USA (Tracing roots in Calabria):” It’s a little scary to hire someone on the other side of the ocean to do genealogy research for you. I read the testimonials from satisfied users (plus I was desperate to break through my brick wall!) so I took a chance. I was so extremely pleased with the results!!!! Not only was the research done in a timely and professional manner, but I now have my Italian line back many generations, more than I ever dreamed possible! I was even able to get the exact street address where my grandfather was born! I HIGHLY recommend their services. Next year we are going to visit my grandfather’s ancestral village of Soveria Mannelli. All of this is possible thanks to the wonderful people at ItalianSide!

Phil Barbieri – USA/Japan (searching for family records in Basilicata):” I had planned to go to Basilicata and research my family roots, but I had visions of dusty archives with hard to read Italian, if I could even gain access. It seemed as though I was in need of someone who knew their way around this stuff and would take a personal interest in seeing in get done properly. I surfed the net, thinking it not very likely I’d have much luck when I came across Italianside. The mails I exchanged with the founder, Michele, were reassuring. His professional archivist, Gabriele, did all the legwork. Instead of paying half now, half when done, I went ahead and sent the full sum; these men felt trustworthy. They did not disappoint. In fact, they exceeded my expectations. They sent me original documents, family trees and detailed charts in addition to complete accounts of the main members and their ancestors back to the fourth generation. All done in fine English. I recommend them to others interested in researching their Italian roots without reservation.
Philip Barbieri, Aomori, Japan, April 3, 2016″

Michael C. – USA (tracing roots in Sicily):“Michele and Italianside team did a great job for me. I had some very particular questions about tracing my roots back to a particular town in Sicily with my surname, which they were able to answer. As it turns out I was not connected to that town It wasn’t the answer I was looking for, but in the journey, I found much information about my family history that turned out to be very enlightening, to say the least.
They were able to clarify the link to many relatives I have here in Canada. The many close family ties they discovered for me were truly enlightening.
They are professional, courteous, quick to answer all my questions – and just great to work with.
I would recommend their service to anyone looking for roots in Italy.”

Nancy – USA (searching for family records in Calabria):” I just went through the files that you sent…that are really fantastic….so wonderful to see these morsels of knowledge that we did not have. Let Carmela know how grateful we are to her for her excellent work..and how happy we are to learn new things about our grandmother/mother.”

Vicki Loffredo – USA (searching for family records in Benevento Province):“I am very happy with the research done for me through ItalianSide. Michele was excellent to communicate with and was very clear about pricing and what research would be done. Payment was easy through Paypal. Gabriele did the research of my husband’s family in Pietrelcina. He was very thorough, providing not just names and date/place of birth and marriage, but also various bits of interesting information that may have been contained in the records such as occupations, street addresses where available, whether an ancestor had been married before, whether they could sign their name, etc. He found our ancestors back to the very early 1800’s! The information was well presented in a chart and a written report, and copies of all of the records found were provided. The price was fair for the work – I certainly could never have done this research myself. Great job ItalianSide and Michele and Gabriele – Grazie!”

Anthony C. – USA (searching for family records in Campania):“I have been trying to piece together my genealogy on my father’s side which came from Marzano Appio.
Michele and ItalianSide did all of what they promised and were very fair and honest.
The work was complete and accurate. I would encourage anyone who is looking to do a family search to work with Michele at ItalianSide.”

Peta – UK/Australia (searching for ancestors in Calabria):“I’ve been searching my family tree for some time and got stuck on my Italian side. Not knowing my grandfather or his history, I managed to find a name and date of birth on a USA War Draft record and a small town called Acri. Taking this name and a date of birth and a town name I was able to give these details to ItialianSide who in return gave me a wealth of information. The information is nicely presented in a series of reports and family trees.
I cannot put a value on the information I’ve received and know that I would not have been able to achieve this without Michelle and Carmela’s help. I am planning my first trip to Acri loaded with this wonderful information. Thank you again Michele and Carmela – Thank you Thank you Thank you!!”

Edwin – USA (searching for family records in Chieti-Abruzzo):“I found your services in an online ad when looking for information about the civil records available for the Lanciano area. Michele from ItalianSide replied to my request the next day and was very helpful in obtaining a cost estimate for the records search requested. I found the cost estimate to be very reasonable, and the ItalianSide researcher Gabriele contacted me immediately confirming my search request. He was very agreeable to making a few modifications in the records search, and was also helpful in sending me partial results of his searches that I could review. I was very pleased that he sent me clear digital pictures of the original documents he found as well as supplying summary translations. I had no problems with making periodic payments to Gabriele for the for the research usiing PayPal, and on downloading, saving on my computer and printing the records and reports he sent through DropBox. Thank you for a most pleasant and successful research experience. Edwin”

Julie – USA (searching for ancestors in Calabria):“”I am extremely happy with the service and documents provided by ItalianSide. I was hesitant at first to pay money to a business overseas, but after researching them, I decided to make an inquiry. I am so glad I did! The information I received is priceless, and well above and beyond my expectations. The cost is a mere fraction of what other professional genealogy sites would charge, and worth EVERY penny. Michele and Carmela delivered in a big way, and introduced me to a whole new branch of my family via birth, death, and marriage records, as well as professionally done charts and reports. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, and I will most certainly be using them again in the future.Grazie Mille!

Diana – Canada (searching for family in Apulia):“Our mother lost her parents practically at birth – her mother died and her father disappeared. Our family believed that her father returned to his home in Bari to be with his OTHER family – a wife and children we all thought he had before marrying our grandmother. My mother had always felt she was rejected by her father since he never responded to letters she wrote as a child. After contacting Italianside, Michele and Italianside researchers discovered her father died when she was just two years old, long before she ever wrote her letters. Now it seems that he may have been ill and left her in the hands of other family. We’ll never know for certain, but the old myth has been shattered and leaves room for other possibilities. We are grateful to Michele and the researcher for all their work, and their generous observations which will help us to reconcile our history” Diana

André – Brazil (searching for family in Calabria):“Os resultados que recebi da equipe ItalianSide foram como uma viagem no tempo. Sou descendente de quatro famílias que saíram de Fuscaldo, Cosenza por volta de 1900 e foram para o Rio de Janeiro. Encomendei pesquisas de uma delas e certamente farei das outras três. Os relatórios mostraram o que faziam, como viviam e morreram, continham endereços e diversas informações que nunca soube. Michele e Carmela fazem um trabalho incrível. São todos rápidos e gentis. Sem dúvida eu recomendo!!!
The results received from the ItalianSide staff were like a time travel. I’m descendant from four families who left Fuscaldo, Cosenza around 1900 and went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They made the research of one of them and I will order researches of the other three. Now I know what they did, how they lived and died. Michele and Carmela did an amazing job. They are all quick and kind. I definitely recommend them!!!”

Ken Cerullo – USA (searching for family in Potenza province):“I was extremely happy with the work product provided by ItalianSide. Michele was a pleasure to work with and Gabriele did an incredible job with the research. I was hesitant at first to pay money overseas for work to be done, but ItalianSide was not only true to its word in providing what it promised, but they were fair with the pricing and actually offered to do a little extra for me at no additional cost. I did not know there was such a service out there and I am thrilled that I found ItalianSide online. Now I know more about my great grandfather, my family tree, and that I actually have living relatives in Italy. I look forward to visiting again and possibly meeting up with relatives, and seeing exactly where my great grandfather was born. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others. Thank you again!”Ken

Linda Hoffman – USA (searching for family in Basilicata):
“I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your website. I have been searching for who I am and where I came from for years. My grandparents passed long before I was born, and I just always wanted to know more about them. The traditions, food and customs in my mothers family were very strong. But now that I know the names of my great great great grandparents and more, I couldn’t be more pleased. I never knew that my grandfather had 6 siblings, or that my grandmother had 6 siblings. Now I know the street they were born, the year they were born, when they were married. The charts that were attached were also nice, an easy way to break it down. I only wish my mother was still with me so that I could show it all to her. It’s a wonderful site for those of us who do not speak or read Italian. It was worth every penny to me. Thank you again for a great. Now when I plan that trip to Italy in the future I can bring a little information with me. Thank you again.” Linda

Donald Kohn – USA (searching for family in Naples area):
“Wow! This is the second time I have used ItalianSide for genealogical research; I am even more impressed with their results.
Gabriele did the research based on what I can only describe as sketchy information that I provided. I received the results I had hoped for within a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.
If you have reached a brick wall with your research, I highly recommend that you talk to ItalianSide. They will provide a price before they start their research and if your ancestor’s data can be found, they will find it. !!” -Donald Kohn Crea, New York, USA

Caroline – USA (searching for family in Reggio Calabria area):
“ItalianSide’s ancestry services are the very best – second to none! Their researchers helped me trace back my ancestors in Calabria to the 1700s so I could complete my family tree. The vast amount of research performed gave me a glimpse into my family’s past and provided me priceless documentation of my personal history, which I can now share with generations to come. The icing on the cake was that ItalianSide was able to put me in contact with a cousin of mine who still resides in Calabria and shares the same paternal great-grandfather as my father – I never thought that generations later this would be possible! I highly recommend ItalianSide’s geneological services to anyone looking to trace their Italian roots- the research will be thorough, hands-on, and transparent. I cannot thank them enough for all the work they have done – Grazie mille!!” -Caroline Crea, New York, USA

Barbara – USA (searching for ancestors in Catanzaro Province):
It has been overwhelming going through all of Carmela’s research! What a wonderful job she did. Thank you so much!! We all learned so much about our grandparents. My aunt, who is 90 and the last surviving child of our grandparents, was just amazed. She never knew my grandfather, her father, had a sister or that her mother, our grandmother, had a middle name or that she had brothers.
We are so pleased with what we received that we are considering a tour to visit Italy in the coming year!
We highly recommend your research services. You made the process very easy and provided more information than we expected. Thank you!!!

Don – USA (searching in Salerno area):
I extremely happy with the results of the genealogist who researched my grandmother’s family in Nocera Inferiore. I provided the town and my grandmother’s name, and the genealogist did the rest. I now have a tree that extends into my 3rd great grandparents. The research showed that there were three different towns where my relatives were born. I have been doing my own research for several years and have had experience with another genealogist in the past. The person that worked for Italianside was accurate (he supplied the primary documents), reasonably priced and provided the results within the time frame I expected.

Keith – USA (traveling to Cosenza area):
Italianside really delivered much more than their very reasonable research fee. With not a whole lot of lead time, Carmela (and Michele) were able to find my mother’s grandmother’s birth records in a little town in southern Italy called Scigliano. Not only that, but they were able to find much more that included four more generations prior to her grandmother. This detailed information made my mother’s first trip to Europe much more colorful and memorable knowing she walked the same street where her grandmother grew up

Diane – USA (searching for ancestors in Calabria):
Our grandparents came to the USA from Aprigliano in the early 1900’s and settled in California. They had 9 children so there are lots of grandchildren and cousins! Would you believe NONE of us knew anything about our family in Italy??? So now, as we are all approaching our late 60’s we want to know! There has also been a family feud for over 40 years on the surname spelling!!!thanks so much to Italian Side and researcher Carmela for solving our family mystery!! The sketchy childhood memories we had were confirmed and we feel so much closer to our grandparents!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Dreaming of our family and Italy, The Ferraro/Vigna family

Joe Masarone – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania region):
Like many second generation Italian-Americans I waited too long to concern myself about my Italian ancestors. My grandparents are long gone and their children grew up being Americans, distancing themselves from their roots. After years of gathering tidbits of information; struggling with genealogy software and websites, I was able to barely uncover my Great Grandparents names, and the origins of my family in the “old country.” THEN I found! Michele and Gabriele have been great to work with and their fees very very reasonable! Thanks to Italian Side I now have one family tree branch reaching back to the 1700s.

Jackie Brown – USA (searching for ancestors in Salerno Province):
I wanted to find out about my grandfather’s family in Palomonte, Salerno. We knew nothing about them except for their names. Michele was very accommodating to my needs and Gabriele did a magnificent job in locating records. I was truly surprised and very happy with the information I received. A pedigree was also included with copies of all the records. I would never have been able to do this on my own without going personally to Italy. It was a pleasure to do business with Italianside and would not hesitate to recommend them. I will also be contacting them at a later date to inquire about additional research.

John Capuzzi – USA (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo):
I am in the process of trying to attain Italian citizenship and need to confirm my Italian ancestry. This appeared to be a daunting task until I found Italian Side. Not only were the wonderful people there able to provide me with the detailed family history, they were able to get the official, sealed birth records. I am well on the way to completing the application process and am forever grateful for the fast and comprehensive service provided. Grazie!

Mike Burillo – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
Searching for the correct spelling of my surname brought me to italianside. Michele and his team did a great job. I spent many many hours researching on my own never quite knowing for sure, now not only do i know the real name but where they lived .Also maiden names of three generations of grandmothers,all done quickly and affordable. Maybe a Genealogy tour in the future .

Louisa Donovan – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
My family’s experience with for research in Basilicata has been excellent! These people take time to explain completely what kind of research they are able to do and exactly how your fee will be spent. They offer quick, thorough results and have patience with clients with follow-up questions. I had heard horror stories about the difficulty of completing research in Italy, but my experience was that I results in less than a week with actual records and a written summary of those record at a reasonable cost. The staff offered me suggestions for additional services, but did not make me feel pressured in any way. I very much enjoyed corresponding with them before and during our research.

George Meserole – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania):
My wife and I are extremely appreciative of Michele and his genealogists at Italian Side for their research on our family’s ancestors in Airola and Teggiano (Campania, Italy). The work was of a very professional quality and well worth the reasonable cost. The high quality detailed reports, charts, ged files and copies of certificates greatly exceeded my expectations. Equally so was the speed at which they responded to our requests. We would not hesitate in recommending Italian side to anyone with Italian roots. Thanks for providing information that has our family all abuzz about newly discovered ancestors.

Anthony Mercadante – USA (searching for ancestors in Puglia):
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff, for not only being Professional, but extremely Helpful in my Families Quest to reach back in time to find our Roots.I would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to anyone wishing to research their Ancestry.

Rose Warner – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
I am truly indebted to ItalianSide, for all their help and hopefully a continued relationship with ItalianSide, in the future. If you are looking to find your history in Italy, I would recommend you contact ItalianSide. I am sure they can and will help you out.

Simon Wilson – GB (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo):
I have just received very comprehensive and detailed reports about my ancestors who lived in Ari, Abruzzo at the turn of the last century. They came to live in Rome in the 1890s and one daughter married an Italian but died soon after. The only clue we had was on her gravestone in the English Cemetery in Rome that her husband was from Ari. Italianside did a terrific job in tracing the ancestors and uncovering a fascinating history of the family who were well known doctors. The only son of the marriage went to live in England in the 1920s and we will now try to trace his family. Thanks so much to Michele and the team for their dedicated and detailed research which now helps to fill the blank hole about that side of our family.

Kathy Volpe Sawyer – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania):
I would have been lost without Michele and Italian Side! They found records I had been searching years for in amazingly short time. Their services are fast, reliable and above all, affordable! I highly recommend Italian Side!!

Anna – Titan TV Sweden (for our partecipation to the show “Who Do You Think You Are?” – Swedish version):
Everything went great. Pernilla Wahlgren (the star of our show) was very happy with all the stories she got.
ItalianSide genealogist was very good as an expert. Thank you for helping us so much with this very interesting and fun genealogy and journey.

Mary – Canada (searching for ancestors in Molise and Abruzzo):
“Thank you so much ItalianSide!
You can’t imagine how happy I was with your help!
You really made my day.
I will be showing everyone these beautiful and wonderful findings!
You are amazing and if my italian is not to messed up Grazie mille per tutto l’aiuto!!!!”

Karl Voltaire ( France and Haiti– searching for ancestors in Avellino province):
I have nothing but praise for Michele and his colleagues at Italianside. They have produced fantastic research in a short time, which has allowed the family to discover stuff that we knew nothing about and also confirmed some links between past family that we suspected but did not have proof of. I very warmly recommend this service to other folks in search of their Italian forebears, and I myself plan to continue going back in time with them. Grazie Mille e Auguri per il futuro.

Marnie – USA (searching for her roots in Calabria and Basilicata)
Grazie Italian Side!
I am so glad I found you!
I hope you know that what you do is a truly wonderful thing.
Providing information we never knew and connecting us to our deepest roots.
Thank you so much for your help and for your website about Genealogy in Italy!
Cosi molto grato!

Kim – USA (searching for her roots in Lazio, Frosinone Province)
Hi,I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful my experience with was.
My great-grandparents came from Morolo, Italy to America.
I had been trying to research my Italian roots for over a year and I kept coming across this website.
I gave them all the information I had on my Great Grandfather which was only that I heard he came from Morolo and what I thought was the correct Italian spelling of his name and the birthdate.
They helped me to contact the Municipality in Morolo who came back without any information.This did not stop Italian Side.
They decided perhaps my spelling was incorrect so we wrote again to the Municipality. I received a response within 48 hours and yes, ItalianSide was absolutely right, the spelling I had given was wrong.
The municipality was able to provide us now with my great-grandfathers birth record, his full Italian name with the correct spelling and even his parents names.
I would never have been able to find any of this information without Italian Side. I cannot thank enough for what they have found for me for my genealogy in Italy.
Thank you again and look forward to working with you in the near future !

Jillian – USA (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo, Chieti Province)
Hello, I am writing to let everyone know how great Italian Side is. My name is Jillian. I was surfing the web one night looking for information about my ancestor who came to America from Quadri Italy. This is a town in Chieti Province. I look through website and saw all the amazing thing that they had to offer. I decided to send a email to see if anyone could assist me with my search about genealogy in Italy.
Within 24 hours I had a email from them. I explained my situation: I only had a town in Abruzzo to go with.
They help me to contact the Municipality in Quadri.
We received a Birth Certificate for my Great Grandfather and Death Certificate for His Parents. Also we received a family tree.
I want to Thank ItalianSide. They help me with stuff, I could not figure out by myself. We have a bond now. I will never forget what they have done for me. I would suggest anyone looking for your Italian Roots. To search and ask questions on Italian Side. They help with whatever questions you have.

…If you are going to research genealogy, you need a lot of patience and Italian Side!

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