Old Photos of Laviano

At ItalianSide, we have a big collection of old photos from almost every town in Campania and in Italy (We have more than 90% of Italian towns in our pictures archives!).
We have several images of Laviano too and here you can see some of them (click on the picture to enlarge).

If you are interested in historical maps, here you can see an old map (1800) of Laviano and its area.

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At today we uploaded in this section 2 photos of Laviano

2 thoughts on “Old Photos of Laviano”

  1. where can I buy old pictures of Laviano before the earthquake maybe around 1886-1900
    My family was born in Laviano “Torluccio” came to America in 1903-1904 My Great Grandmother was married in Santa Maria Assunta I would love to have a picture of the old church.

    Thank you so kindly

  2. Dear sirs, my name is Enza Cotton (Molinaro) and I am researching my family tree and would be grateful if you could send any old pictures to the above email address.

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