The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from Vulture

Olives are widely grown all over Basilicata, but cultivation is mainly concentrated in three areas: the Matera hills, the hills of Alto
Agri and, of course, Vulture.
The olive is not only a productive resource but also characterises the
landscape and environment of Vulture.
Olive trees and Aglianico vines have always been cultivated together in
the same area.
The Dop oil from Vulture is mainly obtained from pressing Ogliarola Vulture olives.
Besides the 70% of Ogliarola olives, the extra-virgin oil is enriched with locally produced olives like Cima di Melfi, Palmarola, Provenzale, Cannellina and Rotondella, and other more widely grown olives such as Coratina,
Leccino and Frantoio.
The cultivation method is typical to the area particularly in terms of
implantation systems and plant breeding in shallow pots.
Protection against the olive fly, a parasite that can jeopardise the quality of the oil, respects the defence regulations laid down by the Basilicata Region.
Produced in the areas of Melfi, Rapolla, Barile, Rionero, Atella, Ripacandida, Maschito, Ginestra and Venosa, extra-virgin Vulture olive oil is clear and amber-yellow in colour with a hint of green.
The bouquet is delicately fruity and the characteristic taste is of ripe olives, sweet or slightly bitter, with a light spicy note.
The regulations foresee precise norms on improving the quality of the product, such as the use of nets during harvesting, the transportation of the olives to the mill on the same day as picking and the olives’ brief, no more than 24-hour conservation at the mill before pressing.
Processing and bottling must be done in the production area.