Piemontesi in the World

Is it possible to know where descendants of piemontesi emigrated from Piemonte are today?
After 150 years of emigration from Italy, the answer is quite difficult.
At ItalianSide, working with statistical data about our readers, we tryed to help to solve this problem.
We started from this point: if someone come to our Internet Site looking for info about a town from Piemonte, a village, family, genealogy and tradition is because he is connected in some way with that town.
Of course this is only an attempt to map where piemontesi are today.
Would you like to see where are people who contacted ItalianSide about Piemonte?

Click here to see our map of piemontesi in the World!

Some useful info:
1) Please remember that it could take some seconds before markers are shown on the map (thousand of markers are plotted in real time!)
2) Map shows ItalianSide readers from July 1, 2013 to yesterday.
3) At the moment Map shows only last 10000 entries in our statistics.
4) Only one marker is shown for each town in case more visitors came from the same town.

For further informations about this info write us at info@italianside.com.

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