Our Ancestry Tour in Sicily

This testimonial about a tour in Sicily shows the quality and the strenght of our network!

Starting from ItalianSide, involving our expert genealogist in the area, planning a tour with a well known tour operator and involving a skilled guide!
we can get this kind of results only with the professionalism of our group of experts!
As always there is no rooms for hobbism! An ancestry tour is a “once in a life” tour: nothing can be left to chance!
Every person involved in the tour gave his/her contribution to a memorable trip!


After returning from our wonderful trip to Italy a little over a week ago, I wanted to write you all to say thank you!!!
Thank you for making our trip to Licodia Eubea so worthwhile and so special!!!
I certainly lucked out when I discovered Italian Side because you and your team did everything we needed to make our trip such a success!!

Carmela – the research you did was so thorough and complete. It certainly provided so much more information than we ever had, and it answered so many of questions! Thank you so much!!!

Iris – the tour you gave us of Licodia was wonderful!
It immediately showed you did your homework and studied the documents that Carmela produced.
You made our one day trip to Licodia extremely efficient and so enjoyable!! You were wonderful!!!
You made us feel so comfortable and left no stone unturned. Thank you so much!!

Michele from tour operator – Thank you for arranging our tour with Iris! She was perfect and you were such a pleasure to deal with!
We appreciate so much everything you did in such a short period of time! We have told a number of our friends about your company!

Michele from Italianside – You started the whole ball rolling with not much time to spare!!
Thank you for everything you did and for making it so easy on our end! I have already told so many people about ItalianSide!!! Anyone who is interested in exploring their family’s past must contact ItalianSide!!!

Thank you all for everything!! We will never forget our trip!! My husband, his two sons and I are eternally grateful for everything that everyone did!!!

Denise Calvo Lonigro

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