Finding Distant Relatives

Another typical request we receive from our customers is to know if they still have relatives in Italy.

So if you are interested in knowing more about the italian branches of your family, if you are plainning a trip in your ancestors homeland, our services will not disappoint you!

The procedures in this case is different compared to the historic research of the ancestors: to find living relatives we have to go forward in time starting from the info you have of your italian family.
For the Italian privacy law, to have the authorization to search the registers of living people, you will be requested to sign a request. After contacting the officers of the town/village, we will provide you with the right form to sign.

Our local researcher will submit the request to the town hall and he will be authorized to search for your relatives on your behalf.

If the research will be positive, you will be free to try to contact your cousins, or, if you prefer, we could do this for you.

How much it costs? Our fees are usually considered very affordable, expecially considering the high quality of the service we provide (and the high percentage of success)
Fees can be different: they depends mostly from the starting info you give us, the availability of archives in the village and so on. Most important: our researchers fees are all inclusive, it means that we guarantee you will have no extra or hidden costs for the agreed activities.

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