Region: Basilicata Province: Potenza

Family History & Genealogy in Barile
How to Discover Your Roots and Find Ancestors’ Records

Certificates for Dual Citizenship
How to Get Official Documents for Your Italian Citizenship

Traveling to Barile
Plan Your Trip to Barile and Visit Basilicata

Old Images of Barile
From Our Huge Collection of Historical Pictures of Basilicata

A Virtual Trip to Barile
Visit Barile from Home!

Buy a House in Barile
Property Listings & Houses for Sale in Your Ancestors’ Town

Barile Gift Shop
Personalized Gifts for Italian Heritage !

Barile and Potenza in the World!
Where Are Today the Families Emigrated from Potenza Province?

Traditional Food and Delicacies
Typical Products of Basilicata that You Can’t Miss

Best Wine from Basilicata
Your Wine List for a Perfect Italian Dinner

Old Recipes of Basilicata
(From Grandma’s Kitchen)

Basilicata on Newsstands
Last English News about Basilicata

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