Traditional Costumes of Campania

In Italy, every town and every village owned different costumes, even if the traditional dresses of the same region resembled each other in some way. We already published galleries about Calabria and Piemonte regions.
The photos come from our collection of old pictures: the great part are postcards from the end of 1800 and the first years of 1900.

This gallery is about Old Dresses of Campania Region

There are many traditional costumes in the Campania as you can see in the photos we added to this post. You can see photos of dresses from the province of Napoli , Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta.
Maybe the most famous is the one of Sorrento which is expressive of all the regional characteristic features. The men wore short breeches of green satin held up round the waist by a band of coloured linen. Their shirts were of white linen, and they wore long woollen caps and leather shoes. The women were likewise dressed in satin, both skirts and bodices have elaborate gold braiding and fringes, while their chemises were richly embroidered and decorated with lace. Even the aprons were embroidered: cotton stockings and smart leather shoes complete the costume.

In Letino the women were dressed in blue woollen material, the skirt being supported by shoulder straps and the bodice decorated with coloured ribbons and gold braid. Their aprons were worn folded round the hips. They were made of blue woollen material with white and red embroidered patterns, and were kept in place by two studs joined by a small silver chain. The sleeves of their chemises, full and adorned with lace and embroidery, were covered by over-sleeves of blue cloth with heavy gold braid, kept up by means of silk ribbons that unite them to the shoulder straps of the bodice. They wore over their heads a special kind of red woollen scarf embroiderd in polychrome silk and placed over a square of white linen hemmed with lace. Rich gold neck-laces tied with ribbon streamers falling over the breast, complete this exceptionally bright and original costume.

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