ItalianSide: An Invitation to (Re)discover Our Roots

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March 8, 2013
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March 13, 2013

italiansidepzItalianSide was requested to report on its activities during the general assembly of the “Lucani nel mondo” (Basilicata region in the world).
The meeting took place on March 8 in Rifreddo near Potenza.
The title of our speech was “ An Invitation to (Re)discover Our Roots”.
In front of an audience of representatives from many countries around the world, we presented the main lines of activity of ItalianSide as an Internet web portal able to select, aggregate and provide information, services and opportunities for all those with an “Italian Side”.
Lot of interest around ItalianSide initiative that brings together professionals with experience and interests in new technologies, tourism, architectural renovation, typical products and genealogy.
The activities are across different sectors.
The main lines of action are focused on: tourism, typical products, real estate investments, and genealogy.
Today ItalianSide distributes over 60,000 pages each month to its readers. In a little over a year, the website collected visitors from over 160 countries around the world attracting the attention of international media and different sectorial websites.
ItalianSide also offers an important archive of photos and postcards of almost all Italian cities: places, costumes, people for an historical memory of our past to share with all the Italians in the world.

The presentation was well received by everyone: it was a good opportunity to forge relationships with international partners.