A once in a lifetime journey (part 1)

The typical tour for tourists who come to Italy  include the visit of famous Italian cities of art.
Rome, the Eternal City, Florence and its Renaissance, Venice and the magic of a unique city in the world.
If you come on a cruise, there is a chance to see Naples and Sicily perhaps.
Often the journey ends here, after seeing breathtaking monuments for their beauty and elegance.
But for us with an Italian side, a trip to Italy takes on a special charm: it is a way to get in touch with the country of our ancestors.

The journey then takes particular expectations: as “special” tourists we feel like we are coming back to our real homeland.
Before the depart, we imagine our time there and we hope to see with our own eyes what our ancestors have seen, we want to experience something of our fathers’ life.

But we have to consider something before becoming disappointed during our Italian time.

First of all if we travel in groups, by bus, without any chance to stop and choose what to see, this kind of tour may not meet fully our own expectations.
For this trip, we need a “slow travel” behaviour, we would have all the time we need to feel every single step as a little adventure.

Then we have to consider that who left Italy long time ago to go abroad did not live in those elegant cities, but often came from small towns, far from big centers.
It’s not a matter of big distance in miles, but it was a big difference in lifestyle.
Italy is a small country but every little town was like a small state, with traditions, recipes, even different languages! (dialect) .

Where are those things told by grandpa ? Those places described so many times with such precision? Those tasty dishes? Those funny words in dialect …?

So, if you want to feel really that old Italy that you heard in your parents’ wonderful stories, you must go in that small village your family is from.

This is THE journey.

This is your once in a lifetime journey .

Don’t waste this opportunity….

(end of part 1)

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