Images from the past

Old photos help us to travel back in time.
You can see place, squares, streets, people as they were: everyday’s life in a snapshot

Everyone keep somewhere old pictures to remember moments and loved ones, a treasure of memories. Everyone lost many photos in times.
Fortunately there are those who patiently collected over decades photos and images that are now history.
Finding an old image of your old towns allows you to be close to your ancestors’ world.
Often you will see people posing: in the early 1900s, the presence of a photographer taking pictures was a real event in the smaller towns.
Men, women, kids, stopped to watch what was happening and remained immortalized in the picture.
Other scenes are more natural, a family around a dinner table, a man working, people walking in the center of the town.
Looking at those faces, you seem to recognize familiar people and why not? you might be lucky enough to really find some of your ancestors.

I’m lucky enough to see many images archives here in Italy :I often visited with friends Italians living abroad. Showing pictures, many asked if it was possible to enlarge images where they saw “someone” known.
Many also asked a vintage image of their ancestral village to feel closer to their origins.

We are working to put online those archives or part of them.

An old picture allows you to travel back in time with your imagination. Forever.

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