Genealogy in San Pier Niceto

If you search your ancestors in San Pier Niceto, in the province of Messina, Sicilia region, the documents about your Italian family are stored in the City Office archives and in the parishes in the town.This is where to start your family history research.

Civil Records in San Pier Niceto

In towns and villages of Sicilia and in Messina province registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in San Pier Niceto town hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from San Pier Niceto, please follow this link)


So, if your ancestors lived in San Pier Niceto during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of San Pier Niceto to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!

Otherwise, if you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Sicilia and of course in San Pier Niceto too!

Next picture shows the demographic trends in San Pier Niceto from the Italian Unification (1861).
This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in San Pier Niceto. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in San Pier Niceto archives, expecially if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Messina province are:
Arena, Barbera, Calabrò, Cambria, Caruso, Costa, Costantino, Crisafulli, Cucinotta, Currò, D’Amico, De Luca, Di Bella, Donato, Fazio, Ferrara, Foti, Genovese, Giordano, Giorgianni, Gitto, Giunta, Grasso, La Rosa, Lo Presti, Lombardo, Maio, Mancuso, Mangano, Marino, Mazzeo, Merlino, Messina, Morabito, Pagano, Parisi, Pino, Puglisi, Raffa, Rizzo, Romeo, Ruggeri, Russo, Santoro, Sottile, Spadaro, Torre, Trimarchi.

Church Records in San Pier Niceto

Church archives in Messina province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Sicilia started during 1500!

They are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of San Pier Niceto on your behalf.

In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in San Pier Niceto:


Anyway for our experience, if you plan to come here, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
In this way you will avoid to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
(Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
With the results gathered by our genealogist before your arrival, you will have more free time to visit the town and surroundings on your ancestors footsteps.

Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives.
If you are in Sicilia and you are able to decipher old italian handwritten documents you can reach the archive here:
Archivio di Stato di Messina

Address: Via Giuseppe la Farina, 293, 98124 Messina
Phone: +39090 670089

If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in San Pier Niceto area , write to or fill the form here.

Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

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  1. Hi my great grandfather and great grandmother was Santo Natase formally Nastasi and Alberta Georgianni immigrated from SPN in around 1910 to Chambersburg Pennsylvania.

    Looking for their ancestral roots as far back as I can go. I believe my great great was Antonio Nastasi and Angela (?) on my paternal side. Alberta’s father was Pietro Giorgianni.

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

  2. My grandfather came from there and settled at first in Glassboro nj and then Philadelphia around 1910 His Name is Rocco Sgro are there any .Sgro’s still living there.Im wondering if I have any relatives still there.

    1. My husband’s mother was a Sgro and her father John, was born in San Pier Niceto. His father was Salvatore Sgro and he was married to Francesca Siciliano. Also has the name Sano in his family. They lived in Springfield, Illinois. Oddly enough, we were in Messina yesterday and were close but on a tour so could not go. I am sure they are related.

  3. I’m looking to see if Santo Adamo has any sisters. He has a brother Rosario that I know of, however are there anymore siblings?

    1. The only Santo Adamo I see that that has a brother Rosario was the Santo Adamo born 1-Jan-1889 to Domenico Adamo and Maria Antonuccio. Domenico and Maria had the following children:
      Anna Adamo b. 1-Apr-1887 d. 25-Aug-1888
      Anna Adamo b. 11-Jul-1891 d. 4-Nov-1895
      Anna Adamo b. 28-Mar-1902
      Antonino Adamo b. 11-Aug-1885
      Francesca Adamo b. 6 Jul 1905
      Rosaria Adamo b. 1-May-1899
      Rosario Adamo b. 8-Aug-11894 d. 16-Nov-1895
      Rosario Adamo b. 24-Apr-1896
      Santo Adamo b. 1-Jan-1889

  4. Hi I am researching my great grandfather on my dads side of the family: he was born Joseph (Guiseppe Nastasi) in Niagara Falls,NY. My grandfather born in Clymer,Pa is Nicola Nastasi and has a bother Giuseppe born in SPN in 1903 amd sister Marie born in Clymer, PA 1917.
    My great parents are Santo Nastasi born SPN or Monteforte 1871 and Francesca Formica 1876.

    Im seeing ALOT of names from other comments that I recognize and that are in my family tree! My dads mom side are Colosi, Sgro, Mazza

    My dads side: Nastasi, Formica, Marchetta, Renda, Giorgianno, Bongiovanni, Insana, Certo etc..

    I bet most of us commenting here are related one way or another lol.

    1. Your Uncle Giuseppe was born 22-Sep-1903 to Santo Nastasi and Francesca Formica. Santo was born in San Pier Niceto (aka San Pier Monforte prior to April 1873) according to his marriage record to Francesca on 16-Sep-1900. Unfortunately, the year of Santo’s birth falls in the years that are not available online but his parents are listed as Giuseppe Nastasi and Rosa Nastasi. They were married 26-Jun-1861.
      I’m not related through this line but I do have all of the other surnames in my family that you list.

    2. I, too, am looking for my Formica side of the family, specifically Domenico who married Angela Anzolitto. Any relatives on this page?

  5. Hello, I am trying to do my family tree. My grandfather was Giuseppe CERTO 1938 , emigrated to England at the age of about 17 . He was born in San Pier Niceto. He had 3 sisters and another brother who also emigrated to England . His parents were Pietro Certo and Francesca Certo, maiden name NASTASI . My grandfather father passed at a young age of 57 . Any information would be really helpful

    1. We have all these names in our family / all biological relatives to Niagara Falls Ny and Pennsylvania, Maria Pieto and Francesca Certo grt grandmother

      I have great grandfather Rocco Pitrone who had 17 children born in Pa I have all names. My family consists of Guiseppi Magliarditi and Maria Petone and Salvatore Magliarditi born abt 1886 all born in San Pier Niceto

      Please email me as I will send photos and information.

      thanks any help with past records will be I cab obtain will be more than appreciated.


  6. Looking for records of my Grandmothers family from S PIER NECETO, MESSINA

    Name is Anna Meo, Sister is Mary Meo, Brothers are Peter and Dominic

    1. Do you have any more information? Any dates? These are common names so any extra information will help narrow the people down.

  7. My Grandfather Nicola Carilli and Antoinette Catanese Carilli immigrated from San Pier Niceto (Massina) and settled first in a small coal town in north central Pennsylvania, Cresson, PA. They later settled in Carnegie, PA, just outside Pittsburgh. They had 6 children, Francesca Carilli, Jack (Giacomo) Carilli (my Father), Nancy Carilli Mascari, Josephine Carilli Giamberdini, Rose Carilli Kusler, and Mary Carilli Thys.

    1. Nicola Carilli is my great grandfathers brother I believe!! Giuseppe Carilli. His son Peter Carilli was my grandfather.

    2. By chance was Francesca Carilli born 1-Jan-1910 in San Pier Niceto? If so, I believe we are cousins. Nicola Carilli is my second cousin 3x removed. I have 5 more generations of information back on this line if we are related.

  8. I am looking for information about my grandparents. Michael Durso or spelled d’urso born 1876 in Bari married Marie Lamagina also from Bari born 1878. Came to US settled in Brooklyn ny . They had children in the states and The story goes left 1 or 2 children in Bari. The children here were Rocco, Joseph, Donato, Lorenzo, Lena, Rose, Nicholas and Dora. If anyone has information about the family or where in Bari they were from would be greatly appreciated thank you

  9. Hello! I’ve recently started researching my family’s italian roots and I am hitting a roadblock at Anna Certo (married name Basile). Much of the Basile family ended up in towns east of Pittsburgh, PA. My mother was full blooded Italian (maiden name Basile) with her dad’s side coming from Messina and her mother’s side coming from Calabria. We may share some mutual family — please let me know if you are available to talk!

    1. Hi Sara-I am doing the research for my friend Nancy. Anna Certo did marry a Basile. This Basile was the brother to Nancy’s grandmother.
      I would love to speak with you. Please let me know how I can reach you.

      1. We have all these names in our family / all biological relatives to Niagara Falls Ny and Pennsylvania, Maria Pieto and Francesca Certo grt grandmother

        I have great grandfather Rocco Pitrone who had 17 children born in Pa I have all names. My family consists of Guiseppi Magliarditi and Maria Petone and Salvatore Magliarditi born abt 1886 all born in San Pier Niceto

        Please email me as I will send photos and information.

        thanks any help with past records will be I cab obtain will be more than appreciated.


      2. My name is Joycenna I share the Basila She was my gg grandmother married to Rocco Pitrone married with 17 children born in Pittsburgh area. My GGG grandmother was married to Salvatore Magliarditi her name Antonia Certo Anna. late 1702 the beginning of the our family tree on my fathers side. We have records and email me ok.

    2. I have Certos and Basiles in my family lineage, all from Sicily esp Messina province. I trace a Franceso Certo back to 1814 born in San Pier Monforte in Messina province, and his father Giovambattista Certo ( birth date not known). What year was your Anna Certo born?

  10. Hi my great grandfather domenico previte came to armstrong pa. To work in coal mines around 1900 with his son antonino previte age 16. Domenicos wife stayed in SPN her name was antonina. Dom and antonina had 2 boys Peter and antonino and one daughter marguerite. Am not sure what Domenics mothers maiden name was but i think it was certo or pitrone. Looking to find the family homestead and the church there. Any info would be appreciated as far as the exact location in SPN. THANK YOU SANDRA PREVITE

    1. Sandra, I am researching an Antonio Previte ( Previty). Your post sounds very familiar as my paternal grandfather came to the United States and worked as a miner in Pennsylvania, residing in Walston. He was married to a Rosa Russo and they had six boys. I think that the sixteen year old son was my grandfather. He was born on October 18, 1876; he became a naturalized citizen and it appears that he traveled back and forth to Italy. I don’t have information about the homestead but would appreciate if any of my information aligns with your family.

    2. Hi Sandra, I believe your great grand mother was Antonia Certo. There is a Domenico Previte and Antonia Certo married 28-Jan-1886 in SPN. They had 4 children in SPN:
      Andrea b. 8-Oct-1886 d. 14-Jun-1890
      Andrea b. 7-Dec-1890 d. 9-Nov-1894
      Antonino b. 11 Apr 1888
      Pietro b. 8-Nov-1894
      I didn’t see a Margarita. The only ones I found were born in the mid 1800’s. Was she born in the US?
      So far I am not related to this line so I don’t have any other information for you.

  11. Looking for records regarding my grandfather who was born in San Pier Niceto in 1897 by the name of Giuseppe Nastasi he had a brother Pietro Nastasi, Salvatore and a sister. Pietro moved to Rome to be a police officer and Giuseppe and Salvatore left for the United States, their sister stayed in Italy.

  12. I am looking for information on my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmothers name was caterina certo from san pier niceto. she married Pietro Scolaro from the same village I believe. I know there are some Certos that still live in San pier niceto. Would love to find out more information

    thank you

  13. Hi. My name is Tony Catanese although my birth certificate in Australia refers to me as Alberto Antonio Rocco Catanese. My parents, Antonino (1914)and Anna (Nastasi).(1921) brother Pietro(1942) and sister Marieantonnette (1946) were born in San Pier Niceto. My Nonno, Pietro and Nonna, Antonia Renda were born in SPN in 1889 and migrated to Barnesboro in Pennsylvania where they died in 1918 in flu epidemic. Two brothers and a wife also died leaving several orphans. Fransesco, brother and two wives survived We are not sure but we believe this branch are in Providence. I had an Uncle, Santo who was born in America and has raised a large family there around the Wichita area. We are planning a reunion in San Pier Niceto on the 19 October 2018, 100 years to the day our Nonno and Nonna deceased. I am just putting it out there in case there are people who will be in SPN between 13 to 20 October 2018

    1. We are just going to miss your adventure to SPN. We will be visiting SPN October 4-9, 2018. My grandmother was Anna Catanese. Here parents were Antonino Catanese and Petronilla Pitrone. In my research my second great Aunt Rosa Catanisi married a Domenico Certo. I have a 4x Great Grandmother name Catarina Nastasi her father was Antonino. Lots of the same names. Who knows we may be related.

    2. My name is Natala Pitrone. My grandfather, Nicola, emigrated from SPN around 1915? He came alone to be with relatives in Philadelphia. I have no infomation on his parents.

      1. Ciao Ricordi il nome di tua nonna. In quale periodo si sono sposati i tuoi nonni? Non è necessaria una data esatta, con queste informazioni di partenza si potrebbe ricostruire un albero genealogico…

    3. Tony….my name is John Pitrone. My grandparents (Antonino and Francesca Bongiovanni) were born in San Pier Niceto and settled in a suburb of Pittsburgh where I live now. My Grandmother Francesca’s mother was Rosaria Catanese). My Grandfather was killed at work at a WW1 munitions plant explosion in Nov. 1917 when my Dad was a month old…..Antonino had a sister (Grazia) and brother (Ignazio) that died in 1918 of the flu also. My Grandmother married her brother in law who was just widowed with 2 small children and she moved to where he was in Barnesboro, PA which is where my Dad grew up. The family names there are Adamo (Grazia Pitrone’s husband) and another Pitrone sibling, Mary married a Corio (she was the only survivor of the 4 siblings). My Dad moved back to Pittsburgh as an adult but I still have family living in the Barnesboro (now called Northern Cambria, PA) area. I’d love to hear about your trip to SPN as a few of my family members and I are thinking about going there this coming Fall. We also have a pretty extensive family tree and I’d love to see if we could extend it further.

      1. Hi John. Is your grandmother Francesca Bongiovanni’s birthday 11-Apr-1898? If so, we are cousins. That Francesca is my 4th cousin 2x removed. Her parents are Rocco Bongiovanni and Rosaria Catanese married 25-Aug-1888. My tree goes back 5 more generations from Rocco if you don’t have that. Although my grandmother was a Catanese we are related through the Bongiovanni line.

        1. Hi Debbi, I’m so sorry, I just saw your message now. Yes that is my Grandmother, Francesca. On that family line, our tree only goes back as far as Rocco and Rosaria. It’s your tree online? Ours is on tribal pages.

      2. Hi John, I’m looking for my great grandmothers family. Domenica Pirone, Married my great grandfather Pietro Meo and immigrated to Barnesboro Pa. On about 1911. They had 5 children. My Grandfathers name is Pietro(Pete). Any info will help as I am go to San Pietro.

        1. Hi Christine…. I’m not familiar with those names. While my grandfather’s sister’s name was Domenica Pitrone, according to our tree, she married an Antonio in Barnesboro. No record of children, but that may just mean we don’t know about any.

          1. Hi John, me again. Got some updates. My great grandparents were Pietro Meo and Domenica Pitrone. Her parents were Antonino Pitrone and Francesca.
            His parents were Antonino Meo and Fortunata Pitrone. His brother was Matteo Meo. My great grandparents immigrated in about 1911. To Barnes pro/Johnstown Pa.

  14. I’m looking for info on Mariano Nastasi (born 1854) and Giulia Catassi (born 1866?). They moved to San Pier Niceto from Monforte, but from what I know, they had Giuseppe, Concetta, Pietro, Santo, and Salvatore. Giuseppe, Santo, and Salvatore all moved to the US and resided in NJ. My popop took an ancestrydna test as did the rest of my family and so many of these surnames seem familiar! Certo, Catanese, Insana….the list goes on. I really wish I knew more about them.

  15. Ciao, I will be visiting San Pier Niceto in October, can’t wait!!! My families are the Pitrone and Locandro. Antonio Pitrone, my great grandfather married Santa Locandro in San Pier Niceto. They came to USA but returned many times to San Pier Niceto. My grandmother Rose was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in San Pier Niceto. Santa’s parents were Antonio Locandro and Rosa Picciotto (sp). Hope this sounds familiar to someone. Thank You, Kim

    1. hey kim:

      my name is elaine oliver (original last name, oliva). the family story is that my grandfather was from san pier niceto. he was the illegitimate son of a locandro. he came to the us around the turn of the century with his cousins who were legitimate locandros. he lived in ohio and pennsylvania. i remember my father had cousins named pitrone but we left the east coast in 1961 and everyone seemed to lose contact. we are all in california. by coincidence, my sister is also going to san pier nicento in a few weeks and hoping to reconnect with family there on my grandmother’s side. i am second generation italian so i am eligible for itallian citizenship although getting my grandfather’s birth certificate has proved challenging. i suspect we may be connected! what do you think?
      kind regards,


      1. Elaine, My name is Linda Logrando and my husband is David Logrando. We recently acquired a letter written to his grandmother, Fortunata Renda Logrando who lived in South Fork, PA. The letter was addressed to Fortunata Locandro and was from Martha Oliver, Youngstown, Ohio. Post mark date is 1953. Fortunata’s husband who died in 1918 of influenza epidemic. The letter is written in Italian so we can’t read it, but I can send you a copy if you think this is your relative. We believe the name Logrando was originally Locandro. Sincerely, Linda

        1. Hi Linda, my Pitrone family also moved from around the Johnstown area of Pa to Youngstown, Ohio. I went to SPN in the fall of 2018 and found records of the Pitrones and Locandros dating back to 1700s. It was amazing to visit my ancestors home town and the church they all attended. I have not had much time to work on genealogy since returning home. But I am sure we are related somehow. My 2nd cousin, Debbi White, check above for your posts, I met in Sicilia. My family lived in South Fork also. I am sure we are related. Have a great day, Kim’

        2. dear linda

          oh wow. i am so sorry to have been delayed in responding to you. yes, martha was my grandmother. i am a bit in shock. i have tried for so long to get records from the sicilian family. we have made contact with martha’s side but not my frandfather’s. since my grandfather was illegitimate he was given the last name oliva but we know we are related to locandros as my grandfather was on the same ship with his cousins who have that last name.

          i would love to see that letter my grandmother wrote. a very close friend is italian and could translate as my italian is high school level at best. perhaps the letter could help me in my quest for my grandfather’s birth certificate. it would at least prove to our family that she knew and stayed in touch with at least one member of the locandro family.

      2. We have all these names in our family / all biological relatives to Niagara Falls Ny and Pennsylvania, Maria Pieto and Francesca Certo grt grandmother

        I have great grandfather Rocco Pitrone who had 17 children born in Pa I have all names. My family consists of Guiseppi Magliarditi and Maria Petone and Salvatore Magliarditi born abt 1886 all born in San Pier Niceto

        Please email me as I will send photos and information.

        thanks any help with past records will be I cab obtain will be more than appreciated.


  16. My name is Jim Pitrone my grandfather was born in san pier nice to his name was Guisseppi I am sure we are related some how

  17. I am looking for information on my great grandfather, last name was digiaimo or Giamo. He was married to Maria Catanese born Dec 8, 1872 in San Pier Niceto, daughter of Salvatore Catanese and Letteria Trepanni. Maria and her husband had 3 girls, Francesca born Mar 1894, Letteria born 1896 and Maria born 1898. Maria immigranted to the United States in 1902. I would appreciate any information on Maria’s husband, as well as more information on Salvatore and Letteria.

    1. We have all these names in our family / all biological relatives to Niagara Falls Ny and Pennsylvania, Maria Pieto and Francesca Certo grt grandmother

      I have great grandfather Rocco Pitrone who had 17 children born in Pa I have all names. My family consists of Guiseppi Magliarditi and Maria Petone and Salvatore Magliarditi born abt 1886 all born in San Pier Niceto

      Please email me as I will send photos and information.

      thanks any help with past records will be I cab obtain will be more than appreciated.


  18. We are researching our family roots. My great father and his brothers and mother immigrated to America in 1908. According to family records, the boys grandfather was Pasquale Carilli and was born in 1829 in San Pier. He became a master builder. The boys father was Biagio Carilli. Can this information be verified or can you provide more information?

    1. If you are checking this site, there was a Pasquale Carilli born 20-Feb-1832 who was married twice. He had a son Biaggio with his second wife Anunziata/Nunziata Siracusa (m. 4-Apr-1864). Pasquale did become a builder as shown as his occupation on his second marriage record (Pasquale’s father Biaggio was also a builder) You can find the marriage records and the younger Biaggio’s birth record on the Antenati website or contact me and I can send you the copies I downloaded.
      BTW. I did not find a Pasquale born in 1829 in the records. If the Pasquale Carilli above is your great grand father he is also my 4th cousin 4 times removed. So we would be cousins.

  19. All grandparents are from San Pier Niceto and my father was also born there. He left when he was 10, in 1931. Grandfather, Joseph Borgia (1900-1979) came to America and lived most of his life in New Jersey.
    His father, also came to America, but is buried in Chihuahua, Mexico. Joseph married Angela Bongiovanni who is buried in San Pier.
    My maternal grandfather is Frank Insana (Inzano) and his brother Al spelled it Ensana in the USA. Frank was married to Maria Micale.
    I would like to know more of the Borgia lineage as far back as it can be traced. Not sure if I am connected to the Borgia (Borja) Popes or not. Looks kike that family died out in the late 1700’s?
    Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

  20. My Great Grandfather was Peter Pitrone, born in San Pier Niceto. He was one of 9 brothers, I believe, or at least that is the story. He and his wife came to the United States at the end of the 19th Century and ultimately moved to Staten Island. He had a dress factory on 23rd Street in Manhattan until the depression. After the loss of his business he returned to his original trade which was a cooper and a plasterer.

  21. I’m a Abate from Cleveland Ohio. Looking for the others from here. My Great Grandfather was from here. His name was Carmelo Abate.

  22. Hello, I’m looking for information on Gusieppe Sciotto, my 3x great grandfather who was born in San Pier Niceto in 1885. He immigrated to Sharon, Pennsylvania in 1910 and took up a job as a huckster, his wife was Josephine Manzo. He assumed the name Joseph Scott when he came to America, and help is appreciated

  23. Hello, Looking for any information on Pietro Sgro B. Jan. 26, 1839 and his wife, Rosy Closie B. Approx. 1830. Both lived and died in San Pier Niceto. Your help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi! Pietro and Rosie are my great great great grandparents ! Rosie’s maiden name is actually Colosi.
      I have an extensive family tree set up in ancestry. If you’d like info I would be glad to share.

  24. I am looking for relatives of Joseph Torre from Messina, he was born in Sicily around 1890-1900. He left for the US around 1910.

  25. I am looking for information on my great-grand parents families. They were Antonino Renda who married Nunxiata Sciotto. His parents were Giuseppe Renda and Idria Insana. Her parents were Francesco Sciotto and CaterinaMarchetta. Any info on them or their children, siblings, or parents would be greatly appreciated. Antonino came over in 1901 with Nunziara in 1902. I have their birth dates and marriage certificate.

  26. I am looking for information regarding my great-grandfather, Gabriel Insana, and great grandmother, Concetta Catanese. They both came to the United States, Pennsylvania, in the early 1920s. I am looking for their parents’ names, my great-great-grandparents, and possibly even further back.

  27. I am searching for any information on *Anna Maria Maleimi* born Jan. 26, 1870 in San Pier Niceto. Her parents were Salvatore Malemi and Domenica Bongiovanni.

    Anna married Rosario Sciotto, who may be from the same city (?) (his parents first names are listed as Guy and Anna).

    I believe they lived in Pennsylvania. Her date of death was Oct. 21, 1928.
    His date of death was Feb. 25, 1938.

    They are the grandparents of my deceased father and any information we can find would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks to anyone who can help (:

    1. Hello Margo:

      Rosario Sciotto and Anna Maria Popolo Malemi were married on July 1 1893 in San Pier Niceto.

      Rosario was the son of Gaetano Sciotto and Anna Meo. Note: Rosario was aged 27 years and Gaetano in Italian translated to Guy in English.

      Anna Maria Popolo Malemi was aged 23 years and was the daughter of Salvadore Malemi and Domenica Bongiovanni.

      All parents are said to be living at the time of this marriage. With Anna Maria being listed with the name “Popolo”, she may have been adopted by the Malemi’s. The word “Popolo” translates to “of the people” and these were often foundlings taken in by other families.

      Hope you find some of this helpful!

    2. Hi Margo,
      Rosario and Annamaria Sciotto (Malemi) were also my paternal great grandparents. They emigrated from SPN Sicily to Altoona PA and are buried in Indiana PA at St. Bernard Cemetery. If you reply with your email I will send you pics.

  28. I am searching for information, and it would be wonderful if I could find a picture, of my grandmother. Her name was Sarah Antonuccio and she married Joseph Catanesi. She was born on 1/5/1856 in Condra, Sicily (providence of Messina). She died in 1943, I would guess in San Pier Niceto. She was Catholic and they had four children, all born in San Pier Niceto. Her husband visited in USA and two of her children lived and died in USA.
    Is it possible to get information about her?
    Thank you,

    1. My dad’s Aunt was Sarah Antonuccio..probably daughter of Sarah you describe. Catanese was also a relativewas also

  29. i was in the orfanotrofio at the age of 5 I am 72 now
    Is there anyway that I can get information? And names of the other girls?
    Thanks you

  30. my grandfather, pietro oliva was raised in an orphanage or church facility in san pier nicento. he was born in 1877 and came to america in 1899. we think his birth surname was locandro. I am very anxious to have his birth certificate so that i can obtain a dual citizenship for italy.
    thank you,

  31. I am looking for information about my grandfather,Antonio Insana, born April 3, 1876 and my grandmother, Maria Catanese, born December 14, 1873. I Am also looking for my father’s father, Giuseppe Mondi. I just know the year of his birth, 1884 and my grandmother Anna Petrone, born in 1885. I will be visiting San Pier Niceto around Ocober 16, 2014 and would appreciate any information you could supply. Grazie.

    1. I am not sure if you received information but I feel we are related . Here is what I have. Antonino Insana married Grazia Pitrone in 1891 in San Pier Niceto. They had two children Caterina born in 1892 and a child that died at the age of one in 1990. In 1909 Grazia remarried Gabriello Catanese (born in 1881 in SPN) and moved to Pennsylvania, USA. She had stated that her first husband was deceased but later found record of him in Patti in 1908- not sure what happened there. Grazia/Grace and Gabriel had a child named Mamie.
      My great grandmother’s (Francesca Carilli) parents were Giacomo Carilli and Rosaria Mondi. Not sure the relationship between Rosaria and Giuseppi Mondi.
      I know this has a lot of missing pieces but somehow we must be related

      1. I don’t know if you are still checking this thread but Giacomo Carilli (married to Rosaria Mondi) is my second great grand uncle. Giacomo’s father Santo Carille is my 3rd great grandfather. So we are related. But as you say I think there are even more connections. I have multiple Pitrone’s in my family as well.

  32. Anthony Catanese

    I am looking for information on my grandfather Antonio Catanese who was born in san pier niceto in 1873 august 8th.He married Itria Basille.iWOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT WHO HIS PARENTS WERE AND WHERE THEY LIVED.


      looking for birth records for antonio catanese born august 8 1873 and idria basile born january 1884 i believe in san pier nicet sicily.

  33. I am searching for information on my great great grandfather Pietro Spadaro born in San Pier Nicetto, Messina Sicily, possibly on SEP 15 1872 or sometime between 1870 and 1872. His Naturalization paper says 15 Sep 1872. He married Barbara Micale and he came to USA in 1902, 1906 and 1909 and settled in Pennsylvania. Any information you can give will be helpful and may result in a payment to you if the information is helpful. Thank you, Herb

  34. I am looking for any information on my grandfather Rosario Certo born in San Pier Niceto in 1871 or 1872. He may have married a Nastasi before moving to the USA. He supposedly moved back to San Pier or Messina in 1920 and died there shortly thereafter.
    Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated with a monetary thank you.

    1. Hi,
      If this info is right
      Your grandfather was born12/16/1873
      Your grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers
      I have a lot of info on the family
      Was in San Pier last year and saw the family
      Hope to chat

      1. My grandfather was Pietro Certo, from San per niceto. He emigrated to pa to workin the coal mines in 1900ish and his wife died leaving him with 3 children. He then returned to italy to marry my grandmother Carmela mondi and return to the Us in philly to work as a cook.

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