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Hidden Heritage in Basilicata: Ferrandina

Ferrandina is called the "Aragonese Town", by its founder Ferdinand of Aragon (or "Ferrando" from which its name "Ferrandina").
The town is rocked by thousands of colors of the surrounding countryside with its silvery olive trees.

Walking through the narrow streets of Ferrandina you can taste the history at every step and you are wrapped by the warmth of the people and by architectural examples of rare beauty.

For our project Italian Hidden Heritage we selected in Ferrandina "Casa Candela". The owner of the house, was the doctor "Don Girolamo": all the people of Ferrandina (the "Ferrandinesi") were at least once in this building to go to the doctor. It's a very interesting historical property, right in the centre of the town.

Casa Candela
Casa Candela is a building of the 1800s, set in the heart of the historic center of Ferrandina, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.
"Il Corso" is the most important road axis of the town. It connects Piazza Plebiscito (the lounge of the Aragonese town), to Piazza De Gasperi meeting place for young Ferrandinesi.

This important building was owned by a well-known doctor in the 50s known as "Don Girolamo".
In addition to the care and health of his fellow citizens, he was educating his patients to an optimal lifestyle for those times, offering them his studio to write or even read a simple letter for relatives abroad.

The main feature of the building is the entrance hall with vaulted ceiling and its impressive and monumental stone staircase with two flights covered by limestone.

Since it is no longer inhabited by many years, the state of preservation can be considered fairly good.

Here there is a video about Ferrandina and Casa Candela. You will visit the town, the house and you will hear about the features of the property and the reasons why we chose it for

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