Italian Food by region: our selection of authentic local products

The excellence of Italian products and our unique Culture

Food is culture.
Every single region and every single town in Italy expresses its own culture with the excellence of unique specialties coming from a millenial history.

The quality of the ingredients, the secrets of the local traditional gastronomy arrived from the past till today.
The finest quality of our food, pasta, olive oil, cheese, salumi, is recognized all over the world.

If you have italian roots and you are curious to know more about the healthy food of your ancestors villages, welcome to our “food section”.
But how is it possible from abroad to know what is actually genuine italian?
How to be sure that you are going to buy authentic local excellences coming from Italy ?
Is an Italian flag on the label enough to guarantee the italian origin?

Just because it looks Italian, doesn’t mean it’s Italian!

That’s the reason why at Italian Side we opened this new “foodie” section.
Our goal is to help our readers to choose and buy ONLY authentic italian food, with our local selection.
Region by region.

ItalianSide selection of Italian food. Region by region

As an Italian food lover, it is important for you to be sure that you are eating genuine products .
We will help you choose the best products, selecting local specialties and excellences. For every italian region we will show ONLY products available in Italy and abroad that we, as Italians, would choose and buy locally and elsewhere.
We will select food that you can buy from home wherever you are: with our italian expertise we guarantee that they are 100% authentic italian!

The food products listed by region will be continuously updated.
They will grow as soon as we will be aware of new quality food available in the various countries of the world.

So we are open to your suggestions too: do you have any italian delicacy you buy in your country that you would recommend as an original typical food from Italy?

If so, please write us at

Choose below your Italian Region and…BUON APPETITO!

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