Genealogy in Riccia

If you search your ancestors in Riccia, in the province of Campobasso, Molise region, the documents about your Italian family are stored in the City Office archives and in the parishes in the town.This is where to start your family history research.

Civil Records in Riccia

In towns and villages of Molise and in Campobasso province registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Riccia town hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from Riccia, please follow this link)


So, if your ancestors lived in Riccia during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Riccia to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!

Otherwise, if you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Molise and of course in Riccia too!

Next picture shows the demographic trends in Riccia from the Italian Unification (1861).
This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Riccia. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Riccia archives, expecially if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that the most common surnames in Campobasso province are:
Battista, Calabrese, Caruso, Ciocca, D’Alessandro, D’Amico, D’Angelo, D’Aversa, De Santis, Di Biase, Di Domenico, Di Iorio, Di Paolo, Di Stefano, D’Onofrio, Fanelli, Felice, Florio, Greco, Iannetta, Lombardi, Mancini, Manes, Manocchio, Marinelli, Marino, Martino, Mastrangelo, Mignogna, Moffa, Niro, Occhionero, Palladino, Palmieri, Panichella, Pasquale, Perrella, Petrucci, Petti, Romano, Rossi, Russo, Salvatore, Santoro, Spina, Testa, Trivisonno, Venditti.

Church Records in Riccia

Church archives in Campobasso province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Molise started during 1500!

They are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of Riccia on your behalf.

In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in Riccia:



Anyway for our experience, if you plan to come here, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
In this way you will avoid to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
(Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
With the results gathered by our genealogist before your arrival, you will have more free time to visit the town and surroundings on your ancestors footsteps.

Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives.

If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in Riccia area , write to or fill the form here.

Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

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43 thoughts on “Genealogy in Riccia”

  1. looking for relatives of the martella or ricci family from east side of italy, march area and lower. the ricci’s had red hair and green eyes, fair skin and freckles ahile the martella’s had dark hair and brown eyes. these are my grandparents carmelli and franchesco. came to america n.y.c. / Brooklyn. around 1906 to 1914.

  2. My Great Grandfather was Daniel Moffa born September 22, 1877 in Riccia. I am hoping to locate names of his parents and grandparents.
    He married Angelina Ciccotella born in 1882 in Riccia, Italy. I am hoping to locate her side of the family tree too.
    When they moved to the United States their last name was changed to Morfe

  3. Randy Santone from Altoona, PA. USA. Going to Naples in January and I know that my family is originally from Riccia. Hoping to get there while I’m in Naples.

    Any info would be great

  4. My father, Antonio Mignogna, son of Giuseppe and Concetta Mignogna, brother of Nicola Mignogna came to the US from Riccia Italy around 1927?

    Do you have any information about this family, Giuseppe being my grandfather, perhaps siblings of Giuseppe Mignogna that live in Riccia.

    Also I would love information on the DeCriscio Family.

    Any info on my grandmother Carmela Ricci DeCriscio or DiCriscio? or her sister, Josephine Ricci

    1. Hi Connie, I have been doing a friends genealogy that includes DeCriscio’s, and Mignognas of Altoona, PA. Not sure I have your direct line but I do have the following:
      Antoinetta ( Anototonetta) Mignagano/Mignogna b abt 1884 Italy ( possibly Riccia) m. abt 1910 probably Altoona, PA, Joseph DeCriscio b Oct 14 1894 Riccia ( son of Saverio DeCriscio ( DiCriscio) and Generosa ( Rose) Fiorella ). They had: Jenarosa b 1910, Michael Rocco b 1916, Julia B b 1919, Giovannia b 1923, James Vincent b 1926 , Anthony b 1927, John b 1930 and three more children with no found dates , Mary, Josephine and Joseph. The mother, Antoinetta died in 1932 . The father Joseph and youngest children can be found on the 1940 living with Josephs brother Michael DiCriscio and his family in Altoona. Were your Mignognas and DeCriscio’s in Altoona ??? Happy to help- Diane

    2. Connie L.
      If you wanted info on Grams DiCriscio’s I have that which Aunt Mary gave me years ago.
      Cousin Michele

  5. my family was moffa and santo or santone, grandfather and grand mother born there in late 1800″. they came to usa and settled in ohio

  6. Hello-
    My second Great grandfather Tomaso Fanelli, was born in 1856 near or in Riccia. He married Maria Panichella before immigrating to the US in 1888.

    I cannot find any information on either person. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Not sure I can be of help. A large group of Italians from Riccia with name of Pilla.moved to a section outside of Philadelphia referred to as Edge Hill. My family emigrated in 1890s and early 1900s with the name Pilla. Evidentally at Ellis Island the name was changed to Beal. We can only assume that Pilla
      sounded like Beal to an uncaring immigration official. Others from Riccia who lived in the Edge Hill area were the Ciocca’s, Fanelli’s, Moffa’s, Panichela’s and many more. I was in Riccia 25 years ago and there was a WW1 memorial which had numerous names of families who I knew in the Philadelphia area.

      1. John, not sure if you will get this, but here goes. I am second generation from many of those Edge Hill families you spoke of. My maternal grandmother was a Moffa and my maternal grandfather, a Fanelli. They came from Riccia in 1914 and 1915 with their one yr old daughter, my Mom. They came separately, one preparing for the other. I grew up in Glenside, Pa. and heard many stories of the old country. Let me know if you get this. Gerri

        1. Hi Gerri! I just drive through Riccia and wish I would have read your post before I got there. Are there any surviving members of the Fanelli or Moffa family in Riccia? I live in Philadelphia. My grandmother was Marie Greger (maiden name Fanelli) and her husband was Mike Greger (real surname: Greco, it was changed at Ellis Island). They lived in Glenside for many, many years. They had 2 daughters, Jean and Carol, and 1 son, Michael. I am guessing we are related after reading your note. Let me know!

  7. Hello to all. I have been researching my husband’s family from Italy for a year now. So happy to find this site. Nickolas/Nicola Passerelli born: 3/30/1883 in Riccia is my husband’s 2ndggrandfather. Nickolas was married to Incoranato Amarose born:7/9/1878 in Riccia. I believe Nickolas arrived in New York in 1906. His family settled in Altoona, Pa. and lived there for many years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi there – I am told my great-great grandmother was from Riccia. I’m actually trying to track down information on my great-great grandfather, her husband. His name was Giovanni (though I’ve seen it as Giovachino) Cervo. He was born in March 1844. His wife was Teresa Cervo born October 1846.

    Thank you for any details you can provide!

  9. Hello! My Grandfather was Egidio Mignogna. He was born in Riccia on May 12, 1875. I am trying to find out if there are Mignogna’s in Riccia or Campo Basso that are related to me. Can you help me?? Grazie!

  10. My great grandfather is
    Vitale Moffa
    Born March 05, 1835 in Riccia,Italy
    Thank you for any information

    Sharon moffe D’Andrea

  11. Hello, I just had a family reunion and the cousins were discussing our Great Grandmother. Her name was Rosa Mignogna and according to her birth certificate, she was from Riccia. I believe she was born October 17, 1891. She married Domenico DiMarco. (DiMarco was changed to DeMarco once they came to the United States.) I would like to know if you had any information on Rosa Mignogna’s parents or if there was any information on Domenico DiMarco (born April 12, 1885). I believe Rosa had a sister named Filomina? Any information would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  12. New to genealogy. Looking for my Grandfather Pasquale Antonio Fanelli. Birth date 1898 in Riccia. Moved to USA 1915. Father Nicola Fanelli born 1863. Mother Filomena De Cristofaro. I have found a birth record for Maria Carmela Fanelli 1894 with these parents, but nothing on Pasquale. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I found your grandfathers Pasquale Antonio Fanelli birth record from 1898. Born May 30th. Father Nicola age 30. Mother Filomena Cristofaro age 26. Nicola’s father was Giuseppe.

      If you send me your email I will email it to you.

      Also we are probably related as I have several Fanelli’s in my tree.


  13. Hello, I would appreciate any information on my grandmother.
    Her name was Maria Joseph Ricci Or could be spelled Riccia.
    She was born March 19, 1880
    She was from the town of Riccia.

  14. Hi
    My name is mary dolores johnston (misciagna). My family,is a family who lived in Altoona. My parents were gennaro misciagna my mom was giuseppina (Josephine) maitino. They met and married in Altoona on May 6 1920 and had 12 children and I am the youngest. 6 boys 6 girls. My oldest sister Esther did the original family tree and I did a lot. Finished it a few years ago. Went to Carpinone on our 50th anniversary where mom was born never got to Riccia. Have a lot of info. There were four brothers gennaro, Joseph, Michael and Stephano who I never found anything on him. Was in touch with a Cindy maybe you are the same Cindy.
    If I can help let me know.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I saw your post when I came across my grandmother’s obituary. It says she was from the Ricci province of Compobossa Italy. She was the daughter of Michael and Esther (Grassi) Misciagna. Maybe there is some relation? Her name was Luigetta and she was born in 1898. She came over to this country I believe as a teenager, and settled in Altoona. She married Vincenzo Ciambotti and they had 10 children.

      1. Vincenzo Ciambotti married my aunt Luigetta Misciagna. I have loads of information on their family. They lived two doors up the street from me. I can help if needed. My father was Gennaro Misciagna and he married my mother Giusippina Maitino. She was from Carpinone and dad was from Riccia. I can help you if needed.

        1. Mary, my Mom was born in Riccia as were my maternal grandparents. They were Fanelli and Moffa families. They had a Moffa family chapel erected in honor of St. Michael. It still stands, but may not be active. Let me know if you have any info we can share.

    2. Hi Mary,
      My name is Lori and I am also related to Miciagna’s in Altoona. I noticed your post and on my tree I have a Gennaro Misciagna married to a Josephine Maitino. However, are the brothers listed on your mother’s side? Because I have Gennaro Misciagna having 3 sisters….Carmella Napolitana, Luigetta Ciambotti and Mary Donatello Mignogna. Carmella was my great grandmother. Carmella’s parents were Michael Misciagna and Maria Pasqualina Moffa. I am interested in knowing if you have any more information on them and possibly their parents. I have a photo of Pasqualina. They came to American in 1915 from Riccia. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

      1. My mother Josephine maitino Misciagna had two brothers Anthony and Ernest. Uncle Ernest married my Aunt Josephine and they had a daughter Theresa. They lived in Maspeth Long Island. Uncle Tony lived in Connecticut second marriage was to Aunt Julie. Uncle Tony was in America his first wife was pregnant with a child when he went back to Italy. Grandma Grazia took the children to The USA they end up in New York. Uncle Tony ended in Ct but was in N’y first and had daughters Yolanda, Linda, Grace. I have information. My sister Esther was the oldest she did a lot of good research. I finished a lot more. I have lots of info if you want it. Do you live in Altoona? I had my husbands and my trees done and had the information printed in booklet form years ago. Info pictures etc.

  15. My Father Nicholas A Vassalotti and Mother Jennie Massimo both from Riccia and came to A
    America between 1915 and 1925. I am trying to find any information
    On my family. Would you please supply any information you may have. Thank you
    Actually a little more info. Both my father and mother were born about 1902. My mothers actual name was Concettina. In America she was known as Jennie. My grandmother on my mothers side was Carmella Finelli.

    1. Hello, I am also looking for information on Nicholas Vassalotti, my grandfather, born in 1901 or 1902, May 17 or 18. My grandmother’s name was Maria Theresa Talese (his second wife)
      My Aunt told me that he was from Riccia. I have also hear Abruzzo. But I am unsure.

  16. My Father Nicholas A Vassalotti and Mother Jennie Massimo both from Riccia and came to A
    America between 1915 and 1925. I am trying to find any information
    On my family. Would you please supply any information you may have. Thank you

  17. My grandmother was Maria Michaela Moffa married to Louis Fanelli from Riccia married late 1890’s any info on the family?

  18. my greatgrandmother maiden name was Guiseppini Panichella. She married Vincenzo Iorio in Italy. Any info about their marriage and families would be helpful. thanks

  19. Kim Cassario Jacobs

    I’ve been doing much genealogy work on my from my Fathers side of the family. Specifically anything on Anthony Cassario, Casario . He was born in Riccia Comp around 1894 and traveled to America where it seems as though he resided with an Aunt and Uncle, Nora and Dominick Cassario for some time. He married my Grand mother around 1919 Lucy or Luse who seems to have been born in Pennsylvania U.S. I know nothing about my grandfather Anthony or his descendants. Since he died in America, specifically Berlin, N.J. In June of 1964. I show his birthdate to be March 22nd between 1894-5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hello,

    I hope you day is going well. I would love to find out more information on my family. They are from Riccia.
    My great Grandfather Annibale Grassi born 1882 and my great Grandmother Eleanora Misciagna born 1887 both born there.
    Annibales parents were Guiseppe Grassi and Filomena ?

    Eleanora’s parents were Giuseppe Misciagna and Maria Corvino (sp?)

    Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. Both families immigrated to Altoona, Pennsylvania. The Grassi family were boarders in the Misciagna home and this is where my great Grandparents met.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hi,
      My maternal Grandmother was Elena Misciagna, Eleanora’s sister. I have that their Parents are Giuseppe Misciagna (born Nov 14, 1854 in Riccia, Italy; died Jan. 23, 1935) & Lucia Courvino or Courvina (born Dec. 13, 1857 or 1858 in Riccia & died June 28th, 1940). Lucia ‘ s father was Nicholas Courvino or Courvina (born 1823 in Riccia & occupation, farmer & blacksmith). His wife was Rose?, or Vincenza Ferrante (born 1824 in Riccia)
      Giuseppe Misciagna ‘ s Parents were Luigi Misciagna (born 1813 in Riccia) & Concetta? or Donata Carmina Poce.
      Luigi’s Parents were Stefano Misciagna & Maria Pasqualina Passerelli.
      The Misciagna ‘ s came to Altoona, PA in the early 1890’s.

      1. Hello

        How awesome! We are related! Thank you for filling in some of the blanks. I have a few pictures that I can share with you of the family. I did quite a lot of research last year and ended up with some great new information. I will be in Italy in August and may possibly be making a trip to Riccia. Fingers crossed.


        1. Cindy
          You and I have not communicated in a long time. I am your cousin from Altoona. Finished my tree as best I could. Hope you got to Italy it is so beautiful. I never got to Riccia only Carpinone. Hope all is well
          Your cousin

      2. Hi I’m wondering if we are related my both sets of my grandparents also came from Rocco’s and also lived in Altoona pa their last names were Bruno and DeCriscio and mannocchio

      3. Richard,
        Thank you for all the great information. My paternal grandmother was Carmela Misciagna who was also a daughter of Giuseppe and Lucia Misciagna.
        I would love to discuss the Misciagna family with you. Giuseppe and Lucia settled in Altoona approximately 1885.
        Thank you so much.

  21. Hello, I just came across your site. I’m interested in obtaining my grandmother and grandfather Birth Certificates. Pasquale Aloia 5.30.1865
    Filomena Ciccaglione 5.25.1880
    Is this something you can obtain?
    If so can you tell me the cost. I’m in the US.

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