Genealogy in Italy : how to start

If you are interested in Genealogy in Italy and you are planning to hire a genealogist, this is something you should read.

Some good reasons to choose Italian Side

1) We are in Italy!

This seems obvious but someone forgets that to search in Italian Archives it’s necessary to be in Italy! (otherwise someone else is doing the job!)
The network of our local experts has direct access to the archives where original documents are stored.
And this means lower costs and shorter times.

Genealogy in Italy

2) ONLY Professionals

Genealogy is a wonderful hobby for many people, we love to see how many people of every age taking care of their family history or helping their friends doing the job by theirselves.
So if someone have free time and he/she likes history, of course we understand if he/she would love to play to be a genealogist.
But when we pay for a service, of course we must demand a professional commitment to be sure of quality results.
This is even more necessary when we dealing with unknown people from abroad claiming to be “genealogist”.

That’s the reason why we selected ONLY researchers skilled, professional and with a concrete background of studies about history and archives management. You can read more about our researchers here

3) Committed to Quality

Reliabile results and high quality standards.
Effective & accurate researches techniques.
Attention to the customer.
Respect of the deadlines.
These are some of the basic principles we are committed to.

Read the testimonials!

4) and… Affordable!

Genealogy in Italy can be done with clear prices from the start and no hidden/ extra costs.
One of the most common requests we receive is about an exact quote without bad “surprises” at the end of the activities.
This is why our researchers before to make a quote, they prefer to study the starting info you will provide and only after an initial careful evaluation, they will propose a cost estimate.
If you are ready to start, please ask for a research plan and a quote! (it’s free!)

And in any case don’t forget to take a look at the testimonials!