Genealogy in Abruzzo

One of the most interesting experience we had researching for ancestors in Abruzzo region, was during one of our partecipations to the TV show “Who do you think you are“.
In this case we worked for the swedish version of this famous program.
The episode, was about the actress Pernilla Wahlgren. We helped her to discover her Italian Roots in Abruzzo region, in the town of L’Aquila.
Her great grandfather, Gustavo Scenna, left Abruzzo to go to live in Sweden.
Our local genealogists were able to reconstruct the family tree of Scenna Family going back till mid 1700.
Then we found the house where the family lived and the place where Gustavo worked.
Following the Scenna family till today, our reseachers were able to find a distant cousin of the actress still living in the area.
During the show, they had the opportunity to know eachother.

This is the message we received from Titan TV Sweden, the producer of the show.
Everything went great. Pernilla Wahlgren (the star of our show) was very happy with all the stories she got.
ItalianSide genealogists were very good and expert.

Thank you for helping us so much with this very interesting and fun genealogy and journey.