Dual Citizenship

Our local researchers are ready to help you to get the necessary documents to become an Italian Citizen.
They will contact directly offices in your ancestors’ towns/villages on your behalf and they will manage the whole communication overcoming the unavoidable problems that the language difference can cause with the local bureaucracy (expecially in small villages).
Just give us the starting about your ancestors info to manage the research and we will be back to you with the italian certificates you need to go on with your request.

How long it will take?
Usually it takes around one month to get the requested documents. In any case, please remember that dealing with public administration bureaucracy could become quite impredictable expecially in small villages. So be ready to experience some delay.

How much will it cost ?
At ItalianSide, as maybe you already know, we are always ready to study for free your cases and your requests.
After a first evaluation, we will prepare for you a research plan and a quote to get the necessary documents
Please remember: as more exact are the starting info you have (see below), as more effective (and cheap) will be the research

How to start?
To ask for a quote, please send us an email to citizenship@italianside.com with the following information
  • list of documents you need
  • the info you have about your italian ancestor(s) with:
    - your ancestor(s) full name(s),
    - his/her birthplace (or the province or region if you are not sure of the exact village)
    - his/her birthdate (or birth year or a range of years)