Genealogy in Sant’Arsenio

Region: Campania Province: Salerno

Tracing your Italian roots back to Sant’Arsenio, in Salerno province, Campania region?

This comprehensive guide empowers you to understand the records available in Sant’Arsenio, unlocking your family’s rich history.
Where to Begin Your Ancestry Journey in Sant’Arsenio
If your ancestral trail leads to Sant’Arsenio, Italy, their vital records are likely housed in two key locations:

  • Sant’Arsenio City Hall Archives: Established in 1809, these archives hold civil registry records like births, marriages, and deaths for Sant’Arsenio residents since then.
  • Sant’Arsenio Parish Churches: For records pre-dating 1809 or for religious ceremonies, exploring Sant’Arsenio’s parish church archives might be necessary.

Civil Records in Sant’Arsenio

In towns and villages of Campania and in Salerno province civil registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Sant’Arsenio Town Hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from Sant’Arsenio Municipality, follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Sant’Arsenio during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Sant’Arsenio to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!
With his deep knowledge of people and local history he will assist you not only finding names and dates (births, marriages, deaths) but he will reveal to you many other precious information on the life of your ancestors available in the old registers.

  • Professions: do you know what your ancestors did for a living? Our genealogist will be able to give you this info!
  • Addresses: the house where your family lived (a great information if you intend to visit Sant’Arsenio !)
  • Churches: where they were baptized or married
  • (If you can鈥檛 visit Sant’Arsenio, our researcher will give you the necessary info to find by yourself the relevant places on the maps available online)

  • Signatures: if your ancestors knew how to write, he will be able to show you their original signatures.
  • Any other useful info available on the old documents.
  • Are you interested in this? Write us at or fill this form

    Next picture shows the demographic trends in Sant’Arsenio from the Italian Unification (1861).
    This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


    To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Sant’Arsenio. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Sant’Arsenio archives, expecially if you have not exact dates (there could be cases of homonymy).
    It’s useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Salerno province are:
    Alfano, Amato, Annunziata, Apicella, Bruno, Califano, Caputo, Cirillo, Coppola, Cuomo, D’Amato, D’Ambrosio, D’Angelo, De Luca, De Martino, De Rosa, Esposito, Ferraioli, Ferrara, Gallo, Giordano, Greco, Grimaldi, Iannone, Lamberti, Landi, Manzo, Marino, Napoli, Pagano, Palumbo, Pellegrino, Pepe, Rinaldi, Rizzo, Romano, Ruggiero, Russo, Santoro, Senatore, Sessa, Sica, Sorrentino, Tortora, Trotta, Vitale, Vitolo, Volpe.

    Church Records in Sant’Arsenio

    Church archives in Salerno province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
    So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it鈥檚 good for you to know that the parish registers in Campania started during 1500!

    Parish archives are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
    But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of Sant’Arsenio on your behalf to gather info about your family history during centuries.

    For our experience, if you plan to come here to visit Sant’Arsenio, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
    This because a comprehensive genealogy research is time consuming!

    Starting from home, you will have time to get a complete research avoiding to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
    (Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
    With the results gathered by our genealogist and translated in your language before your arrival, you will have the possibility to plan carefully your visit.
    In this way you will have more free time to enjoy your tour to the roots on your ancestors footsteps.

    Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives of Salerno.

    If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in Sant’Arsenio area , write to or fill the form here.

    Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

    If you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Campania and of course in Sant’Arsenio too.

    Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Sant’Arsenio forum:
    if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Sant’Arsenio feel free to leave a message below.

    31 thoughts on “Genealogy in Sant’Arsenio”

    1. Hello, I am looking for the family of Aresenio Parrella from Sant鈥橝rsenio who lived in the house attached to the church there. He was the sextant and caretaker who played the organ. He also owned an appliance business. Arsenio, who we called ‘George’ had been with us in New Jersey in America for many years back in the 1960s. He had two sons, Rafaele being one, who also stayed with us for a short period of time in America. Any contact information on Rafaele or relations would be greatly appreciated. Rob

    2. Dear record keeper,

      Are there any records of arsenio pecora in sant arsenio?
      He may have been My great grandfather who immigrated to the USA in 1890s.

    3. I visited San Arsenio September 2022 and found relatives. Margherita and Giuseppe Pica. The loveliest people you could ever meet! It has prompted me to want to research my family history. My maiden name is Diane Pica. I live in New England in USA.

    4. Searching for information about the Bosco family from San Arsenio. The family came to the United States in the between 1910 and 1919? Guiseppi Bosco and Catherine my great great grandparents and their children were John, Joseph, Maria ( my grandmother) and Rose. I am told there are relatives who still live in San Arsenio .

    5. Searching for information about the Bosco family from San Arsenio. The family came to the United States in the between 1910 and 1919? Guiseppi Bosco and Catherine my great great grandparents and their children were John, Joseph, Maria ( my grandmother) and Rose. I am told there are relatives who still live in San Arsenio .

    6. Have been searching for paternal 2nd great grandparents family… Jos Fisher (Joseph perhaps?) born circa 1850 and came to USA in 1881. Information on his past is unknown… BUT it appears he met his wife before leaving Italy.

      His wifes name is Rosa/Rose Armando born approx. 1861 in Sant Arsenio Italy. Her parents (and my 3rd great grandparents) appear to be Gabriel Aramando and Maria Vericella also from Sant Arsenio but the trail ends there. 馃檨

      Alas further information on the Fishers, Aramando or Vericella is greatly appreciated.

    7. Hi,
      My GG Grandparents were Sebastiano CORIO/COIRO, b.~1840 AND d. in Sant’Arsenio and Rosa PECORA CORIO, b.~1843 and d. in Sant’Arsenio. They had 5 children that I know of: My G Grandfather – Francesco CORIO b. May 1858 in Sant’Arsenio d. May 1906 in Jersey City, NJ. In 1880 he married Elisabetta COIRO/CORIO. The other known children of CORIO/PECORA were Maria CORIO IPPOLITO(Mrs. Luigi IPPOLITO) ~1860-~1930 Sant’Arsenio ;
      Margherita CORIO- ? b.~1862 Sant’Arsenio d. Buenos Aires, Argentina; Gaetano CORIO b.~1864 Sant’Arsenio m. Rosa EPISCOPO; and Antonio COIRO b.~1866 Sant’Arsenio d. 1932 m. Maddalena SPINILLO COIRO. On the Elisabetta COIRO/CORIO side, she was the daughter of Antonio COIRO b.~1838 in Sant’Arsenio d. 1915 in New York City. Their known children were Felice (?Phillip?) COIRO b. ~1855 Sant’Arsenio d.?; Maria COIRO TERRANOVA (Mrs. Arsenio George Terranova) b. May 1860 in Sant’Arsenio d. >1920 in Jersey City, NJ; William Guglielmo COIRO b. ~1861 Sant’Arsenio d.? m. Amanda ? in Pennsylvania < 1900; then my GG Grandmother Elisabetta COIRO/CORIO b. Mar 1862 in Sant'Arsenio d. Dec 1947 in Trenton, New Jersey m. Francesco CORIO in 1880 in Jersey City, NJ; Arsenio George COIRO b. 1864 in Sant'Arsenio d. Jan 1900 in Jersey City, NJ m. Maria DuLUCCA COIRO in Aug 1886 in Jersey City, NJ; Caterina COIRO AMABILE (Mrs. Arsenio Amabile) b. Mar 1867 in Sant'Arsenio d. Dec 1939 in Jersey City, NJ Her second marriage was to Pasquale MASI; Michael Angelo COIRO b. Dec 1871 in Sant'Arsenio d. Feb 1941 in Queens, NYC, New York. 1st marriage to Anna GIFFONI; 2nd marriage to Maria GRECCO/GRIECO. I am in the hopes that someone will read this large post and connect their family to mine. I have used the spellings COIRO and CORIO interchangeably because that is what I have been told and have seen in records in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There is a connection to the families that left Sant'Arsenio for New York City and settled in Jersey City area as well as families that settled in the area of New Castle, Pennsylvania, but I am unclear how they are connected. Thanks in advance for your help. Peg

      1. I’m also looking for information about Sebastiano Coiro & Rosa Pecora – they are my husband’s GG Grandparents as well. His great grandparents were Antonio & Maddalena Spinelli Coiro. Their son Giuseppe / Joseph Coiro was his grandfather who lived in New Castle, PA. I hope you will consider sharing your findings! Thanks so much.

        1. I am sorry that I have not checked back here in so long! Just about all that I know was included in that 2018 post. I am aware of the Coiro’s and Coiro’s who migrated to New Castle, PA. Most of what I learned about them was gleaned from the higher subscription tier. That local New Castle area newspaper is a treasure trove of stories, BMD’s, and photos. My DNA also matched DNA to members of these branches. Unfortunately I became overwhelmed by the different branches who share a small pool of first names(Francesco, Sebastiano, Arsenio, Luigi, Antonio, Guiseppe, Filippo, Antoinetta, Rosa, Elisabetta, Anna, and so on) and marriages to similar surnames: Corio, Coiro, Pecora, Ippolito, Franco, Grieco, Episcopo, and Terranova. My focus shifted to the lower hanging fruit in my other trees. Thank you for sharing your husband’s information. Hopefully it will break down one of my brickwalls and I will go back to researching my Sant’Arsenio roots. On a light hearted note. I searched an Italian site and Google translated the text to English. It even translated Rosa Pecora to Pink Sheep. I know -0- Italian and wondered why “pink sheep” showed up in the translated text. I will return to this site if I can update what I find.

    8. Mi bisabuelo Francesco Coiro Ippolito naci贸 el 23.05.1868 en Sant Arsenio Provincia de Salerno ( Italia ) y falleci贸 en el Departamento de Paysand煤 ( Uruguay ) el 25.04.1954 ,se cas贸 con Dolores Isabel Bergara G贸mez nacida el 03.11.1872 en Paraguay y falleci贸 el 21.01.1947 era hija de Jos茅 M. Bergara ( Paraguayo ) y de Senona G贸mez ( Uruguaya ) .- Ambos se casaron el 12.12.1892 en el Paraje Don Esteban en el departamento de R铆o Negro ( Uruguay ).-
      Don Don Francesco Coiro Ippolito parti贸 a Uruguay con 22 a帽os el 28.12.1889 desde el puerto de G茅nova ( Italia ).-
      Los padres de Francesco Coiro Ippolito son Domenico Francesco Coiro y Carminella Ippolito ambos nacidos en Sant Arsenio Provincia de Salerno ( Italia ) .-
      quisiera encontrar datos anteriores de estos nombres y apellidos que acabo de mencionar.- Agradezco a quien aporte datos para avanzar en mi 谩rbol geneal贸gico y si alguien aporta datos como conseguir de mis antepasados en Paraguay .-

    9. My question is: are are the birth/marriage records for Sant’Arsenio for years greater than 1865 on-line and how can I find them?


      Looking for birth record for my great grandfather Arsenio Saporito in Sant’Arsenio.
      I’ve seen birth years of 1865,1868,1871, and 1875 in US records, so I don’t have the exact year.
      His passenger list to US lists Sant’Arsenio as his last residence in Italy.

      Also have parents listed as Antonio Saporito and Marie Greco from his NY marriage certificate. (Marie Bruno on death certificate, but I believe marriage certificate more accurate)

      I will look through the records myself, but the latest I’ve found specific to Sant’Arsenio is year 1865 under Archivo di Stato di Salerno/Stato Civile della Restaurazione .

      The Archivo di Stato di Salerno/Stato Civile Italiano doesn’t list Sant’Arsenio as a location, so where would I find records for years greater than 1865 for Sant’Arsenio?


      1. You can find them in family search. I found my great great grand father, also named arsenio saporito, but he was born in 1841, in Sant Arsenio

    10. Hello, I am in the beginning stages of trying to locate information on my mother’s side of the family. My maternal grandparents are Pasquale and Anna Cavallo and my mother Luigia was born on May 1, 1937, in Sant Arsenio, Italy, the youngest of six children (Angelo, Nicola, Francesco, Margeritta, Antonietta–spellings?–all immigrated to the United States except Angelo who relocated to Roscigno, Italy). My grandfather died sometime before May 1 in 1953. My grandfather was an only child but my grandmother–who was born in 1900 in the United States when her family temporarily immigrated before returning to Sant Arsenio–had several older siblings who were born in Italy including a Caterina (spelling?); her maiden name was Ippolito (spelling?) It is my understanding that they lived in the older (historical) section of town. Any information that can be provided would be useful. I am truly hoping to locate as much as possible, since I hope to travel to Sant Arsenio in the near future and would love to understand my family history before doing so. Thank you for any insights.

    11. My husbands family is from st Arsenio. His father was Guiseppe born in 1914 and my mother in-law was born Guiseppina Leopardi and her mother was a Costa. Also my father In laws mother was an Ippolito.

    12. I am looking for information on Christopher Tierno who died as an infant. My grandfather was Guiseppe Tierno and my grandmother was Filomena Tierno and their kids were Francesca Tierno, Agnes Tierno, Mario Tierno, Sam Tierno, Peter Tierno, Teresa Marie Tierno and Joseph Tierno. My mother is Maria Teresa Tierno-Woodworth and I would like to get any information on Christopher who died as an infant between the time of 1935 – 1940 as my mother and family have no information on his birth, christening and death.

    13. I am looking for information on my grandfather- Arsenio Costa- son of Luigi Costa and Angela Terranova. He was born in San’t Arsenio Italy. He married Pasqualina Frecetese in the jersey city nj, USA. Any info would be helpful

    14. My great grandfather – Nicolas Coiro was born in Sant’Arsenio circa 1875. He emigrated to New York City and lived at 174 East 205th Street, Bronx, NY. He married a 16 year old girl named Marguerite after arriving to America. We do not know what her maiden name was. Their children: Joseph born 1896, Nicolas born circa 1900 and a third brother named Edward born circa 1902, plus four daughters named: Angelina, Marguerite, Mary and Rosalie.
      Might there be any church/baptism records?
      Thank you very much,

    15. My great-grandmother Chiara Pica (b. 1880 in Sant’ Arsenio, arrived 1904 @ Ellis Island, d. 1910 in Boston) married Nicola Tierno (b. 1875 in Salerno)in Boston around 1905. Chiara’s sister Maddalena (b. 1887 in Sant’ Arsenio, arrived Ellis Island 1910) married Nicola Tierno after Chiara’s death.

      Will be visiting Sant’ Arsenio in early spring, hoping to find more info there.

      1. Please let me know where in Sant’ Arsenio you went to locate church and government records of your family? Were the records easily available?

    16. Hello, I am researching my family from Sant’arsenio. My great grandparents are Arsenio Ippolito and his wife, Philomena. I have conflicting information about my great grandmother’s maiden name. Her death certificate says her father is Andrew Viggitalli, but everyone thought her maiden name was Capuano or Capallano. Philomena’s mother is Angelina, but I don’t have the last name. Is there anyway I can clarify this information? Where do I begin?

      1. Hello Roxane, My grandfather, Luigi Ippolito, was born in Sant Arsenio in1893 . His father was Arsenio Ippolito, his mother was Mariana (don’t know her maiden name. He left Italy for New York City around the age of 18 . His family were peasants who lived , i believe, in the hills. He left home for a better life. I am also looking for info on his family.

        1. Susan, I have in front of me a page of notes gathered by my father during a visit to Sant’ Arsenio in the 1960s. It shows details on the family of Arsenio Ippolito and Marianne Pica … and their four children: Maria, Luigi, Guiseppe, and Angelina. I would be happy to scan it and send you a copy.

          1. Hi Bill I鈥檓 Susan. You responded on May 14 ,2019 to my post from Feb 6, 2016. Any info on the Ippolito family would be greatly appreciated . Susan Ippolito

    17. My grandmother came to the US from Sant’Arsenio and I am currently
      looking for more information on her grandparents and their families.
      My grandmother was Antonia Armagno, sister of Giovanni Batista Armagno,
      who has a street named after him in Sant’Arsenio. I would like to know
      his birth date and death date if possible. Their grandparents were
      Antonio Armagno, 1830-28 Oct 1915 and Antonia Amabile. They had 2
      children that I know of: Rose Armagno and Arsenio Armagno. Their
      maternal grandparents were Angelo Macchia and Annunziata Franco. I
      would appreciate any help you could give me.

      1. Caporal maggiore ARMAGNO GIOVANBATTISTA di Arsenio , nato il 15 novembre 1895 del 16esimo Reggimento Bersaglieri , morto il 27 marzo 1916 per ferite in combattimento . 鈽嗏槅 Motivazione della MBVM : ” In zona intensamente battuta da una mitragliatrice nemica , durante la marcia di avvicinamento , sprezzante del pericolo , incitava con l’ esempio i propri inferiori a portarsi avanti , finch茅 cadeva sul campo . Monte Pal Piccolo 27 marzo 1916 . “

    18. I am researching the Episcopo surname from Sant’Arsenio. Angelo (b. abt 1852) married Marie Amabile (b. abt 1856) in appox 1882. I believe they had two or three children before coming to the US. They settled in Kearny, NJ. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! I have been unable to locate anyone in Italy.
      Thank you.

    19. Hello, I am working on my research into family in Sant’arsenio but have hit a dead end. I have up to my great-grandparents names but that is all. I really don’t have the money to hire someone in Italy to help me, never mind go myself. (Although I would love to go and take my Mom). What advice can you give me?

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