Genealogy in Serra San Bruno

Region: Calabria Province: Vibo Valentia

Tracing your Italian roots back to Serra San Bruno, in Vibo Valentia province, Calabria region?

This comprehensive guide empowers you to understand the records available in Serra San Bruno, unlocking your family’s rich history.
Where to Begin Your Ancestry Journey in Serra San Bruno
If your ancestral trail leads to Serra San Bruno, Italy, their vital records are likely housed in two key locations:

  • Serra San Bruno City Hall Archives: Established in 1809, these archives hold civil registry records like births, marriages, and deaths for Serra San Bruno residents since then.
  • Serra San Bruno Parish Churches: For records pre-dating 1809 or for religious ceremonies, exploring Serra San Bruno’s parish church archives might be necessary.

Civil Records in Serra San Bruno

In towns and villages of Calabria and in Vibo Valentia province civil registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Serra San Bruno Town Hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to get your Italian Citizenship and you need official certificates from Serra San Bruno Municipality, follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Serra San Bruno during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Serra San Bruno to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!
With his deep knowledge of people and local history he will assist you not only finding names and dates (births, marriages, deaths) but he will reveal to you many other precious information on the life of your ancestors available in the old registers.

  • Professions: do you know what your ancestors did for a living? Our genealogist will be able to give you this info!
  • Addresses: the house where your family lived (a great information if you intend to visit Serra San Bruno !)
  • Churches: where they were baptized or married
  • (If you can’t visit Serra San Bruno, our researcher will give you the necessary info to find by yourself the relevant places on the maps available online)

  • Signatures: if your ancestors knew how to write, he will be able to show you their original signatures.
  • Any other useful info available on the old documents.
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    Next picture shows the demographic trends in Serra San Bruno from the Italian Unification (1861).
    This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.


    To go on quickly in your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Serra San Bruno. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Serra San Bruno archives, expecially if you have not exact dates (there could be cases of homonymy).
    It’s useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Vibo Valentia province are:
    Arena, Barbieri, Bartucca, Carnovale, Caruso, Cavallaro, Ceravolo, Cirillo, Contartese, Corigliano, Costa, Cugliari, De Luca, De Vita, Ferraro, Franzè, Fruci, Galati, Greco, Grillo, Iannello, La Torre, Lico, Loiacono, Maiolo, Mamone, Mancuso, Marchese, Mazzeo, Mazzitelli, Mazzotta, Messina, Michienzi, Monteleone, Nesci, Pontoriero, Pugliese, Restuccia, Rizzo, Romano, Rombolà, Rondinelli, Russo, Serratore, Tassone, Valente, Vallone, Ventrice.

    Church Records in Serra San Bruno

    Church archives in Vibo Valentia province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
    So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Calabria started during 1500!

    Parish archives are far less accessible expecially from abroad and very hard to read and decipher if you are not used and skilled.
    But our local genealogists, are graduated in history and archivistics so, with their expertise, they can research the church registers of Serra San Bruno on your behalf to gather info about your family history during centuries.

    In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in Serra San Bruno:

    MARIA SS. ASSUNTA IN CIELO – Corso Umberto I


    For our experience, if you plan to come here to visit Serra San Bruno, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival.
    This because a comprehensive genealogy research is time consuming!

    Starting from home, you will have time to get a complete research avoiding to waste your holidays in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy .
    (Remember that archives are not open to public and officers and priests are not required by law to give you access to the local archives)
    With the results gathered by our genealogist and translated in your language before your arrival, you will have the possibility to plan carefully your visit.
    In this way you will have more free time to enjoy your tour to the roots on your ancestors footsteps.

    Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives of Vibo Valentia.

    If you need a professional help from our local genealogist in Serra San Bruno area , write to or fill the form here.

    Our expert will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

    If you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful advices to search in Calabria and of course in Serra San Bruno too.

    Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Serra San Bruno forum:
    if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Serra San Bruno feel free to leave a message below.

    195 thoughts on “Genealogy in Serra San Bruno”

    1. Hello! Looking for a birth record or marriage record for my GGG grandfather Antonio Tassone b. 1840s or 50s (his father was Domenico) he married a Concetta Bertucci. Thank you in advance!

    2. I’m looking for information about Raphel Tassone born 1875 in San Bruno Calabria. Died 1947 in USA. Wife’s name was Maria

    3. I have the original Serra San Bruno marriage certificate dated March 7, 1895, of Bruno MIchele Pupo and Maria Grazia Figliuzzi. At the end of the marriage certificate there are hand written paragraphs that no one, not even our local Italian teacher, can translate. The essence is that there are 2 illegitimate children coming into this marriage and it appears there is important information in these paragraphs. One name is my husband’s grandmother, Maria Rosaria, who was born the year before the marriage, the other name is Francesco, a male sibling born 6 years pervious. We think the older son was soon sent to an orphanage in the United States and they created a new name for him. This is all based on ancestry dna results. We are desperately trying to translate this document, any suggestions on how we can solve this mystery? Thank you!

      1. Bruno Michele Pupo and Maria Grazia Figliuzzi had two children who were born by the couple before the marriage. Francesco born 16 February 1889 and Maria Rosaria born 26 March 1894 and who with their marriage recognize him as legitimate children.

        Bruno Michele Pupo e Maria Grazia Figliuzzi hanno avuto due figli nati dalla coppia prima del matrimonio. Francesco nato il 16 febbraio 1889 e Maria Rosaria nata il 26 marzo 1894 e che con il loro matrimonio lo riconoscono come figli legittimi.

        1. Is there any way to trace Francesco? Our grandparents never mentioned having an older brother and we are wondering his whereabouts. We cannot find a death certificate for Francesco. We have reason to believe he might have been sent to an orphanage in the United States and our cousin thinks Francesco is her grandfather but he vanishes without a trace as a child in Serra San Bruno so we don’t know. Any clues? Thank you!

    4. I am trying to locate any relatives of my father, Michael Zaffino. He was born in Serra san Bruno in either 1899 or 1900 and he died in the United States in
      January 1974.

      1. 2 Micheles between 1896-1900
        Michele Zaffino B: Nov 1898 in SSB
        Father Giuseppe
        Mother Rosaria Candeloro
        Maria Teresa Zaffino 1894–
        Rosario Zaffino 1901–

        Michele Zaffino B: Oct 1898
        Father Bruno
        Mother Maria Assunta Valente
        Salvatore Zaffino Jan 1901–

      1. Giuseppe Monteleone
        Raffaela Tassone
        Maria Rosaria Monteleone
        Francesco Monteleone
        Nicola Monteleone
        14 AUG 1906 –

      2. Nicola Nicolas Monteleone
        Birth 14 AUG 1906 SSB
        Giuseppe Monteleone
        Raffaela Monteleone Tassone
        Maria Rosaria Monteleone
        B: 2 Feb 1892 SSB
        Francesco Monteleone
        B: 24 Jun 1898 SSB – D: 1979 Niagara Falls, Canada
        Maria Provvidenza Rando
        B: 1 Dec 1905 SSB

    5. Hello, please help me find the names of my great-great grandparents. I believe they died in Serra San Bruno in the early 1900s, but I am not sure. The last name is Scrivo. They had five children born in Serra San Bruno: Domenico (born 1892, immigrated in 1930) my great-grandfather Pietro (born 1897, immigrated 1913) Rosa (immigrated 1919) , Letizia(unknown dates), and, Raffaella (unknown dates) My great great grandfather had a brother named Giuseppe scrivo (born approx 1857) who married a woman named Elisabbetta Florina Scrivo née Grenci in Serra San Bruno (unknown year). Any information would be very helpful.

      1. Pietro Scrivo
        Birth 5 JAN 1896 • Serra San Bruno, Italy

        Bruno Scrivo 1858–
        Maria Rosaria Calafati 1860–

      2. Bruno Scrivo (37) in 1896
        Maria Rosaria Calafati

        Maria Nunzita Scrivo 1886–
        Maria Giuseppe Scrivo 1888–
        Vincenzina Schiafone Scrivo 1890–
        Domenico Scrivo 1893–
        Pietro Scrivo 1896–
        Maria Rosa Scrivo 1901–

    6. Maria Elisabbetta

      Hello I am looking for information regarding my grandparents my grandmother’s name Rosina Barillari and grandfather’s name is Guiseppe Barillari. Anyone know the history in Serra San Bruno?

    7. Family Name Amato
      My Grandfather’s name Francesco Amato / Grandmother Elisabetta (Maiden name: Buttafuoco)
      My Grandfather was the Warden or Carcariere of the Prison in Serra San Bruno , aiding him were his sons Giuseppe (my dad) , Salvatore, Ciro -Master Sculptor of renown, Antonio Commander in the Italian Navy, Bruno resided in Rome had a Hairsalon catering to the likes of Carlo Ponti, Agnelli etc., aunt in Australia Teresa with respective family members, Zia Annina in Toronto .with her respective family.
      I would like to have a definitive idea of the origins of our family – was it from Torrenunziata , Naples , Sicily, or totally Calabria.
      Same situation in Sicily,a -Luigi also was in some important regiment . Luigi was my Grandfather Francesco’s second name .
      Serra San Bruno was where we lived, my brother Francesco and I were born 1948 & 1949 respectively.

      All of this may seem

      1. Hello, my great great grandfather was named Ciro Amato. And he emigrated to the United States in approx 1905, and was a blacksmith. Is this the same person? The brother of your father? Thank you Elisabetta,

        Sincerely, Steven

      2. Conosco questa Famiglia Amato, Coniugi AMATO – BUTTAFUOCO, tramite dei parenti di Serra sono riuscito a fare l’albero genealogico della Famiglia Amato, è anche vero come dici che tuo Nonno Francesco Amato sposato Elisabetta Buttafuoco di Capistrano, è vero che era la guardia carceraria del Carcere Mandamentale di Serra San Bruno, poi tenuto da mio Zio Nazzareno Vavalà (FRATELLO DI MIO PADRE BRUNO VAVALA’, DEL QUALE SONO IL FIGLIO VINCENZO VAVALA’) conoscevo sia Ciro sia Antonio Amato, A tuo Nonno Francesco era denominato da tutti i suoi compaesani CICCIO DI DON’ANNINA NOBILDONNA DI AVELLINO, perchè era nata ad AVELLINO la tua Bisnonna

        1. Many many thanks Vicenzo — so far what you have written and replied is all true. it will be of great help to me. Unfortunately . all of my father’s brothers and sisters are no longer living. I will be travelling to Serra in the near future. and I hope to spend time doing more research on my family. My best wishes to you and your family . I will continue to post more findings.. I will ask my Zio Ciro’s wife and show her your posting when I see her in Italy.
          thank you again

        2. Vincenzo– mi scusi — vorrei sapere solamente un altra cosa..
          ne tua risposta hai nominato che mia Bisnonna Nobildonna Aninna la madre di mio Nonno Francesco Amato Guardia di Carcere in Serra San Bruno , Vibo Valentia. Per cortesia vorrei sapere il Congnome di mia Bisnonna Annina Nobildonna. E vorrei confermarti che mia Zia (figlia di mio Nonno si chiama Annina !!!
          Molto contenta che tu conosci Zio Ciro e Zio Antonio. Peccato che non sono qui con Noi RIP
          Scusa il mio grammatico Italiano — pero ti confermo che parlo il Dialetto Serrese perfetto, forse tengo frase e parole che no essistino piu .
          Spero di revisitare Serra a piu presto con mio Primo Cugino Francesco — figlio di mia Zia Annina.
          in Anno 2013 abbiamo orgnizzato un gruppo Indigeni Canadese e abbiamo fatto una Cerimonia con il Monestiero di Serra — varie personaggi sono state presente — particolare le nostre gentile paisani di Serra — per me rimane un esperienza spirituale per eternital
          Best regards to you and your family in Serra . Hope to revisit very soon with my Primo Cugino Francesco.

    8. I would like to find out more about my genealogy. My great grandparents came from Serra San Bruno, their names were Giuseppe Delia and Elizebettina Timpano Delia. Giuseppe’s parents were Rosa Scrivo and Biagio Delia, this is where I get stuck. On the other side, Elizebettina’s parent’s were Michele Timpano and Clementina Barilari. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Biagio Vincenzo died 1908 in SSB
        Maria Rosa Scrivo was still alive

        Biagio son Domenico B:1878 married
        Giuseppe Grazia Grenci in 1906 in SSB

        Biagio daughter Maria Carmella B:1883 married
        Giuseppe Scrivo in 1906 in SSB

        Biagio Son Francesco B:1896 D:1896
        Biagio son Bruno B:1886 D:1892 in SSB
        Biagio Daughter Maria Raffaela B:1891 D:1891 in SSB
        Biagio Son Giuseppe B:1888 in SSB

    9. I’m trying to locate my Italian relatives in Italy. Both Grandparents on my Mom’s side are from Serra San Bruno . The surname is: Rosaria Pisano (Pisani) and Camillo Cappelletti. They were married in Italy and came to USA in 1916. Rosaria died in 1928. Relatives still live in Pennsylvania area.

      1. Is this the right ones ?

        Camillo Cappelletti
        Birth 13 MAR 1890 – Scoppito, L’Aquila, Abruzzo
        Father Francesco Cappelletti
        Birth ABT. 1854 – Scoppito, L’Aquila, Abruzzo
        Rosaria Pisani
        Birth 30 Aug 1899 – Serra San Bruno
        Father Guisseppe Maria “Joseph” Pisani (1873
        Mother Maria Concetta Tassone (1876–1957)

    10. I am researching my family history. I am interested in any documentation to prove my findings. My great great grandfather immigrated to the US in 1909 from Serra San Bruno. His name was Salvatore Massarella. He was born on March 18, 1883 in Serra San Bruno. He traveled to Scranton, Pennsylvania but eventually settled ton Rochester, NY. His father was Guiseppe Macerone and his mother was Rose Macerone. They were both born in 1860 in Serra San Bruno. I am looking for any relatives in the area. I plan to travel to the area in fall of 2023.

      1. Could not find a Massarella or Macerone SSB
        The arrival document looks like Salvatore Mannella not Massarella

    11. I’m looking for information on my grandparents:
      Salvatore Muzzi married to Raffaela Manno
      Antonio Macri married to Maria Cicilia Nardi
      Can you provide me with their birthdates please?
      Thank you!

    12. I am trying to find the date and church in which my grandparents Angelo Mannella married my grandmother Maria Assunta Arigianello. I believe it might have been around 1922 in Serra San Bruno, Italy. I am also looking for a death record of my great grandfather Ferdinando Mannella. I believe he died around 1920.

    13. I am looking for information on the last names “Calafati” and “Pelaia”. My great grandfather was Bruno Calafati born in 1850. He married a Serafina Pelaia who was born in 1864. I believe they both had many sisters and brothers but I do not know any of that info and I am still working on confirming their parents names. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in Advance! Both from Serra San Bruno.

      1. Serafina Pelaia Age 30 married
        Bruno Calafati Age 37 in SSB on
        1 Oct 1887 Calafati-SSB-1887-Mat-1020

        Angelo Raffaela Luigi Salvatore Bruno Calafati
        father Pietro had died
        mother Angelarosa Barillari alive
        Serafina Pelaia
        father Raffaele had died
        mother Rosaria Bablia(sp) had died

        1. Raffaele Pelaia

          1827 – Luogo
          Giorno Mese 1889 – Luogo
          Nomi di entrambi i genitori
          Nome del fratello
          Nome della moglie
          Nome del figlio

      2. Bruno Calafati 1851
        Serafina Pelaia Maria Serafina
        Lucia Angelaosa Calafati 14 Dec 1889
        Rosaria Maria Giuseppa Calafati 6 May 1891
        Pietro Calafati 22 May 1893
        Maria Giuseppa Calafati 17 May 1897
        Ferdinando Angelo Raffaele 1 Apr 1899

    14. Are there any Manno’s still in Serra San Bruno? My husband’s grandfather was Guiseppe Manno. He was born in
      Serra San Bruno and later moved to Johnsonburg, Pa. His parents returned to Serra San Bruno. Would love to come and visit
      sometime and learn more about their history.

      1. I am researching an Elizabeth Manno (b 1878) married to Ralph Manno…. they have roots in Serra San Bruno? Any relation??

          1. I’m not sure. I’m thinking there may be a Bruno or Giuseppe that could be siblings of my great grandfather. They are popular names so I’m not sure.
            GG grandfather was Francesco Manno
            GG grandmother was Maria Teresa Vellone
            After arriving in New York, the went to Johnsonburg PA

            1. Maria Stella Iorfida B: 6 may 1875 in SSB
              Married 8 Jul 1905 • Serra San Bruno, Italy
              Francesco Vellone B: 1866

              We are related thru Stella Tucci

      2. I think your husbands grandfather was friends with my grandfather, John (Giovanni) Cirillo. If I’m remembering the right gentleman, he was very sweet!

      3. I to am from Johnsonburg and am researching my step father family, Joseph Malfara. His family owned the Johnsonburg Hotel. Catarina Scuglia DeCario and her husband Dominic DeCario were partners with Guiseppe Malfara in several business adventures, would love to share.

    15. I love reading the posts on different towns. Luigi, whoever you are ,all of the towns need 1 person to read the posts and try to answer the questions of that town. You are doing such a great job . I wish Montagano had someone like you . Thank you for all your work

    16. I am researching my mothers family….
      Gabriele Giancotti b.1885 (from Serra San Bruno) son of Michele Giancotti and Raffaella Franze….
      this is as far as I can get … Gabriel also had brothers ( Carlo, Stephano) and sister Elizabetha

      1. Gabriele Giancotti B: 25 Mar 1884
        Maria Raffaela Franze
        Michele Giancotti

        Stefano Giancotti B: 9 Sep 1886
        Giuseppe Giancotti B: 10 Mar 1881
        Maria Elisabetta B: 7 Jan 1878
        Salvatore Giancotti B: 2 Feb 1876

      1. Raffaele Clemente Monaldo
        Birth 11 JUL 1867 • Serra San Bruno
        Father Antonio Monaldo
        Mother Luisa Monaldo Amato died before –1904
        31 Dec 1904 • Serra San Bruno

        Teresa Monaldo Barillari
        Birth 1861 • Serra San Bruno
        Father Moise Barillari
        Mother Maria Elisabetta Barillari Barillari
        same last name as husband

        Eloisa Elisabetta Monaldo
        Birth 2 DEC 1906 • Serra San Bruno

        Have al documents

        1. Thank you for the information on my great grandfather Raffaele Clement Monaldo. Are you a member of his family?

          1. Trying to find relatives of palmerino Bruno or grace trumbetta …palmerino born in 1890 …grace born in 1902 …I’m visiting in 2023 and would like to see where they lived or worked….

    17. io cerco la famiglia Scicchitano

      So che erano tre

      Per favore potrei avere eventuali informazioni in merito

      1. Maria Rosaria Scicchitano married Giuseppe Catroppa (1879–1945)
        Birth 21 OCT 1885 • Serra San Bruno
        marriage 17 Feb 1906 • Serra San Bruno, Italy
        her parents are DOMENICO – PACE APOLLONIA

        1. Hi that is my family! my father is Nazzareno Scicchitano i”am his daughter he was married to Raffaela Federico I would like to know if i have cousin their

      2. This is my family too! I am the great grandaughter of Francesco Scicchitano. His daughter (My grandmother) Rosaria Scicchitano had one son, Aldo Pietro Minniti (My father). We have many cousins in Serra San Bruno and here in California too.

    18. My father Stefano Calaminici was born in Serra San Bruno on 5 May 1897 and my maternal grandfather Nazareno DeStefano was also born there in 1879. Can you give me any information on this. I am interested in attaining dual citizenship.

      1. Stefano Calaminici Born 5 May 1897
        Father Giuseppe Calaminici (40)
        Mother Maria Giuseppe Salerno (33)
        married 8 Jul 1883

        Nazareno DeStefano 6 Apr 1877
        Father Vicenzo DeStefano(36)
        Mother Maria Raffaele Figliuzzi

    19. Hi would like to know about my grandfather and grandmother:
      Grandfather Giuseppe Raffele
      Grandmother Rosaria Raffele(had the same last name)
      Both of their parents names and dates of birth.

      1. Maria Rosaria Raffele Nato 24 Oct 1901
        Father Salvatore (24)
        Mother Maria Teresa Francolino

        Giuseppe Raffele Nato 11 Dec 1904
        Father Francesco (33)
        Mother Sofia Timpano

        Giuseppe Raffele Nato 21 Nov 1903
        Father Angelo
        Mother Innocenzarosa Timpano

        Giuseppe Raffele Nato 24 Jul 1893
        Father Domenico (46)
        Mother Teresa Amato

        Giuseppe Raffele Nato 5 Sep 1891
        Father Domenico
        Mother Maria Teresa Amato

        Which Giuseppe ?

        1. Maria Rosaria Raffele Nato 24 Oct 1901
          Father Salvatore (24)
          Mother Maria Teresa Francolino

          Giuseppe Raffele Nato 11 Dec 1904
          Father Francesco (33)
          Mother Sofia Timpano

      1. ( ) Age on Marriage date

        Raffaele (24) born SSB
        Bruno Pleaia (64)
        Maria Raffaela Gallucci
        Maria Stella (23) born Calabro
        Bruno Maria Pisani (62)
        Pepparina Borello

        1. Do y ou have any further information about Rafaelle (24) and/or Maria Rafaella Gallucci?
          I.e. date of birth, any other children etc.

          1. Maria Rafaella Gallucci Nat 1840 Mort 30 Nov 1906 SSB
            Father Francesco Gallucci
            Mother Maria Teresa DeAngela(sp)
            Bruno Pleaia died bef 1906
            Raffaele Pleaia Nat 20 Feb 1863 in SSB

    20. I’m looking for information on my 4th Great Grandfather Nicola Amato. His death record record had the following:
      (based I what I can translate)
      – Died 9-Feb-1866 in Roccavaldina, Messina, Sicily
      – Born around 1788 (age at death listed as 78) in Serra di San Bruno, Calabria.
      – Occupation: blacksmith
      – Father: Bruno (deceased)
      – Wife: Rosa Lombardo (her death record says she was born around 1794 in Ravenna, Italy)
      – there is something about madre but I was sure what it said although I don’t think it lists her name.

      I don’t know where Nicola and Rosa were married. The marriage date would be some time before around 1813 or 1815 as that is when the earliest child (my 3rd Great Grandmother, Anna) I could find was born in Roccavaldina. Anna’s birth year is based on her marriage and death records.

    21. I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Maria Assunta Federico, born February 3, 1892 who’s birth certificate is registered with the Comune di Serra San Bruno, Provincia Di Catanzaro. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated,

    22. I am looking for any information on Bruno Valente who was married to Luigia Tassone. Bruno came to the USA on October 28, 1903 on the ship Lahn. Through the research I have done it seems that Luigia died right before he came over so I am assuming she died in or around 1903. Bruno and Luigia had 2 children, Francesco (my great-grandfather) and Rosa who married Nicholas Tassone (was supposedly murdered in Italy). Bruno’s father was Francesco Valente. I am unsure who Bruno’s mother was. Anyone recognize those names? I look forward to hearing from you!!

      1. What year was Francesco Valente born in Serra San Bruno?
        Unable to locate a death document for Luigia Tassone,maybe a different name.

      2. Arreste (not sure of the spelling) Tassone married Bruna from Serra San Bruno. She was related to the Borello Family. Not sure if her mom was a Borello or if her father’s last name was Borello. They lived in Beacon, NY for some time. Not sure he passed away sometime ago. Bruna still lives in New York I think.

    23. My great grandfather, Alessandro Guerino, was born in Serra San Bruno sometime in the 1860s. He was married to Carmela Borello. I am having a hard time finding any information on him. The story my family has always heard was that either he or his father was born illegitimatelym and he was either adopted or given a different surname by the state, and that is all we know. We do not know the name of the biological father except that it might be Tiano or Tigano, or something similar. He arrived in the US in 1906 with his wife and son, Giuseppe, my grandfather, who was also born in Serra San Bruno. I would really like to find out our real family name, if possible, and also where the name Guerino might have come front. Was this a common name given to illegitimate children by the state or could Alessandro have been adopted by the Guerino family?. I would really appreciate any information that anyone could give me.

      Thank you,

      1. I am related to Alessandro Guerino. His wife, Carmella (given name was Assunta Borello) is my great aunt. Her brother, Agostino, is my grandfather. Alessandro’s and Carmella’s children were Angelica (1888-1946), Guiseppe (b. 1890), Rose (Rosina- b. 1891) and Ralph (b.1898). Alessandro was not illegitimate. I believe his son, Ralph, was the result of an affair and, therefore, was considered illegitimate. Ralph married Mary Scala and settled in Herkimer, NY. If you have proof of any misinformation I’ve given, please contact me so I can correct it. Thanks! Diane

    24. Looking for information on the Figliuzzi and their families and who they married and children. Maria Figliuzzi birth year 1922 married Damiano LaRizza his birth 9 MAR 1920 birth place: Provincia di Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, death 11 JAN 1991 death location. Fernie, East Kootenay Regional District, British Columbia, Canada

      1. M Brewer, I am the daughter of Maria Figliuzzi and Damiano LaRizza. I would like to know if we are related in some way.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        1. Mary,
          Email me. This is exciting. My grandfather Figliuzzi immigrated to New York. He eventually returned to Serra but I know a couple of his brothers remained.

      2. Hello, I am a descendant of Natale Figliuzzi who married Maria Lacaria. I wonder if Maria Figliuzzi is a sibling of Natale’s?

        1. Hey Natalie,

          I am not sure. I am researching my father’s side of my family. Who was Natale Figliuzzi’s parents? I can do some research to see.



        2. Hey Natalie,

          My mother’s maiden name was (Maria) Figliuzzi and she is the daughter of Salvatore Figliuzzi. We can be related.

          Bruna M.

    25. Looking for birth records to help with recognition of Jure Sanguinis. Great grandfather Vincenzo Tozzo born in Serra San Bruno 1895… I think. His parents Domenico and mother Francesca Zaffino. Any help would be so appreciated

      1. I cannot offer much help, as I am also searching for ancestors born in Serra San Bruno. My paternal grandfather was Vincenzo (James) Albano. Vincenzo was born on February 17, 1887. His parents were Gabriel Albano and Maria Zaffino. My grandfather settled in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA. There was a Zaffino family who also settled in Pittsfield, I do not personally recall them, however through Ancestry I am a DNA match for Zaffino.

    26. Looking for information on Catroppa family.
      They immigrated to canada in the early 1950’s with two children ; My father Giuseppe Nicola Catroppa born August 19 1950.

    27. Looking for siblings of Bruno Tassone, born June 17, 1886 in Serra San Bruno to parents Raffaele Tassone and Elisabetta Valente. Bruno married Rosarina Pupo on August 16, 1913 in Serra, eventually immigrating to Massachusetts. Am at a dead end in finding family members of Bruno Tassone. Visited Serra 3 years ago for one day and town clerk did not have time to help. Any information is appreciated, thank you!

    28. i amm looking for my granfathers family raffalle albano born in serra san bruno on feb 23 1879 his wife was maria angela figliuzzi born oct.171875 he eventually settled in wellan ontario after he lived in rome new york and in northern canada

      1. Raffaele Albano
        N: 23 Feb 1879 #117
        F: Francesco (34)
        F: Raffaele
        M: Rosa Manella

        Mariangela Figliuzzi
        N: 17 October 1875 #141

        Vicenzo Figliuzzi
        D: 2 Nov 1893
        Maria Rosa Candeloro
        alive after 1910

      2. I am at a dead end with my Serra San Bruno ancestors. Perhaps we are distant relatives. My paternal grandfather was Vincenzo Albano, date of birth 17 February, 1887. I believe Vencenzo’s parents were Gabriel Albano and Maria Zaffino. My paternal grandmother was Margaret Candilore (Candeloro ?). Margaret was born on 21 June, 1898 in Catanzaro. Her parents were Raffaele Candilore (Candeloro ?) and Mary Josephine Carchidi. The Candilore family lived in Pennsylvania and Canada before settling in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Many different families from Serre San Bruno and the surrounding area settled in Pittsfield. My grandparents Vincenzo and Margaret had eleven children.

        1. I am interested in the Zaffino name as Annunziato Tripodi Marriwd a Roseria Zaffino somewhere around 1863

          1. I am very interested Florence, Family Zaffino -Tripodi for your message I am interested in the Zaffino name as Annunziato Tripodi Marriwd a Roseria Zaffino somewhere around 1863:

            You can help me please ? Thank-you

    29. I am looking for information on Luigi Giuseppe Iorfida Born: Jan 23 1917 Serra San Bruno Catanzaro and his wife Marianna Iorfida nee Riggio or Riggi: Born: Jan 23 1917 Serra San Bruno Catanzaro. Their marriage was in 1924…her parents.

    30. I’am looking for information on my mothers side of family her name was Raffaela Federico her father was Salvatore Federico.And my fathers name was Nazareno Scicchitano,and father was Domenico Scicchitano and his mother name was Apollonia Pace. They were from Serra San Bruno. I would like to know if I have any cousin their.

      1. Sto cercando informazioni sulla famiglia di mia madre, il suo nome era Raffaela Federico, suo padre era Salvatore Federico, e mio padre si chiamava Nazareno Scicchitano, e padre era Domenico Scicchitano e il suo nome madre era Apollonia Pace. Erano di Serra San Bruno. Vorrei sapere se ho qualche cugino loro.

        In Effetti è come dici tu, Domenico Scicchitano sposato in Pace APOLLONIA, aveva una sorella



        1. I am looking for information about my mother’s family, her name was Raffaela Federico, her father was Salvatore Federico, and my father was called Nazareno Scicchitano, and father was Domenico Scicchitano and her mother name was Apollonia Pace. They were from Serra San Bruno. I would like to know if I have any cousins of them.

          Indeed it is as you say, Domenico Scicchitano married in Peace APOLLONIA, he had a sister


          Ulteriori informazioni su questo testo di originePer avere ulteriori informazioni sulla traduzione è necessario il testo di origine
          Invia commenti
          Riquadri laterali


    31. Hello!
      I am actually doing two family tree’s. One for my son Colby Pisani….his Gr grandfather Eduardo “Edward”* Pisani was BIRTH JULY 11, 1886 • Serra San Bruno, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy and Died SEPTEMBER 26, 1952 • Ridgway, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA. We believe that Eduardo’s parents were Luigi Pisani or Pisano and Anna Theresa Vavala. We have no information on siblings or the family other than what I have provided.

      The other family history is my step father, Joseph John Malfara. His grandfather was Giuseppe Michael “Joseph” Malfara BIRTH APRIL 10, 1873 • San Nicola De Crissia, Calabria, Italy and Died OCTOBER 27, 1933 • Ridgway, Elk County, Pennsylvania, USA. He traveled back and forth to Italy several times in 1890, 1898 and possibly in the early 1900’s. He went back to Italy in 1898 to Marry his wife…Anna Maria Scuglio BIRTH NOVEMBER 25, 1877 • Vazzano, Provincia di Vibo-Valentia, Calabria, Italy and Died OCTOBER 14, 1967 • Ridgway, Elk County, Pennsylvania, USA.
      I believe that Giuseppe’s father was Michele Rosario, but have no name for his mother. As for Anna Maria, her parents were Francesco Scuglia and Maria Theresia Scida. Anna Maria had a sister Catherine that was married to Domenic DeCario. Other than that I know nothing elso on either of these families. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks you so much for your time and anything that you can provide for me at this time.


      1. Hello Justine,
        I saw your post and I am also researching the Vavala family. Curiously enough my Great Grandfather, Rosario, his brother, Salvatore and their father, Rocco came from Serra San Bruno to McKean County, PA. They changed the spelling to Vavalo after their arrival. DO you have any information that might connect our families?

      2. In reply at your request by your son Colby, I feel of expalin your genealogy by

        N 1827 N 1860


        N 1884 – M 1972 N 11/11/1878 M 1918

        1909 1909
        1961 1992 2008
        1902 1914
        1984 1999



        In order to complete the genealogical branch of Edward Pisani great-grandfather of your son Colby, if you help me, I can send you the complete pedigree of the Pisani Vavala Family

        1. I would love more information and a better understanding of what you wrote pertaining the names and dates. It is so confusing.

          How can you help?


    32. Both my mother (Maria Grazia Calaminici – April 11, 1948) and father (Salvatore Scopacasa – March 8,1939) were born in Serra San Bruno and therefore all of my grandparents were from Serra as well. However, finding information beyond my grandparents has proved difficult.
      I would like to start with my paternal grandparents. My last name is Scopacasa and my paternal grandmother’s last name was Vavala (accent on the last a). My grandfather Stefano Scopacacasa was born in 1900 and my grandmother Consolata Vavala was born in 1901. I am searching for any records of my great grandparents. My dad and relatives always made reference to Nonna Rosa who was apparently my grandmother Consolata’s mother and lived to the age of 95. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

      1. Maria Consolata Vavala
        nat 1 Sep 1901
        Father Luigi 56 years old

        Stefano Scopacas
        nat 18 Sep 1900
        father Bruno 38 years old


        Nazareno 1903 – 54 nat 21 Mar 1903
        father bruno 34 years old

        pasquale 1900 – 60 nat 21 Apr 1900
        mother Concetta Scopacas 28 years old

        salvatore 1897 – 207 nat 26 Aug 1897
        fater Bruno36 years old
        annunzita 1897 – 208 nat 26 Aug 1897
        father Bruno 36 years old

        1. My mother Stella Tucci is from Serra San Bruno. Her parents Nazzareno Tucci born in 1909 and Maria Teresa Vellone born 1912. Her family immigrated to Canada in the mid 1950s. My grandfather had 2 brothers: Carmelo Francesco Maria and Salvatore and a sister Francesca. All siblings passed away in SSB. My great grandparents were Francesco and Rosa (Pupo)Tucci and Francesco and Stella (Iorfida) Vellone. Really enjoyed reading this thread and all your stories. Louis I believe you tried to connect with me. Apologies I cannot find your email.

      2. My father Stefano Calaminici was born in Sera San Bruno on either 4 or 5 May 1897 to Giuseppe and Giuseppa Calaminici. I visited the church where he was baptized…the entry shows the date of 4 May 1897 which would have been the date of his birth.
        Stefano Calaminici emigrated to the US in 1921. He departed Naples on the SS Taormina on 22 April 1921 and arrived in the Port of Philadelphia on 6 May 1921 then he went to Freedom, PA to live with his sister Rose (nee Calaminici)Campese temporarily. He later move to Newark NJ where he married my Mother, Raffaela Sofia De Stefano whose father also was from Sera San Bruno. I am currently trying to find other relatives in the US and Italy.
        I have also found Giuseppe Calaminici who emigrated to the US in February of 1903 on the SS Phoenix departing Genova (Genoa) and arriving in The Port of New York on 6 March 1903.
        Giuseppe is listed as a workman from the town of Stignano, Reggio Calabria which is about 34 Km (about 19 miles) southest of Sera S. Bruno near the coast.
        It’s likely that Giuseppe and my father are related.
        If you are interested in tracing our family history together I would be willing to work with you. I travel to Italy often and have discovered my father’s brother’s (my uncle) grandson.
        Interested in learning about all the Calaminici family history. My searches point to the Calaminici family havin deep roots in Sera San Bruno.

        1. Hello, my father was Angelo Calaminici born 1924, he had 3 other brothers Giuseppe, Alfonso and Orlando and there were two sisters. Orlando remained in Italy to settle in Caserta, Italy. Their father Salvatore Agostino Calaminici born 1886 made regular trips to the United States for business/work. But he died in an accident when attending a Baptism celebration at around age 41 years. The details have always been sketchy surrounding this mishap. I have been told that Salvatore had a brother Biaggio and I believe a brother Joseph..
          There was also a sister who came to the U.S. settled there, her name was Mary Calaminici Birth-1895. Here’s the confusing part is a search I did years ago identified a Sophie Calaminici Birth 1908, Steve Calaminici Birth 1897, Adelina Birth 1892, James Birth 1894. Is it possible that so many of that clan left Italy and settled in the U,S.? The search did not state if they were Landed immigrants?
          My dad Angelo Calaminici settled in Toronto, Canada along with Alfonso, Giuseppe and sister Maria.

        2. Maria Stella Iorfida B: 6 may 1875 in SSB
          Married 8 Jul 1905 • Serra San Bruno, Italy
          Francesco Vellone B: 1866

          We are related thru Stella Tucci

      3. Please, Stefano, you can more clear, I don’t understand

        perhaps we could be relatives on your Nonna Maria Consolata Vavalà’s side

    33. Hi, trying to find the Middle East connection. My grand parents both had the same last name before they were married Lucia Zaffino and Giuseppe Zaffino from serra San Bruno they had 8 children rosa, assunta, biaggia, Francesco , Bruno, Salvatore, umberto, ?. Thanks

    34. My grandfather -Bruno Vincenzo Giovanni Primerano born June 23,1882 Serra San Bruno
      His wife & my grandmother -Anna Maria Dominelli born 1881 Serra San Bruno
      Both married in 1904 Serra San Bruno

      My great grandfather – Francesco Antonio Primerano born 1852 Serra San Bruno
      His wife my great grandmother Innocenza Rosa Mannella born 1854 Serra San Bruno
      Both married in 1882 Serra San Bruno

      My great great grandfather-Giuseppe Primerano born Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italy born early 1800’s maybe 1820-1832
      Hi wife and my great great grandmother-Angela Zaffino -born early $1800’s

      1) I would like to know who my great grandfathers siblings were and also my great great grandfathers siblings were.

      2) Carmelo Primerano ws born in Vallelonga, Catanzaro, Calabria abt 1932

      Carmelo’s father was: Stefano Primerano born in the early 1900’s between Vallelonga and Serra San Bruno

      Carmelo’s Mother was : Domenica (Pileggi) Primerano

      We would like to see who Stefano Primerano’s father and grandfather were

      1. My grandfather was Francesco Primerano born in Serra San Bruno in 1895 and his parents were Bruno Primerano and Maria Rosa Zaffino. SSB is a small town….are all the Primerano’s related? I don’t know much about my great grandparents. Would be nice to know if they had siblings.

      2. My maternal Grandfather was Luigi Primerano, born in Serra San Bruno in 1887. Immigrated to the US around 1905. His parents were Salvatore Primerano and Mary Rose Ariganello.Luigi’s second wife (my mother’s mother) was Saveria Villela. Her parents were Giuseppe Villella and Teresa Guidice. Does this connect with anyone?

    35. I’m looking for my great-grandmother. My great-grandfather’s name is Salvatore Tinpano. I know that he was born 1875 in Serra San Bruno, Catanzaro, Italy. He has at least one daughter, My grandmother, Nicoletta, or Nicolina. She later married Espedito Ariganello. My grandma immigrated to Canada Ontario, with her six children around 1962.

      If anyone can help me find her that would be great!

      Thank you

      1. I think you are talking about my late mother-in-law Nicolina Ariganello nee Timpano, she died in 1970 her husband died in 1983 the children, Franca, Salvatore, Bruno, Sue, Ida and Fernando all live in the Toronto area, Vincenzo oldest son died in 2001, Olivia how are you related to the Ariganellos

        M / /1970



    36. I am looking for information on my great grandparents and beyond. My great grandfather was Bruno Salerno born in 1863 in Serra San Bruno. He was married to Elisabetta Dominelli (or possibly Dominetti) who was born in 1865. He immigrated to the US in 1901 and settled near Ellwood City, PA. His father’s name was possibly Ralph. One of Bruno’s sons was my grandfather who was born around 1891. He was Louis Bruno and sometimes flipped his name to Bruno Louis. Any information you could provide would be so helpful. Thanks!

    37. Looking for information on the Muzzi families. My father Bruno Muzzi’s father was Gabriele. Bruno’s mother was Maria Giuseppa Fragomele. From Serra San Bruno.
      Bruno had one sister Brunina who married a sam Pisani and One bro. Savatore.
      And had 12 uncles.

    38. Looking for any information on Stefano Calaminici (father Giuseppe Calaminici) He was born May 5, 1897 in Serra San Bruno. Looking for information on parents and siblings.
      thank you

      1. SSB-Calaminici-1898-Nat
        Giuseppe Maria Calaminici (27) married
        Maria Lisabetta Giuseppe Salerno (21) on 8 Jul 1883

        his parents Giuseppe Calaminici and
        Maria Carmella Pisani

        her parents Angelo Salerno and
        Rosaria Sefano(SP)

    39. Do you have any information on my great-grandfather and great-grandmother (their parents or their children)? Domenico Politi and Maria Giuseppa (Timpano)Politi – birthdates-date of deaths? I believe that most of their children immigrated to the US in the early 1900’s. There may have been a son Gregorio (born ~1864) who stayed behind. If you have any info on these family members, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks

      1. Giovaniantonio Politi (38)
        parents Domenico Politi(alive)
        Maria Giuseppa Timpano(dead)
        married in August 1909 to
        Angela Marino (31) born in Conflenti, Catanzaro
        parents unknown

    40. I am looking for any information about my great grand-father, Gabriel Frank Zaffino. He was from Serr Santo Bruno Catanzaro. He was born in 1864. He married Pauline Lerro in Italy around 1887. They had a daughter, Elvira that same year. They immigrated to the United States, port of entry, New York on August 20,1887. I would like to know anything about his life in Italy, as well as his wife, Pauline.

      1. Elvira Zaffino was born 12 August 1888 in Serra San Bruno to
        Giuseppe Zaffino B:1864 and Pasquelina Marianna Pelaia B:1862
        Married 10 Jun 1887 in Serra San Bruno

    41. Im looking for information about Antonio Pelaia, born in Catanzaro in 1882 . He emigrated to Argentina when he was a boy and married Elvira Mazzola.
      Thanks in advanced!

    42. Hello,
      I am looking for any information on my family.I know my Mother and father were from Serra San Bruno My father name was Nazareno Scicchitano and his father was Domenico Scicchitano his mother was Apollonia Pace.My mother name was Raffaela Federico born about1890 her father was Salvatore Federico I done know who her mother was. my father was born in 1888
      Thank You,

    43. Hello – I am trying to find out information about my Grandparents from Serra San Bruno, seeking genealogy information (parents, grandparents) of Salvatore Vellone (born 1911) and Raffaela Catroppa (born 1914). The immigrated to Canada with their four children in the early 1950’s. Thank you for your help!

      1. Raffaele Vellone (26) married 13 Nov 1902 in SSB
        Father Bruno Vellone
        Maria Giuseppa Ariganello
        Teresa Iorfida (23)
        Father Francesco Salvatore Iorfida
        Mother Marianna Schiafone

        1. Buongiorno, mi chiamo Vincenzo, cerco informazioni su Maria Giuseppa Ariganello, penso siamo parenti o se apparteneva alla Famiglia dei Molinari (Mugnai)

    44. My father, Joseph Tucci (Tucci Giuseppe) was born in Serra San Bruno on November 11, 1912 to Benone and Giuseppina Calebretta Tucci. He had an older brother Dominick, and two younger sisters, Gina and Annina. One of the sisters married a Faciolo (sp?).

      Giuseppina died (of cancer I believe) during WWII.

      My father immigrated to the United States in 1930.

      Does anyone have any information, stories or memories of my father’s family?

      In the United States he was friends with members of the Pupo and Paisani families.

      1. Benone Tucci(24) married Maria Giuseppa Calabretta(21) on 8 Feb 1902
        Benone Parents are Domenico Tucci and Marianna Schiafone.
        Maria’s parents are Luigi Calabretta and Maria Teresa Dominelli.

        We are cousins —
        Marianna Schiafone is the daughter of Michael Schiafone and Maria Giuseppe Tucci.
        Maria Giuseppe Tucci is the daughter of Bruno Tucci and Anna Pisani.
        Bruno Tucci is my GGG Grandfather. My relatives went to Johnsonburg, Pa
        in 1903 from Serra San Bruno.
        I have been back to SSB many times
        I live in Monterey California.

        1. We are related!
          Michael Schiafone’s brother Biagio (b about 1799) is my GGG grandfather.

          Biagio’s son Michele Schiafone (1833-1911) married Anna Teresa Manno.

          Their son, Domenico Biagio Schiafone (b 1864) (my great grandfather) married Marie Giuseppe Pasqualina Sacco in 1891. He traveled to the us from Serra often.
          They had for sons, one moved to Germany, one to Toronto, and 2 to Johnsonburg.
          Giuseppe Schiafone (1897-1985) my grandfather, (married Maria Giuseppe Galle) also traveled back and forth from the us to Serra and settled in Johnsonburg, PA.
          They had three children, my dad Cosmo Schiafone came to the us in 1949 and still lives in Johnsonburg.

          Michael and Biagio’s parents are Domenico Schiafone b about 1770 d abt 1859abd Innocenza Amato b about 1773 d 1848.

          Domenico’s parents are Stefan’s Schiafone and Angela Zaffino:
          Innocenza’s parents are Bruno Amato and Maria Candelora.

          I live in Virginia Beach but from Johnsonburg.


    45. Hello,
      I am looking for additional information on my maternal grandparents’ families, both of which are from Serra San Bruno. My grandparents were born and raised there before coming to the US in 1901/1906 (Pennsylvania) and becoming naturalized US citizens in 1917. My grandparents, Giuseppe Catroppa (born 1879) and Maria Rosaria Scicchitano (born 1885) were married in Serra San Bruno on February 17, 1906. If I am understanding the marriage document correctly, my grandfather’s parents were Domenico Louis Catroppa and Maria Aurora Carrera, and my grandmother’s parents were Domenico Scicchitano and Apollonia Pace. I know that my grandfather had at least one sibling (brother Angelo Catroppa – born 1882) and that my grandmother had at least one brother (Nazareno Scicchitano – born 1888). I would really appreciate any additional information on my grandparents families, especially on any other siblings they might have had, and also anything you may be able to tell me about whether or not the information I have on the names of their parents is correct.
      Thank you very much – Celeste

        1. Celeste,
          Rose Katroppa was my aunt,she had a daughter lena,helen,josephine,mary,and a son angelo katroppa Domenico scicchitano was my grandfather my father had another sister Catherine griffo from Portland conn.

      1. Celeste,

        My mother Josephine Tawney wrote to you and we are thrilled to read your posting! That’s my grandfather, we are family! Please reply!

        1. Josephine and Linda,
          I am so sorry but I just saw your replies to my post. We are indeed family! I grew up in Aliquippa/Hopewell but have lived in Los Angeles for many years. Rose was my grandmother and Helen was my mother. Our family (Clarence & Helen Miller), Grandma Katroppa, and Aunt Lena and her family (John & Lena Kost) lived in the big family house on Park St and then all moved together to Kane Rd in the very late 1950s. Our familis used to do a lot of things with your sister/aunt Nae Williams and her family and occasionally saw her sister Catherine Terrazano and family as well when I was growing up. I have been doing a lot of research on my own on the US stuff and acutally just used Italian Side for more info from Italy. What they found is wonderful! I now have a lot more info on our Scicchiatno ancestors, including more bothers and sisters beyond Rose, Nazareno, and Catherine. I am not sure how we can be in touch directly but please be back in touch on this page and we will figure something out.

          1. Celeste,
            I have been doing a lot of research on my own but always come to a dead end. I just can’t fine anything on my mother or father I just can’t fine out who I am.

    46. Hi I am trying to find out any information that I can for the last name Gennaro and Pupo. As far as I know my great grandfather was Bruno Gennaro born Feb 15,1893 and his (adoptive) parents where luigi and luisa spatula which I have no dates of birth, marriage or death. I would love to have these dates and possibly some information surrounding the adoption or possibly the biological parents names.

      I am also looking for info on Michele Pupo whom married Rosaria Pupo, again I am so sorry but I have no dates but they did have a daughter by the name of Maria Assunta Pupo who passed in SSB in 1928. My family has no idea as to where she was buried or have we been able to get any picture of her grave. Maria Assunta did marry Bruno Gennaro but I do not know when and they had 5 children

      Lorenzo Gennaro (born March 19,1925),Luisa Gennaro, Luigi Gennaro,Michele Gennaro,Rosaria Gennaro (born 1926) any dates would be great.

      Luisa Gennaro passed in SSB and I believe she may still have children there. I really hope you can help thank you,

    47. my father Giuseppe Bruno Iorfida was born in serra san bruno april 23 1901 got married to teresa dominelli in april 1923 he was in the army and also a carbiniere he came to canada ontario in 1950 can you tell me about his family thank you

    48. Cerco un Stato di famiglia per il mie antenati Rocco Albano e Giovanna Cicciari. Per favore mi poi dirmi a chi devo scrivere. grazie

      1. Were they from Tresilico ?
        Any bith dates or dates of marriage ?
        Where were they last know to be at?

        Erano da Tresilico ?
        Tutte le date di nascita o la data di matrimonio?
        Dove sono stati ultimo sanno di essere a ?

        1. Hello Luigi. Sorry I only just found your message. Rocco and Giovanna’s children were born in Oppido Mamertina. I believe Rocco was born in Serra San Bruno. There are no records of him in Oppido. Their first child Gennaro Albano was born in Oppido in 14 March 1879. Look forward hearing from you.

    49. Looking for information on ancestors, Bruno Tassone, born June 17, 1886 to Raffaele Tassone and Elisabetta Valente Tassone. Bruno married Maria Rosaria Pupo, daughter of Bruno Michele Pupo and Maria Grazia Figliuzzi, born March 26, 1894. Both are from Serra San Bruno and married on August 16, 1913 in SSB. They gave birth to daughter Elizabeth on January 27, 1921 in SSB and applied for a passport in 1922 to come to US to live. I believe Maria Rosaria has a sister named Nicolina Pupo Drago, possibly living in Toronto, Canada and a sister Carmella Pupo who stayed in SSB. Any information is helpful. Thank you!

      1. Bruno Tassone, born June 17, 1886. I have a birth of 13 June 1886
        Document dated 16 June 1886
        to Raffaele Tassone and Elisabetta Valente Tassone. Married in 1877 in SSB.

        Bruno Tassone married
        Maria Rosaria Pupo, Born April 21, 1886 – Pupo-SSB-1886-Nat-0070a
        daughter of
        Bruno Michele Pupo B: 1846
        and Maria Grazia Figliuzzi, (check birth date >>) born March 26, 1894.

        Both are from Serra San Bruno and married on August 16, 1913 in SSB.

        They gave birth to daughter Elizabeth on January 27, 1921 in SSB and applied for
        a passport in 1922 to come to US to live.
        I believe Maria Rosaria has a sister named Nicolina Pupo Drago, Born 10 July 1900
        possibly living in Toronto, Canada
        and a sister Carmella Pupo (Maria Carmela) Born 2 October 1880
        who stayed in SSB. Any information is helpful. Thank you!

    50. Need help researching Belluso, Tassone, Timpano and Roti – Roti. Cna you suggest any sources. Main town was Simberio circa 1900-1928

      1. Dennis says:
        January 7, 2016 at 5:35 pm
        Need help researching Belluso, Tassone, Timpano and Roti – Roti. Cna you suggest any sources. Main town was

        Simberio circa 1900-1928
        They all live there. Do you have any more information – Name and Birth or Marriage

    51. I am looking for the last names, grenci, mannella, fazio and vavala-I believe all lived in or were born in serra san bruno-late 1800s and early 1900s. Thank you.

    52. Looking for anyone who is researching the surname ALBANO. I believe my ancestors came from Serra San Bruno. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

      1. I believe Raffaele ALBANO and MariaAngela FIGLIUZZI are my great grandparents. I live in Welland,Ontario, Canada and have
        visited their graves in Holy Cross Cemetary in Welland. Our family is also looking for any relatives or information
        on family ancestry.

    53. I am looking into information on my grandfather and grandmother ancestors from the region of Reggio Calabria. Their names were Carmelo Riggio and Antoniette (Campese) Riggio. Thank you!

      1. My paternal grandfather was from Serra San Bruno. I have very little information about his ancestry. This is what little I know. Name – Vincenzo Albano, DOB February 17, 1887 (1889?). Parents – Gabriel Albano and Maria Zaffino. Vincenzo arrived in the USA somewhere between 1903 and 1914. The Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA, area has many families that came from Serra San Bruno and nearby surrounding towns.

    54. What assistance can you give as to any distant relatives still in Serra San Bruno
      for Ruth Zaffino, born Sep 1, 1930. Her father was Rafael Zaffino.

      I am married to Rose DiMarco, daughter of Ruth. We are visiting Italy for two weeks end of September.

    55. Looking for Annunziato Tripodi born and died in Serra San Bruno married Roseria Zaffino from Monigna possibly married there they had one child== Francesco on Dec 6 1865 I figure, since he was born there his Mother and Father also lived there. I also know that family came from Reggio originaly. Can you help me with any of this? They probably attended St Mary of Seven Sorrows in Serra San Bruno

      1. Found a Rasaria Zaffino married to a Domenico Tripodi. She died in 1895- Zaffino-SSB-1895-Mort-0005c
        She was born in 1839. He was still alive after her death. A Domenico Tripodi died in 1898.

        Salvator Francesco Tripodi married a Maria Francesca Calaminici in 1884
        He was born in Mongiana but father was named Giuseppe

        Francesco Pietro Tripodi married a Immaculata Vavala in 1890 in SSB

    56. I am trying to research my family from Serra San Bruno and I have been stuck. I am trying to find out information about:

      Michele Giancotti and his wife Raffaela Maria Franzi
      They had 5 children Gabriele (B 1885), Salvatore (1876), Carmello (1895), Stefano (1892)and Elizabeth (?). I wanted to know their birth dates, parents, and also if I can find any address where they resided with their family (Gabriele was my grandfather and I am visiting Serra San Bruno this summer).

      Bruno Marcese? Pelaia and his wife Maria Raffaela Gallucci. I know they had at least one child, Raffaele Pelaia (b 2/20/1866)in Serra San Bruno who married Maria Stella Pisani.

      The last one is Bruno Vincenzo Pisani and his wife Giuseppina (Peppina) Barello. They had two children – Maria Stella (2/17/1864 in Calabro?) and Vincenzo (b. Pentone Italy?).

      If you can tell me how to access information to find this information or help, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Grazie Mille!

      1. Hello Maria,
        I believe the same Stefano Giancotti (b. 1892) may have been my late Grandfather. He moved to the US at age 14 and from what I understand met some older brothers here. He lived in Pennsylvania, married Mary Nicotera, had three children the eldest of which is my Mother. I’d be curious to learn an update following your trip to Sera San Bruno.

      2. Michele Giancotti B:(1838) and his wife Raffaela Maria Franzi
        M: 1872 – Giancotti

        They had 5 children
        Gabriele (B 1885), 25 Mar 1884 – Giancotti
        Salvatore (1876), 3 Feb 1876 – Giancotti
        Carmello (1895), B: 1893
        Stefano (1892)and 9 Dec 1886 – Giancotti
        Elizabeth (?). Maria Elisabeta – 7 Jan 1878 – Giancotti

        Giuseppe 10 Mar 1881 – Giancotti

        Maria Elisabetta married Raffaele Manno in 1905 – Giancotti

    57. I am looking for the birth date of my grandmother Niccolina Galluci. She was born in Mongiana, Italy as I know it to Bruno Galluci. She married my grandfather Angelo Campese who was from Serra San Bruno and they immigrated to the US around 1900. They lived in Freedom, Pennsylvania where she died on December 3, 1931.

      I cannot find any records for her and all of the family records are lost to me. I am one of three remaining grandchildren and I would like to provide my children with as much information on their ancestry as possible and I cannot find Niccolina´s birth date. I will appreciate any help you can provide.

      With appreciation

      SD Timpano

      1. Francesco Nicola Campese (25) married Maria Rosaria Vavala (26) in 1895 in SSB
        His father is listed as Angelo but no mother listed
        If I get a chance, I will try and locate both birth documentss

        1. Good Morning Luigi, my name is Vincenzo was born in Catanzaro 07/07/1974
          if i can ask you but any informations by SPOUSES

          I think that your Mother she is my parent

    58. Am searching for Luigi Tassone m. Carmella Pisani (Luigi died 1934 in San Bruno; Carmella died 1991 in Canada)
      Their son – Francesco Tassone was born 1 Oct 1927 in San Bruno; m. 1952 – Stella Zaffino, born 21-04-1931 San Bruno; died 19-12-2014 St-Albert, AB, Canada, daughter of Giovanni Zaffino & Teresa Console. Giovanni was the son of Pipi Zaffino.
      Am looking for dates & more generations.
      All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      1. Found 2 Bruno Luigi Tassone’s
        Found 3 Luigi Tassone’s
        Found 3 Maria Carmella Pisani’s
        Any idea what year Luigi and Carmella were born ?

      2. ound 2 Bruno Luigi Tassone’s
        Found 3 Luigi Tassone’s
        Found 3 Maria Carmella Pisani’s
        Any idea what year Luigi and Carmella were born ?

    59. I would to trace my genealogy . I know my grandparents lived in Serra San Bruno. Their names Annunziata DiStefano and Vincenzo Pelaia. They had six children together. My grandfather moved to Argentina and died there but my grandmother remained in Italy and died there.

      1. Bruno Vicenzo Pelaia B: 10 Oct 1880
        father Giuseppe Pelaia B:1840
        mother Rosa Zaffino
        married 7 Sept 1907
        Maria Assuantia DeStefano B: 11 Nov 1885
        father Salvatore DeStefano
        mother Rosaria Belicamino
        Rosina Pelaia B: 7 August 1908

    60. I am looking for information about my g-grandfather, Giuseppe Amato. Born in Serra San Bruno in 1875-76. Father was also Giuseppe and was a cobbler. Mother was Teresa Pace. Giuseppe married Carmela Amato in 1900 and moved to America in July, 1900. He moved on to British Columbia in 1912. I am looking for siblings or their descendants. Are any relatives left in Serra?

    61. I am looking for information on my grandfather who is from Serra San Bruno and has family there ( I dont know anything about them) but his name is Dominic Campese. Thank you for your help

    62. vicky pupo-ardia

      any information about my grandfather domenico salvatore pupo. believe he was born in the serra san Bruno area.

      1. Could this be the right one?

        Domenico Salvatore Pupo B: 19 July 1900
        father Francesco Pupo B: 1874 married 1899
        father Domenico Pupo
        mother Maria Giuseppe Bava B: 1876
        sister Raffaela Pupo B: 1905

    63. Florence Tripodi

      am looking for information on Annunziato Tripodi born in Serra San Bruno Italy and died there. He married Roseria Zaffino from Mongiana Child Francesco Pietro born December 6th, 1865 Can I find more info on Annunziata? Such as Father or Mother — Birth date etc

      1. Annunziato Tripodi nato a Serra San Bruno in Italia e morto lì. Sposò Roseria Zaffino di Mongiana, figlio di Francesco Pietro, nato il 6 dicembre 1865. Posso trovare maggiori informazioni su Annunziata? Come padre o madre – Data di nascita ecc

        Rosaria Zaffino è nata a Mongiana
        Il.Padre di Francesco Pietro Tripodi si chiamava Annunziato


    64. I am interested in knowing more about my family/ancestry from the Serra San Bruno Area/Calabria Italy area…Vibo Valentina Region. There surname was Galluccio/they my great great grandparents and other relatives came from there to Ellis Island, NEW YORK in the early 1900s. There name changed to Gallucci once they became US citizens.
      Great grandfather is Biagio Gallucci birth around 1870
      Grandfather is Nicholas Gallucci and his wife Angelina Pronto [prunto] year 1886.

      Immigration was around 1901-1903 era. Wondering if I still have ancestors/relatives in current generations alive in serra san bruno italy and surrounding areas.

      Thank you!!!

    65. Trying to find the origin of the surname Catroppa family from Serra San Bruno, Catanzaro, Calabria
      Family immigrated to canada in the 1950’s

      1. Rachel–

        My Grandmother was a Catroppa from Serra San Bruno
        and immigrated to Canada in the 50’s….

        1. Janet:

          Have you any more information about your grandmother ? I don’t know much about this side of my family as my father has alzhiemers , it runs on my side of the family .

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