Genealogy in Decollatura

If you search your ancestors in Decollatura, in the province of Catanzaro, Calabria region, the documents about your Italian family are stored in the City Office archives and in the parishes in the town.

Civil Records in Decollatura

In towns and villages of Calabria and in Catanzaro province registry offices were established in 1809: it means that you could find your ancestors records in Decollatura town hall archives as of that date.

(If your goal is to claim your Italian Dual Citizenship in Decollatura follow this link).

So, if your ancestors lived in Decollatura during the past centuries, then you should start your family research from the City Office of Decollatura to know more: our local expert is ready to help you in your research!

Otherwise, if you think to contact the town hall by yourself, we suggest you to read our tips for your search. They are useful to search in Calabria and of course in Decollatura too!

Next picture shows the demographic trends in Decollatura from the Italian Unification(1861).
This is a necessary info to understand how many people lived in the town in the past.

To proceed faster with your research is important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Decollatura. As more your surname is common, as more it could be difficult to find the right branch of your ancestors family in Decollatura archives, expecially if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Catanzaro province are:
Aiello, Bianco, Caruso, Cimino, Colosimo, Cosentino, Critelli, Curcio, De Fazio, Donato, Falvo, Fazio, Folino, Gallo, Gentile, Gigliotti, Grande, Greco, Gualtieri, Leone, Mancuso, Marino, Mastroianni, Mazza, Mazzei, Mercuri, Molinaro, Muraca, Nistico, Paone, Paonessa, Perri, Procopio, Pugliese, Ranieri, Rocca, Rotella, Rotundo, Russo, Sacco, Scalise, Sestito, Talarico, Torchia, Trapasso, Vaccaro, Vescio, Viscomi.

Church Records in Decollatura

Church archives in Catanzaro province may store even older information. You will find religious records of the same events (births, marriages and deaths) but, most important, you could go further back in time!
So in case you would like to go back in centuries, it’s good for you to know that the parish registers in Catanzaro started during 1500!

They are far less accessible from abroad (and even not easy to browse and to read if you are not used and skilled) but our local genealogist can research the church archives of Decollatura on your behalf.

In case you want to visit churches, these are the addresses of parishes active today in Decollatura:


S. BERNARDO E B. V. DEL CARMINE – Via Cancello, 56

Anyway for our experience, even if you plan to come here, we always suggest to start the research months before the arrival: in this way you will avoid to waste time in the offices or in the churches dealing with italian bureaucracy and you will have more free time to visit the town and surroundings on your ancestors footsteps, starting from the info gathered by our genealogists.

Another important source of information are the notary documents available to expert researchers in the State Archives.

If you need a professional help from our local genealogists write to or follow this link.

Our expert in Decollatura area will study your request and will reply to you with a plan and a quote for your family research.

Here below you can read the messages received from other visitors in Decollatura forum:
if you only want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy in Decollatura feel free to leave a message below.

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  1. Cimino/Miller says:

    I am looking for relatives in Maida with the following surnames, CIMINO, BONACCI, SIRIANNI, CARDEMONE. Feel free to contact me to discuss. Rosa tells Bonacci is one on the list I can’t track back as well as both of my great grandfathers whose names were both Giuseppe Cimino. Also BORDINO, VALINIS

  2. Rita says:

    I am looking for information on my Grandfather – Antonio Ciliberto – I believe born around 1885. He married my Grandmother – Carolina Foderaro – I believe also born around 1885. Both I believe were born in Maida Italy. My Grandmother’s parents were Pietro Foderaro and Teresa Quattrocchi. I cannot get any further than this. I cannot find birth certificate, marriage licenses, death certs for my Great Grandparents. Any help would be so appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Rita Giordani Skiffington

  3. Christina says:

    Hello. I am looking for information on my great grandma Rosa Maria Bonacci and also her parents giacomo bonacci and Giovanna Aiello bonacci please. They were from casenove Decollatura Catanzaro Calabria. Thank you

    • Sue says:

      Rosa Maria Bonacci is my great great grandmother and I actually have quite a bit of info on her. If you would get back to me I can fill you in.

  4. Cally says:

    Hello, My name is Cally Warner Rogers. My Great Great Grandparents are Antonio was born on June 21 1868, in Calabria, Italy.
    Mechelina was born on November 30 1867, in Cerrisi, Decollatura, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy. Would love to find more information about them and my ancestors.

  5. Lisa says:

    Looking for info for Santo Gigliotti born 1873 and Saveria Damiano born 1879, Andali, Calabria.

  6. Doreen says:

    Looking for any information about America Margaret Scalzo. Born in Decollatura Catanzaro. Calabria Italy

  7. Toni says:

    My husband’s Great, great grandmother was Rosina Tomaino-married Marasko (1/22/1878-4/6/1910). She was daughter of Giacomo Tomaino and Giovanna Pane (Jome on some documents in Lock Haven, PA, USA.) Rosina’s brother Francesco S. Tomaino (1/4/1858) sponsored many Italian immigrants to our area with similar last names listed on this page. I am interested in more info about the Tomaino’s. Rosina’s husband, Guiseppe Marasco (1868-7/21/1924) was the son of Salvatore and Mary Marssco. Would be interested in information about them. When Rosina died, Guiseppe Marasco married Rose Gigliotti (4/17/1871-3/31/1949), daughter of France Gigliotti and Anna Tomaino. Was she a cousin of Rosina? Would like more on their family also. We are interested in the history of the area and reason so many left at that time? The Italian community here has a proud heritage. They had large families. There were 15 children in the Ferrara/Marasco family. Most of the information I acquired came from the St. Agnes cemetery records, and family at our reunion. There was a “Little Italy” section in town with Italian grocery, barber, bakery, etc. It was flooded in the 1970s and many of the houses and businesses were torn down. The members of the Italian community moved to other areas, and the Irish, German, and Jewish areas became one town. Wish we could have seen what it was like back then…My husband’s surname is Ferrara. Rosina’s daughter, Genevieve Marasco married Saverio Xavier Ferrara of Esperia. Maybe you know? Is there a connection between the Ferrara surname and Ferrara, Italy. Esperia is in Frosinone, Lazio 68 mi. from Rome. Ferrara is in the North, at one time under the house of d’Estes. Interested in that type of history too. Thanks for any information you can offer!

    • Stephanie McCormick says:

      Hi Toni,

      My great grandmother was Orsala Gigliotti, who married Angelo Ambrosi, also from Decollatura. I believe Orsala was born in 1896 or 1894, wonder if she was related to Rose? They both ended up emigrating to Australia and died here in 1965 (Orsala) and 1973 (Angelo). Any info you find out about the Gigliottis would be great to know, I only found out about these details myself today 🙂

  8. Michelle says:

    I am looking for information about my nana Rosina Rotella (Mazzie) and my Nono Peter Rotella. They left Italy by boat and landed in Canada.

  9. K Daly says:

    I’m looking for Pasquale and Giuseppina Nero. Pasquale had a brother, Francesco Nero that came to America and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pasquale and Giuseppina Nero had a son, Giuseppe Pasqualli Nero that came to America in or around 1909 from Naples. I am trying to find out more information on Pasquale and Giuseppina Nero.
    I’m not sure if they eventually came to America.
    If they stay in Decollatura while their son came to America.
    Where are Pasquale and Giuseppina buried and where they were born.
    Did they have other children or if Giuseppe was an only child.
    Giuseppe Pasqualli Nero came to America and records show his name as Joseph P. Nero and married to Mary Elisa Constanza
    Any help on his parents is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  10. Janelle says:

    I’m looking for ancestors who are from Decollatura, Italy. Rose Perri (born: October 9, 1880 Decollatura, Italy, death: June 28, 1965 Chicago, IL, USA) and Lorenzo Pascuzzi (born in Sasa Nova, Italy, died: Catanzaro, Italy) came to USA from 1909 to 1913. They settled in Chicago, IL and had several children some born in Decollatura (Thomas Pascuzzi Dec. 10, 1902, Mary October 12 1904, Raffaelo Pascuzzi October 11, 1908). Lorenzo returned to Italy, but Rose stayed in the US. I’m looking for any information on their parents who I believe for Rose are possibly Francesco and Raffelo. Thanks.

  11. Holly says:

    I’m looking for information on the children of Pietro Scalzo DOB July 29, 1887 and Francesca Molinaro DOB Dec 28, 1889.

    I know their daughter Marietta (DOB Dec 15, 1912) married an Angelo Michele Scalzo (who was also originally from Decollatura) DOB Oct 22, 1891) when she was 17 and he was 38. I do not know if they married here in the USA or in Italy. I have a manifest with her on it (alone) from 1930 and it states married.

    I’m trying to ascertain if Marietta had any brothers or sisters and cannot find any records of such.

    It would also be interesting to know (since they have the same surname) how they may have been related BEFORE marriage.

    Thanks much!

  12. Chris says:

    I am looking for information about Pasquale Guzzo, born about 1863. I have a document that I believe shows he asked for a leave from the Italian army for a period of one year on May 3 of 1887 (to go to New York). That document lists his physical description, his age (24) and that he was born in, and lived in Decollatura. (I have posted the scanned image in my family tree on I am trying to find out any information I can about him, his wife, parents, etc. This research is for my 92-year-old Mother-in-Law who never knew her relatives beyond her parents. Pasquale was her Grandfather. He might have married someone named Caroline.
    Thanks, Chris.

  13. Angela says:

    I am looking for details on my grandfather Annuziato Nero fu Giovanni di Serafina e Nero Serafino.
    He was born in 1904 I believe in Montenero and died in 1930 in Nicastro after surgery. Rather suspiciously thou. His birth place could be Conflenti as that is were my mother was born and her siblings.
    He was married to Raffaella Paola and at the time had 3 children and one on the way. His siblings were
    Serafina, Serafino, Giovanna, Carmine e Teresa. Serafina married a Maio, Teresa married a Mastroianni and Giovanna a Nero. I have a list of their children as well. They use to work the lands of Nicola Montuoro at Gulia – Reventino. Any information would be appreciated.

  14. Victor says:

    I am trying to find a birth date for my dad Carlo Falvo I need a copy of his birth certificate. He was born in the late 1800’s. I think he was born in or around Decollatura.
    I really would appreciate if you could help me with this issue by telling me if you could do it for me or telling me how I could go about getting it myself.
    I thank you for your help.
    We were in Decollatura and we visited, I think it was a court house , and a Gabrella pulled out records for where my mom Grazzia Bonacci and my dad were born, and we were able to visit the house where mom was born. We ran out of time or we could have seen my Dads house.

  15. Mirella says:

    Ciao, sono interessato a trovare le mie radici. mio padre è nato a Decollatura. Il suo nome è Salvatore Mammoliti nato il 6 gennaio 1925.E ‘possibile scoprire a quale chiesa haè stato battezzato e dove viveva. Anche i miei nonni … Domenico Mammoliti e Filomena Mammoliti….Non so il suo nome da nubile
    sarebbe molto apprezzato.
    Mi piacerebbe venire a visitare le mie radici nel prossimo futuro

    • Samuel says:

      Mirella – Salvatore fu nato Casenove, Decollatura 6 gennaio 1925 di Domenico & Filomena Gigliotti. Riesco a rintracciare origini per Filomena in Decollatura, ma Domenico era di San Giorgio Morgeto, a Reggio Calabria, fu nato circa 1897 di Micehalngelo & Maria Stella Giovinazzo,

  16. Dale says:

    My Grandfather John “Giovanni” Mancuso was born January 1866. He was born in Cecollatura, Catanzaro, Calabria. He arrived in the US in 1891. Are there any records of any relatives that still live in the area?

  17. Eleanor Belletti says:

    My father Anthony Tucci was born in DecLlatura, Catanzara on March 28, 1898. I believe he came to the U.S. when he was 15 or 16.Married in Utica, N.Y. In 1924. I would like to know if we have any relatives

  18. Michele says:

    I am looking for any information on my great grandparents who lived in Decollatura. My grandfather was born in either 1879 or 1880. His name was Antonio Colacino. He married Theresa and they had a baby girl, Carmela. They immigrated to the United States in either 1902 or 1905. They settled in Utica, New York. Any info would be greatly appreciated

    • Beth says:

      My Great Grandmother was Cresenda Colacino, she married my Great Grandfather Pasquale Anania. They were from Calabria and came to the USA around 1880. They had 3 sons, Carmine, Angelo Raffael and Felix (my grandfather). Carmine and Angelo were also born in Calabria but my Grandfather was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania in 1881. This is all I know about Pasquale and Cresenda, I wonder if we are related.

  19. Larry says:

    looking to see if my grandfather angelo antonio bonacci,born jan.24,1872 in catanzaro,calabria italy,adami,had brothers and sisters,and what became of them

    • Joseph says:

      Larry, my grandmother was a Bonacci, if your grandfather lived in Danbury and was married to Rose, then I believe there was a relationship. We always called her aunt Rose. I spent several days there with them in 1959.

      • Toni says:

        My grandfather was named Pasquale Bonacci and had a brother named Antonio. He married Josephine Rose. Her maiden name was Rotolo. I have distant relatives who still live in Italy. Any connections you may have would love to hear.

      • Larry says:

        my grandfather lived in omaha ne.after coming 2 america

  20. Tiffany says:

    Any Catania ancestors? Gus? Domenico? Arthur?

  21. Loretta says:

    I am looking for any information on my great grandfather Luigi Cimino from Decollatura. He was born around 1872 and came to the US around 1892. He married in the US to a women named Mary Ivers.
    Any relatives please contact me at my e-mail.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Loretta. I don’t know if any of this will help but My grandmother was a Cimino married Antonio Cosentino hence my name. My grandmother was born in 1897 and her full name was Maria Concetta Cimino. I was in Decollatura only a few years ago and there are still Cimino’s living there. My bet is that they are related as are most of the Ciminos in Sydney Australia where I live. If I were you I would write to the local council there in Decollatura where they keep the is called the … Comune Di Decollatura… Provincia Di Catanzaro…Dipartimento Servizi Demografici… I don’t know if that will help but I can tell you that I would bet on it that we are related. I still have family living in Decollatura..

  22. Nick says:

    I’m looking for information on my great grandfather whom was born in Decollatura:
    Vincenzo Mancuso – January 23, 1884.

    Any information on his parents, his birth records, etc. would be helpful.

    Thank you,

    • Sam says:

      Nick Vincenzo Mancuso 23 Jan 1884 Decollatura son of Domenico Mancuso and Carolina Maria Giuseppa Graziano. The Graziano line is from Decollatura. The Mancuso line appears to be from Platania, as at least one of their children was born there.

  23. Donna says:

    I am looking for a friend, Elvira Ciodo. She is from San Bernardo, Decollatura, Italy. She lived in Danbury, CT for 2-3 years with her grandparents, and returned to Italy in 1965 or 1966.

    • Cheryl says:

      My Great Grandfather was Rocco Migliardi 1852-1939, Born in Sinopoli.
      In 1878 he married Maria Carbone in Delianouva where they started a family.

      I am trying to find out who his siblings were. Also, two of his daughters, Eufemia and Marianna i have no information on, born around 1885.

      I written the Sinopoli and Delinouva many times with no reply. I believe many people in Italy are related through Rocco’s siblings.

      Thank you for any assistance you may have.

  24. Sue says:

    Looking for information on the following from Decollatura
    Rosa Bonacci born 1856
    Eugenia Falvo born 1876
    Pietro Falvo born 1861 or so
    Any information on wedding dates, baptisms, deaths, other spouses would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sam says:

      Sue – I have Pietro Falvo b 28 Feb 1861 to Carmine, and Bernardina Tomaino. He married 19 Jan 1891 in Manhattan Rosa Maria Bonacci (born 10 Jan 1853). Can trace both lines to 1700’s for you. Need more info to identify Eugenia Falvo.

      • Larry says:

        my grandfather angelo antonio bonacci came from adami italy

      • Sue says:

        Wow, obviously haven’t paid attention to this site for awhile. I can trace both lines as well. However, my real question that I am trying to find an answer to is who was Eugenia Falvo’s father. Pietro and Rosa did not marry until 1891 in New York. Eugenia was born in 1876 in Decollatura or somewhere close. Eugenia was my great grandmother and what my grandmother told me was that she stayed in Italy with relatives when Rosa came to the US and came over later when she was old enough to work and they were more established. Pietro is too young to be Eugenia’s father as well. So I am looking for any record that might indicate another Falvo as her father or Rosa’s husband

  25. Richard says:

    I’m looking for anybody knows of Luigi gigliotti born in 1901

  26. steffen says:

    My great great grandfather was Stanislaos Gualtieri born in Decollatura in 1840 and married Mary Tomaino then moved to the US Danbury CT in 1900. Do you have any information about their parents, other family members or occupations?

    • Sam says:

      Steffen – Stanislao Gualtieri was an orphan, born Stanislao Fortunato in nearby Cupani, Scigliano. Went by several names including Gualtieri, Qualtieri and Esposito. Oldest son (James Q) used Steffen (spelling?) but was born Felice Esposito 28 Oct 1865 to Stanislao & Maria Tomaino.

  27. Pasquale says:

    I’m trying to obtain a birth certificate for my uncle Arnaldo Tomaino
    born July 1 1938 in Tomaini, San Bernardo Decollatura.
    can someone please direct me to the proper procedure?

    • Tony says:

      Hi Pasquale. Now that is a good Italian…As I said to Loretta write to Comune Di Decollatura… Provincia Di Catanzaro…Dipartimento Servizi Demografici…They will have the information there. I went there and they were very helpful but I was with a local.It is a strange how our families spred all over the world. I live in Sydney Australia and just last week I found out that my great Grandfather on my mums side was the sole survivor of his squadron in the Battle of Somme and got a medal for that and a second one for saving the lives of all the men in his next squadron and then went to America and his name is on the Brooklyn Bridge for working on it. An Awesome man…Good luck

    • Sam says:

      Pasquale – I have one Arnaldo Tomaino, son of Antonio Vittorio and Teresa Marotta. I don’t have a birth date but born probably in the 40’s. Possible match for you.

  28. Anne says:

    I am Looking for a record of the birth of Guisepe Cuda, possibly Pane born in 1892 in
    Decollatura. Mother died when he was an infant.

  29. Joe says:

    my grandfather, Saverio “Sam” DePaolo was born in Villa Decollatura (Praticello) Italy on July 9,1903, to Chiara Marasco and Giovanni DePaolo. They came to North America in 1913. We are looking to find out if they have any remaining descendants in Decollatura. Giovanni’s parents (my great great grandparents) were Saverio and Rosina. They may be buried there in Decollatura. Thank you for any information you may find.

  30. Heather says:

    I’m searching for records for my great great grandfather Saverio Perri. He was born 18 Nov 1872 and resided in Decollatura, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy before coming to America in 1893. He married Rachael Stancato (born May 1874). Any suggestions on how to locate records or help would be greatly appreciated! I live in Michigan, USA

    • Sam says:

      Heather – I have Saverio Perri 11 Nov 1871. Year off by one, but this is not uncommon. He was son of Basilio Perri & Felicia Gigliotti. No knowledge of him after he left Italy. Father Basilio married 3 times, (Rosalba Molinaro, Fortunata Esposito_)… so Saverio has some half siblings as well as a brother Francesco.

  31. Tina says:

    I have my great great grandfather’s death certificate listing Decollatura, Italy as his birthplace. His name is listed as Natale Perri and his birth year is either 1863 or 1862. Would you be able to help me?

    • Anna says:

      Dear Tina,

      I looked at my tree and have a Natale Perri b. Jan 1863 in Casenove in Decollatura, he married a Vincenza Mastroianni and had a daughter Maria Grazia Perri b 01 Sept 1903 in Illinois. Does this ring a bell. If so I have ancestral information relating to Natale including parent’s names, grandparents etc. Happy to share the information. Regards Anna

  32. Lindy says:

    My Great Grandfather Giuseppe Chiodo was born in Decollatura I beleive 15 January 1873 Married Santa Angotti. Daughter Maria born 31 August 1894 Also Guiseppe had a brother Giovanni Chiodo born 3 October 1883 I would like to know Giuseppi’s fathers name and santa’s families names and if there were any other children also would like to get bith records.What do I need to do to get this information?
    Thank you,

  33. Maria pagliaro says:


    I am trying to find if my mother Maria pagliaro was born decollatura?

    • Rosemary says:

      I am looking for my Grandfather’s parentage. Alessio Guzzi was born in Decollatura in 1866. His mother was Maria Antonia Gigliotti and his father unknown. She apparently later married a Carmen Guzzi/Guzzo? I am interested in the Guzzi connection.

      • Sam says:

        Hi Rosemary – we found his birth record in the post 1861 archives. Alessio was born 29 Jul 1866 Record #21 but no parents listed.

    • Sam says:

      Pagliaro is a surname from Falerna, but is also seen in surounding communities.

    • Sam says:

      Pagliaro is a surname from Falerna, but is also seen in surounding communities.