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Calabria once called ENOTRIA (land of wines) is rich of wine with a typical Mediterranian taste.
Some vineyards are very ancient, backing up to the Greek colonies that brought them from their land,started producing here and that today still continue giving wine. The wine was offered to the winners of the Olimpic games in ancient Greece while to the God “Bacco” were dedicated Temples
The people of this region has been able to collect in the passing of years experience of incalculable value in the acknowledge and techniques of the vineyards.
Still today a characteristic is that every family has its own wine produced with the traditional methods. Plenty business point on the quality using scientific methods in the phase of producing the wine.
Thanks to experience of some leader ships of business after years of experiments today we can say that we can count on the high quality
Today in Calabria the production is of 12 wines with the trade mark DOC that are 20% of the entire production. The surface of the area interested is equal to 18thousand hectare 20% plane land, 65% hills,15% mountain. On the Ionian coast and the inner part ,up to the Sila, between Ciro’ and Isola Capo Rizzuto we find Vineyards of “Gaglioppo” the one used for the wine “Ciro’”. Further down south near Bianco up to Aspromonte we find Greek vineyards . In the area of Lamezia we find the traditional Grapes Nevello Mascalese that gives a special taste to this type of wine.

List of Calabria wines identified and recognized as Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
Provinces of Calabria are listed with their abbreviations.



Region and provinces

Terre di Cosenza  
 DOC    Calabria (CS)  
 DOC    Calabria (CS,CZ)  
 DOC    Calabria (CS)  
 DOC    Calabria (CS)  
San Vito di Luzzi  
 DOC    Calabria (CS)  
 DOC    Calabria (CS)  
 DOC    Calabria (CZ)  
 DOC    Calabria (CZ)  
 DOC    Calabria (CZ, KR)  
S. Anna di Isola Capo Rizzuto  
 DOC    Calabria (KR)  
Greco di Bianco  
 DOC    Calabria (RC)  
 DOC    Calabria (RC, CZ)  

CALABRIA IGT Wines (Indicazione Geografica Tipica):
Arghillà, Calabria, Condoleo, Costa Viola, Esaro, Lipuda, Locride, Palizzi, Pellaro, Scilla, Val di Neto, Valdamato,Valle del Crati

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