NY loves Moliterno
We helped Camille to find her Italian roots.
She was aware that her ancestors were from Italy but she didn't know the birth town of her family
To find the village where her ancestors were born was really as difficult as to search a needle in a haystack!
But one of our professional genealogists in few days was able to solve this mistery:
studying the few info he had, he was able to find that Camille's ancestors were from Moliterno (Potenza province)!
So Camille had the possibility to come to Italy, to visit the village of her family, to meet people and to meet the mayor too!
After this unique experience, this is what Camille wrote to thank us:
My husband and I have both been very interested in finding our family roots.
Previously we headed to England and Scotland to locate the ancestral roots of his family.
Much of his ancestry is readily available and was pretty easy to access.
On the other hand, I was having great difficulty finding any hard data as to my ancestry.
That’s where ItalianSide enters the story! I had very little information to give them.

I had my paternal grandfathers name and date of birth, his parents names, and where I thought he was from.
We had already left for Italy and were on the Ligurian coast when, amazingly, genealogist Tiziana was able to find my grandfathers birth record in Moliterno! This was not even on our radar as a potential birth place!

ItalianSide was able to get this information in a very short amount of time as I was having email issues!
Moliterno is a lovely and the people were so helpful, warm and inviting!
I would highly recommend ItalianSide to anyone looking to establish their ancestry in Italy.

Amore alla Italia, Basilicata, Moliterno!
Thanks to you and your team for everything!

Camille DiTrani