An Italian Beauty: Polignano a Mare

Let’s play this game:
I bet when you’ll read this sentence, you’ll read it singing:

“Volaree oh oh Cantare oh oh”

Did I guess?
This is the most famous song of the most famous Italian singer in the world, Domenico Modugno.
Everyone knows this song!

But not only the Modugno’s songs are so beautiful, his town is amazing too.
He was born in Polignano a Mare, a small town in Puglia.
Polignano has a very ancient history, it was founded in the Neolithic!
This town has a wonderful sea, interesting monuments, breathtaking views.

The most evocative place is called Lama Monachile, which you can also admire from the various panoramic views. Every summer a lot of people comes here to swim in the crystal clear sea.
A very photographed Polignano’s monument is the Domenico Modugno’s statue: every tourist wants take a picture emulating the pose of the singer!

(The actor Matt Dillon under Domenico Modugno’s statue)

The Mother Church is called “Mother Therese of the Assumption” and it preserves important works of art dating back to the fifteenth century.
In this town you can visit with a boat the magical atmosphere of the caves dug by the sea. (In one of these there’s one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in the world!)

(Hotel Restaurant Grotta Palazzese, Polignano)

In september you can take part to the “Red Bull Cliff Diving”, an international challenge between divers from all over the world.
Instead during Christmas time Polignano is made more magical by the lights located along the old town.

(Red Bull Cliff Diving, 2021)

The food is spectacular too: we suggest you the “focaccia barese”, the sandwich with octopus and “the special coffee of Polignano” (it’s made with coffee, sugar, lemon zest, cream and amaretto!).

(The special coffee of Polignano)

I think there is just one word to describe this Italian Beauty: MERAVIGLIOSO!

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