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The Italian Art of Living
June 1, 2020

Recently many international newspapers featured articles on the opportunities in Italy for all those interested to invest in real estate.

Rural Italy is appealing for anyone interested in Italian most cherished qualities: unspoilt countryside, ancient ruins, medieval towns, sunkissed vineyards, sea, mountains and great food.
Tourists who come to visit the Italian countryside fall in love quite easily and think to buy a property here to enjoy the “Italian art of living”

The small Italian villages contains historic structures, often semi-abandoned due to emigration. Nobles palazzos and other notable dwelllings in small country villages are emptying out.

Just think at what happened in Matera (the European Capital of Culture 2019, in Basilicata region): the Sassi’s habitable portions evacuated in the 1950, are now prime real estate. Semi-ruins that once sold for €200 to €300 per square meter are now worth more than €3000 per square meter renovated.

This is a considerable opportunity not to be missed by all those who today want to really go back to their roots.

Another very famous investment opportunity comes from the “1 euro houses” programs available in a good number of Italian villages (you can see a list here).
At the end maybe you will not able to get your dream home for 1 euro but you will have for sure the possibility to buy palaces full of history for a very affordable price.

The Italian Government launched an initiative  to collect the real estate opportunities about properties owned by the government or by companies with mixed public-private shareholders.
The properties are usually very important in terms of location, type and size.
You can read more about this initiative and browse the available properties following this link

Are you interested on investment opportunities in Italy or in your ancestors’ village ?

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