The meaning of Italian heritage
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December 5, 2017
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The meaning of Italian heritage - Italian Side

Heritage represents something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor or an ancestor. So, it is something that could emotionally connect people living in a state to the place of origin of their ancestors. Such as the descendants of Italians who left Italy during the last centuries.

Italy has a tradition of emigration: Italians emigrated to other countries looking for employment opportunities in Argentina, Canada, Brazil, United States, European countries.
Nowadays more or less 80 million Italian emigrants descendants live in the world.

In the world there are lots of them raised in proudly Italian family, listened to their grandmothers and grandfathers telling tales about their life in Italy and their travels to the new countries, knew relatives through photographs.
For these people Italian heritage is real and alive.
Otherwise, for some other the direct links to Italian heritage have gotten lost through time, in these cases the pieces that could connect them with their Italian heritage are missing.

Italian American heritage celebration month

As we wrote, in some cases Italian heritage is a strong feeling, in some States it is celebrated.
In the United States every year they celebrate the Italian American Heritage Month. They want to honor the participation in the history of USA of Italian immigrants and their descendants living there. October is the Italian American heritage month.
In the same month the Columbus Day is celebrated. It is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and it celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of Cristoforo Colombo in the American continent.

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