Italian Christmas Gifts
“L’amica geniale”: an example of ‘Made in Italy’ - Italian Side
“L’amica geniale”: an example of ‘Made in Italy’
December 5, 2018
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December 19, 2018
Italian Christmas Gift - Italian Side

It’s Christmas time and the most part of us is busy in searching for gifts.
Italian brands and ‘Made in Italy’ are known and really appreciated all over the world, so we collected some suggestions about Italian Christmas gifts in order to let you buy a memorable one.
Nowadays even little Italian makers are used to sell their products online, so we think you will not have any problems in buying Italian products.

Food and wine

Food and wine, usually, make people thinking about Italy. Furthermore, Christmas is the right time of the year to taste new wine and to try the traditional culinary Italian Christmas specialities. It might be great to give a bottle of wine, a bakery ‘panettone’ (Italian traditional cake), or an all Italian products basket.
In any case, the recipient will appreciate the gift!


The Italian fashion is rightly believed to be the top. Italian stylists and tailors are appreciated worldwide and they are equivalent to style and elegance of the ‘Bel Paese’. The fashion houses have their online store, it will be very simple to buy dresses, shirts, bags, sunglasses or hats and receive it just in time for Christmas.


Design in Italy is just like fashion and it is well known all around the world.
Lots of design objects, such as lamps, radio, articles for the working desk and so on, could be appreciated Christmas gifts. They are original, wonderful, and they can contribute to customize a house and make a workplace happier.


Moreover, Italy has a great handicraft tradition. Every region has its own speciality, so you can choose among handmade jewelry, such as the Sardinian rings, original leather products made in Toscana, little pottery objects from Apulia, or, if the recipient loves music, you can buy a ‘zampogna’, the peculiar Southern Italy bagpipe.


Italy has an important literary tradition and lots of books, such as novels of Elena Ferrante, Italo Calvino or Umberto Eco, were translated in different languages and are sold in the worldwide bookstores.
At the same time, if you want the recipient improve english you could buy an Italian book or “The supplement to the Italian dictionary” by Bruno Munari, a book devoted to Italian gestures.

Do you have any suggestions about Christmas gifts?
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