ItalianSide for … Japan !

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February 20, 2016
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Italians are everywhere! We know this and we had a new proof since we built the map of the visitors of

With more than 700.000 visitors in 2015 ItalianSide was accessed by almost every country in the world!

And, for the first time we made a genealogy research for… Japan!

Phil Barbieri is from the US but now he lives in northern Japan. His ancestors are from Ruoti a small village in Basilicata.

An Old Postcard of Ruoti

Phil contacted us to know more about his roots and Gabriele was able to give him a great research with many info about his Italian Family
As soon as we completed the research, he sent us this great testimonial we added to our page

This is what Phil wrote us:

” I had planned to go to Basilicata and research my family roots, but I had visions of dusty archives with hard to read Italian, if I could even gain access.

It seemed as though I was in need of someone who knew their way around this stuff and would take a personal interest in seeing in get done properly.
I surfed the net, thinking it not very likely I’d have much luck when I came across Italianside.
The mails I exchanged with the founder, Michele, were reassuring.
His professional archivist, Gabriele, did all the legwork.
Instead of paying half now, half when done, I went ahead and sent the full sum; these men felt trustworthy. They did not disappoint.

Phil and his granddaughter Chihiro

In fact, they exceeded my expectations.
They sent me original documents, family trees and detailed charts in addition to complete accounts of the main members and their ancestors back to the fourth generation.
All done in fine English.
I recommend them to others interested in researching their Italian roots without reservation.
Philip Barbieri, Aomori, Japan, April 2016″

Now Phil wrote us that he plans to come to Ruoti to visit his ancestors’ village, and we will be happy to welcome him here in Italy!