Castel del Monte, a Jewel in the Apulian Countryside

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Castel del Monte (13th century) situated in the Apulia region, situated on a small hill close to Andria and Corato, near to Bari.

It’s a gothic structure even if there are recognizable architectural aspects indicating a fusion of cultural elements from Northern Europe, from the Muslim world and classic antiquity.
The Castle is a unique medieval achitectural masterpiece reflecting the humanism of its founder the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia “stupor mindi”.

It’s certainly one of the most interesting and fascinating castle among those built by Frederick II in Apulia.

casteldelmonte_2 There are many theories for what the castle was used for: boardroom or hunting lodge.
An octagonal 13th-century fortification with a commanding view of the surrounding landscape.
Each property located in the valley can see the Castle from miles.

In 1996 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is visited every year by thousands of tourists.

Thanks to the celebrity and the historical importance of this beautiful building, its image has been used in the back side of the one cent Euro coin issued by the Italian Republic.
Castel del Monte does not only mean the suggestive building; in the enology’s world is also synonym of sublime quality wines and – in particular – it is an area of Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC).

In fact, the territory surrounding Castel del Monte is characterized by vineyards, the cultivation of which is favored by the favorable climatic conditions. From 300 meters above sea level, in fact, plants of Troia grapes, Pampanuto and black Bombino, cover the hills and produce three types of Castel del Monte DOC: Red, White and Rosé. casteldelmonte_3

There , ambitious producers have much more to offer than the easy drinking wines mostly sold today. Andria e Corato is also land of great tasty food: mozzarella and “burrata”, extra virgin olive oil “Coratina”.