Hidden Heritage: Selected Properties in Italy

The “With Bone” (Brave) Young
August 25, 2013
Searching for My Ancestor’s Home
September 28, 2013

Hidden Heritage is an ItalianSide.com project devoted to discovering the architectural heritage of small Italian villages

In the last years, many buyers invested in the typical mass-tourism Italian towns.

“Hidden Heritage” is focused on people interested in the essence of the Italian life, in discovering our roots.

The selected properties are located in beautiful small villages with their untouched artistic patrimony and, most of all, with a unique quality of life.
Far from noises of the big towns, with “Hidden Heritage” project, you can find historical homes at affordable prices to enjoy the “paese” slow life.

The idea is to select and valorize the historic buildings of higher cultural interest, showing them to all the potential interested parties in the world.

This is the trailer of the pilot episode about an “hidden treasure” selected in Ferrandina – Basilicata (Here the full episode).

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