“Forza Bill!”
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November 5, 2013
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November 23, 2013

When Bill de Blasio was declared mayor-elect of New York City on Tuesday, there were celebrations in southern Italy.
Both Sant’Agata di Goti in Campania and Grassano in Basilicata had been closely following the recent election, for them de Blasio is one of their own.

In the town of Sant’Agata di Goti near Naples, where de Blasio’s maternal grandfather was born, the local citizens waved American flags and cheered “Forza Bill” (“Go Bill”).
When victory was declared, they opened bottles of spumante amidst a display of fireworks.

And of course a big pizza was made to celebrate!

The birth certificate

Grassano, the ancestral home of de Blasio’s maternal grandmother, will send de Blasio a copy of his grandmother’s birth certificate (in the picture you can see the original page of the register with her birth record).
Her name was Anna Briganti and she was born in Grassano february 13 1881.

When de Blasio visits, the mayor will make him an honorary citizen.

Do you have your ancestors birth certificates?
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