The House, the Stones and the Passion: investing in Matera
Calabria and its capricious god
January 21, 2012
SARDEGNA a Myth in the Mediterranean Sea
January 26, 2012

Many people know Matera for its typical architecture: the old side of the town (“I Sassi”, in English “The Stones” ) is in the UNESCO world heritage list.
Other people know Matera because of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion“.
Talking about this lovely town, today we want to present an investment opportunity brought by our estate agency partner in Matera, for all those wishing to buy unique properties in Italy.
In the historical side (“I Sassi”) a building, built in the fifteenth century, totally restored, but retaining original features such as original floors in the bedrooms.
The property has a separate entrance, an area of approximately 1750sq ft., It’s complemented by a terrace with typical vaulted ceilings with breathtaking views of the Sassi.

Simply stunning…
What do you think ?

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