Italian Genealogy: complicated made simple
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March 7, 2012
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March 11, 2012

We just received this email from our friend Kim.
Noone could tell before that Kim’s grandfather surname was wrong or misspelled: it seemed a typical Italian surname. But there was a little mistake.
With a “no results” from a request to the Italian Municipality (Morolo in Lazio region), everybody could give up. But Kim wanted to go on and we assisted her.
Starting a genealogy research with a wrong surname was challenging.
We searched in our Italian Genealogy Database about typical surnames in Morolo surroundings: we were more and more convinced that the surname was changed entering in the US and that the original Italian surname was different.
And we were right !
We found the real surname and Kim today is able to go on with the Italian Side of her genealogy tree.

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful my experience with was.
My name is Kim.
My great-grandparents came from Morolo, Italy to America.
I had been trying to research my Italian roots for over a year and I kept coming across this website and decided to write to them just to see what they would respond back to me with.
I received a response by the next day from Michele asking me the specifics of what I was looking for.

I gave him all the information I had on my Great Grandfather which was only that I heard he came from Morolo and what I thought was the correct Italian spelling of his name and the birthdate.
He helped me to contact the Municipality in Morolo who came back without any information.
This did not stop Michele.
He decided perhaps my spelling was incorrect so he wrote again to the Municipality in Morolo.
I received a response within 48 hours from Morolo and Michele was absolutely right, the spelling I had given was wrong.
The municipality was able to provide us now with my great-grandfathers birth record, his full Italian name with the correct spelling and even his parents names. This has made me very happy and the hole that was in my family tree has now been .

I would never have been able to find any of this information without Michele. I cannot thank him and enough for what they have found for me.

I intend to dig deeper into my Italian roots in the near future and Michele will be the first one I contact to help me with that.

Thank you again and look forward to working with you in the near future !