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December 3, 2010
Campania Mondiale !
September 22, 2011

San Mauro Forte, in Basilicata, is the town of “campanacci” (cowbells) and ancient palaces.
There are many baronial palaces: historical buildings, located in the old side of the town and today uninhabited.

Also because of the very low market price, these buildings are causing the interest of people even  from outside Italy.
The palace “Magnante”, for example, was purchased in 2007 by a Dutch engineer of “Total” Company landed in Basilicata for a temporary work.

He  visited San Mauro Forte and it was “love at first sight.”
The silence of the small streets of the old village, the typical food, the wonderful landscape, the olive trees on the hills, the charm of baronial buildings that embodied dream of tranquility.
And it was in that building that the Dutch decided to marry his woman.
And today the palace is back to re-open its doors.
All exactly like when the life of the building was the center of the village.
The reopening of the building took place with a big party opening in which the man and his wife, allowed people to visit those
rooms closed for more than half century.
The building is dated 1810 and is 800 square meters spread over three floors with a large garden.

Today the palace houses in its enormous
rooms, furniture and objects that the “Dutch” has collected in his
numerous trips around the world.
In two years Lauren will retire: his wish is to spend his life in this place, where he can glean all the memories that he brought, but that did not a stable arrangement.

The story of this noble palace is similar to the story of other palaces in south of Italy.
Prices are very low for people coming from abroad: according to Financial Times, this is the best time to invest in your italian village!