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September 18, 2010
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September 20, 2010

Recently the Financial Times featured an article on the  great business opportunities in the Basilicata region for all those wishing to invest in real estate.

“Basilicata’s low profile makes it appealing for anyone searching for rural Italy’s most cherished qualities: unspoilt countryside, ancient ruins, medieval towns, vineyards, a crystalline sea, mountains and an enviable cuisine.”

Among Basilicata’s most intriguing prospects, however, are historic structures, semi-abandoned due to emigration. Noble palazzos and other notable dwellings in small country towns are emptying out:

In Matera, for example, the Sassi’s habitable portions evacuated in the 1950, are now prime real estate. Semi-ruins that once sold for €300 to €400 per square metre are now worth more than €2,500 per square metre renovated.

But this is not only about Basilicata.
According the Telegraph, in the Abruzzo Region an entire medieval  village  is for sale: £485,000, the price of a modest flat in London.


A considerable opportunity not to be missed by all those who today want to really go back to their roots.

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