What this database is (and what is not)

Our database of Italian Surnames is a collection of all the Italian last names we found during years of work and researches.

It’s a comprehensive list of Italian Surnames on which we are able to give information.

Informations about the origins of the name, the meaning, the geographical distribution and so on.
If there have been famous people with that name: poets, heroes, writers,
or even some ancestor named somewhere on an historical text.

What you can do with this archive ?
First of all, you will be able to answer by yourself to the typical question: “is my surname italian?”

But not only.

It’s a good way to understand how last names may have evolved in the past, or to understand if and how different surnames were born as branches of the same family from a single surname .

It’s a good way to see if there are alternate spelling of your surname: it happened that Italian surnames were changed abroad

We know exactly that it does NOT contain all the Italian surnames but we know exactly that it contains MANY Italian surnames (and the number is growing!)


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  1. Carme thomas says:

    Origine del Cognome Avara.Forse dalla Spagna?
    Vi ringrazio

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